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  1. I just finished a PLA SR-14r myself. I use a real scope like the others did and I haven't weathered it yet, but plan to. I also made it so I can take it apart and put the electronics I made for it, in the moving trigger.
  2. If anyone ends u with an extra Attache coin and wants a Bast Alpha Command coin, drop me a line.
  3. Sadly, I have had little to no luck finding older FISD. The oldest one I have is the joint FISD/Mos Eisley PD coin. All my other coins are made late 2018 to present, excluding any of the special versions like Command Staff. Always looking though.
  4. I grew up in Jeffersontown, a suburb of Louisville. I have family from one side of the state to the other, so I've been all over. I used to still come up for Derby every year, but now I mainly just come up to visit family. The Bluegrass Garrison there is great. If you need some contacts, let me know.
  5. Welcome aboard Matt! I grew up in Kentucky, but I live in Louisiana now. I still get back up to the Bluegrass a couple of times a year to see family.
  6. Jude, I am your GML at Bast Alpha. You have made contact with us via our Facebook page, but if you still need additional help, feel free to contact me. Shane Aubrey Bast Alpha Garrison XO/GML shane.aubrey@gmail.com
  7. Duane, before Hurricane Katrina, I didn't know they existed either. Frankly, I was skeptical when I bought them, but after about a week, I could tell a big difference. I just hope it works for you.
  8. If its in the plastic, its harder to remove. If I were you, I would try an odor absorber. After hurricane Katrina, everyone's refrigerators were foul smelling because food had been rotting inside for weeks or even months. The smells were thought impossible to remove. I had already replaced my old refrigerator, but I was determined to remove the smells so I could use it as a back up fridge in my garage. I bought these canisters of odor absorbers from Home Depot in the cleaner aisles. It took me a a couple of weeks of leaving an absorber in the unit and replacing it each week, but it really did the trick. I do not know if it will work with your ABS helmet, but I assure you, it took a most horrible smell imaginable and sucked it out of that full sized refrigerator. It was called OdoBan and they are about $3 a canister. Just something that might help you. Good luck trooper!
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