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  1. Before you build, look for AM submissions in pre approval, then EIB and L3. You can see the built versions and comments from the more knowledgeable troopers. Check out AJ’s build (he really documented the AM build) and ask questions on the FB group (the armor provider and Eric are on that site).
  2. You can remove the top return, won’t be seen underneath the bells. Helps to get it to sit a little closer and reduce a pinch point
  3. Not to derail the topic, but I also believe you want to be careful on how you store it or on long troops as I think PLA is heat sensitive. I have not done this technique, but here is the link: https://rigid.ink/blogs/news/how-to-anneal-your-3d-prints-for-strength
  4. Yes, the seam should be under the ear
  5. If you are on FB, there is also an AM group that can help answer specific questions on the armor. Victor and Eric are on it a lot (there are a few threads on matching the shins). Not taking away from this group, just another resource when asking questions specific to AM.
  6. I cant use my phone to post from imgur, have to use my computer (so I feel your pain). That being said, take the time and post the pics of the front/ sides/ back before you make any changes. I had the same exact issue on my bucket, made the change and it actually fit better on my head. Here are some threads to help with AM builds: My thread, at the end you can see the bucket issue AJ has a great build, highly recommend you go through it before any more building. Ask questions, but use photos from yours or others builds so we know exactly what help you need.
  7. Welcome and great news on the BBB! Start a build thread ASAP, plenty of help that way and you can look at specific information on the AM builds (each vendor has their own set of tweaks in their kits).
  8. For my build I cut both sides. When you think about the symmetry you want it to line up with the biceps and shoulder, so you will usually see in fitting putting one piece inside of the other with blue tape (pictures from AJ's build) For the return, look to AJ (he was able to go to centurion): With all that in mind I decided to remove the return edges to pretty close to where I'll finally have them -- nothing on the wrist, and about 1/8"=3/16" on the elbow ends. Need to remove the ridge return as well.
  9. For #1, are you asking how much return edge to leave on the piece? #2, can you be more specific "piece that has no detail"? #3 Correct on edge to edge, the cover strip on the outside hides the gap. BUT, you need to cut the pieces to fit your body type. We all love pictures, and that helps when asking questions so take a few when posting (a few more minutes of keyboard banging, but well worth it and piece of mind). For the forearms, is the length good on you or do you need to shorten it? Look at some EIB/Centurion submissions and you will see the gap needed between the bicep/forearm, as well as forearm and glove plate. Keep the questions (and pictures) coming, love to see some more AM armor join the legion!
  10. Would this be practical for a parade vehicle? Or for the stunts did they use a back support that was removed via movie magic?
  11. Looking good future trooper! If I may, give the magnetic closure a look. Easy to put on and off.
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