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  1. Walt's Trooper Factory is taking pre-orders on an FOTK. No idea when it will be available (nothing on the facebook page). 850 Armor Works has something, but I have not seen any reviews of it yet. KB props has something as well, would like to see a recent review.
  2. Having to go off center on a few to make up for the amount of material you have to work with on this kit?
  3. Get the kit from tramp, the display is awesome. There is also versions of the scope on shapeways BlastFX: https://www.therpf.com/forums/threads/blastfx-mini-scope-display-blaster-electronics-from-tramp.281655/ shapeways https://www.shapeways.com/marketplace?type=product&q=blastfx No affiliation with either party, just a satisfied customer and paying it forward.
  4. Great choice on Armor, I love my AM. What is your height and weight (so we can help through the build).
  5. Here is mine, hope it helps. You will see the top line of the plate does not follow the shin top, just not possible in my case. Note that the plate was thinned, this was to help stop it catching on the thigh. Make sure you attach with removable glue, you might need to re-position a couple of time after trooping.
  6. I did not cut the back of the sniper plate. Maybe thin the front plate some first?
  7. Have you already cut the 22mm notch in the kidney?
  8. Not an issue on the sides, look at the photos in centurion submissions. Thing to remember is the kit is "one size fits all", but you have to make it fit you - if that is trimming or adding shims. You are doing the testing correct with always wearing the undersuit. For the shoulders, this is what I did: Get the ab and back together. Then attach the back plate. Placing the front to the ab so the spacing is correct (the reveal), then I could see how the tabs between the two needed to be cut. You will have to adjust and cut them. I had to heat bend mine to get them to lay over, then I worked on the amount on each side to cut. In this photo, I was not wearing my undersuit (bad TK!), everything was taped so it was always moving around. Make sure to use gaffers tape if you can, that will help. The back piece was not pulled all the way up (as I didn't know I would have to heat bend the tabs to better fit). Keep up the good work and ask questions, we need more troopers for the empire!
  9. Are you leaving the return edge at the top of the thighs?
  10. Before I forget, you can angle the ammo pack up to help with walking (clearing the knee cap). You will still have the "trooper waddle" but your knees will thank you.
  11. From what I can see it looks good. Start on one side, drill the holes and put in the fastener (I used a bolt and nut as temporary), then bend around to mark the other side. Use the billhag diagram for hole locations. For final you will want the split rivet, but for fitting I suggest the bolts and nuts in case you need to move anything when you are doing final fitment.
  12. You will need to hot water bath the pack to get it to conform to the thigh. Ends will need to be cut, but only after forming it. Here was mine for reference: Link goodness:
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