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  1. I can attest as an OT TK and trooped together, this armor looks awesome and with the backpack appears very heavy! He gets tons of looks and to anyone with OCD his armor is "correct" compared to our wonkiness.
  2. Welcome to the Dark Lord, soon to be shiny White!
  3. More shiny white for Vader! Welcome Trooper!
  4. I hope we will see him soon at a troop! Most important question now, who gets the BFG?!
  5. If you need new bells, Walt's makes a larger set now that you could use to trim down.
  6. I did the notch on my AM. While it is stressful making all the cuts, one thing to keep in mind is you will be adjusting your armor as you learn to troop in it. For me I cut the notch and posterior to match, and removed most of the return on it as well. Makes walking so much easier, when trooping I always seem to be in motion for pictures or high-fives. Doing a couple of long parades also showed the need for comfort. Check out Seans and AJ's builds, most of your questions have already been answered in there. Both were also good on followup details on changes after basic approval.
  7. Any ideas on how they are getting the armor on (overlap)? Really liking the gun
  8. That is wicked! Well done sir! And as Tony says above ^^^^, send it in to them
  9. Like Frank said, get some more pictures and post on pre-approval, lots more will see it there. First glance you need to tighten up the shoulder bells, tops should be next to the straps. Other than that, looking good!
  10. I struggle with the distance between eyes and lens, no idea how you get anything in there.
  11. Thanks for sharing and the heads up on the waiting time, anything to suggest to those of us doing it in our towns? No opportunity before the concert or meet anyone?
  12. Welcome! Which kit vendor did you choose (and post a build log, we like pictures).
  13. Well, this is getting interesting. Gives me a feeling that mickey is not aware of what is going on internally (within disney) given they have renewed the contract.
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