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  1. Update: Looks like I am next in line with the new and improved gasket set.
  2. Well, its been a while since the last update. Working with Sheev 's on updated under-suit, just waiting on delivery and I can finish up this build.
  3. Used empire 3D front boxes with the curves, removed the inset nuts and drilled all the way through for a secure assembly. I will counter-sink the hardware. Working on the pauldron next, plan is to attach with magnets Pauldron from DN:
  4. Belt is built, just need to add the hanging boxes. Modified the empire front belt boxes to have screws attach all the way to the front cover. Concerned that the fronts could break off during a troop. Just need to counter sink and then epoxy over prior to painting. Bicep is just pushed on and not at the correct height. Looks like it is sitting well on the posterior Green tape is just to make sure I stay in alignment as I build each piece.
  5. Posterior mounted via velcro on the nylon straps, belt snap installed
  6. Interior painted with liner Removed the foam, sanded and preped Added a helmet harness, have to work around the mounting points
  7. Pulling the Anovos helmet apart for interior and possible exterior painting. Followed this tutorial: https://youtu.be/qGc1LXHuaT4 Success! Honestly showing my age, but thought of this when I put the helmet on:
  8. TD was downloaded from Thingverse (link in the 3D file section) and is actually made for the DN kit. As we are allowed the gap, is this acceptable or do I need to sculpt it for a more uniform appearance (will it even be seen on the sides and bottom)? Holes for magnets to help with keeping it centered
  9. Working on the TD. Planning on strapping the posterior plate to the TD via velcro sewn to the nylon straps. Should make it easy to take on and off Will add the snap for the belt. Magnets will help keep the TD centered while trooping
  10. Keeping with my theme of easier to suit up (as much as possible), I am going from this rig: To using the installed snaps in my Sheeve's gasket shirt. The velcro is for my amp box Will trim the excess after full fitting So the end of the rams horns are digging into the under-suit Thinking as it is covered mostly by the gaskets, to cut off the angle and have the highlight follow it down (thoughts?)
  11. More fun with magnets I am using a cheap dental vacuum (about 100.00) to make the holders/flange for the magnets. Not only for more surface area for glue, but to also help cushion between the magnets (so they don't shatter). .040 plastic sheet Pockets like I did on the calves Magnets on the inside of the chest piece. Eventually I will sand and clean it up for a "nicer" look.
  12. Continuing on with the torso, adding the boxes Drilled the holes and placed the screws in. Used the nylon screws and nuts, will cut down. Time to fill the seam. Using the flexible filler in hopes that I don't get any future cracking.
  13. Test fitting of available pieces. Chest is only fastened at the sides (will do the magnet closure on the sides). under-suit is from Sheevs. New version on the way. Asking for feedback as it is easier to make changes now before proceeding further. Some things will sit better or be corrected when I add additional pieces, but you could see something wrong at this point and that is what I am requesting you let me know. I think I have the biceps at the correct spot, I have long arms so this is a challenge area for me. I think I should lower the thighs? TD will lay a little more straight when I add the butt plate (will use nylon from the TD to hold the butt plate in place). Shoulder bell looks centered? Ignore the chest plate as there are no magnets holding it to the horns at this time. No padding in the forearms yet, just hanging on my arms so they have rotated.
  14. Shins! Wanted to do a twist on the magnetic closure by @Cricket. I did this on my OTTK, but was always concerned that the magnets didn't have enough hold on the plastic. This time I am enclosing the magnets in plastic with a larger flange for more surface area. Drilled the holes Magnets on the outer shin Inside view, plenty of room Tight closure
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