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  1. Well, just a few months later and the BBB day should be in the next week or so from Walt.
  2. Recommendations on plastic welder (I am sure all are not created the same)
  3. Welcome to FISD and welcome to Georgia Garrison!
  4. We can see the pics! Forearm can be tricky, I did a wedge shape cut on the sides. Page 3 of AJ's build deals with the forearms
  5. There is a how-to on imgur, once you get the first pic posted it is easy (paging @gmrhodes13 for the link). As to the forearms, what is the circumference of your wrist and forearm?
  6. Rubber will be the most durable for trooping. Caleb has a great article below. I have personally owned a doopys (was heavy and would not survive a drop), a master blaster 3D print with Tino's upgrade kit (had to be very careful trooping with it), and a rubber gun (no damage if dropped). Depends on what you want to spend, you can always list the one you bought and try to recoup some of the cost. Heres a recent thread on buying:
  7. Alright! Lets get this armor party started. Learn and remember the FISD motto: "Pics or it didn't happen".
  8. Hey Greg, no idea why the link showed that particular pic. The one I was referencing was:
  9. "And for the back plate it looks as I need to remove a goo portion of the bottom return edge to make it sit flush with the top of the kidney. " Wait to suit up first before making any cuts. What worked for others might not work for you (different body types). From page 10 on AJ's build, you can see only after he has worn it did he know what areas to address.
  10. You are at the right place to ask the questions, this is a build thread so ask as many as you want. I personally remember the anxiety of making a wrong cut or decision, but the good news is almost every "goof" is fixable or you have the option to order a new replacement piece (and practice on the old piece). I screwed up the cuts in the calfs and had to order new pieces, but I figured out what I did wrong and the second set was perfect. As to the hands, get out the blue painters tape (or whatever you have) and mock it up. I have wondered about using magnets to close up the sides (maybe something to think about). Anyways, keep up the good work! Lou
  11. Welcome! AM is fantastic armor, you will love trooping in it. If you haven't already, check out AJ's build log:
  12. Its been a long haul (2+ years) but near the end now. Will have a build log on the site. There are pre-production pics but will wait until the kit is released to share in the build log.
  13. Welcome! When you are ready to start looking at armor, there are threads in the forum that will give you plenty of details. There are no dumb questions, so ask away! It would help posting your height/weight/body type as the armor options can be specific (taller/larger troopers, a little short for a stormtrooper, etc...).
  14. Common issue with the AM sniper knee. Check a few other recent builds, you will see the trimming.\ Comfort is the name of the game, if you can't troop in it no sense in having "accurate" armor. Trim the plate, use foam pad to push out the shin.
  15. Welcome to FISD and the AM family. Kudos on wanting to be healthier, however you want to get to your goal. Vader needs all the troopers he can get! Plenty of recent builds of AM kits, check out these and also look at submissions for EIB and Centurion (look at AM in the title)
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