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  1. I have an AM kit, so I am not 100% sure if my fix would work, but I had to extend out the sniper to help clear my knee cap (see the blocks of plastic between the plate and shin)
  2. Paging @Cricket for "aren't you a little short" Welcome to the adventure, troopers have the most fun!
  3. Are the KB's forearms just two pieces (bottom/side and then top piece)?
  4. So, do you do consulting work on full size FOTK armor (asking for a friend). Your spat idea is awesome and easy to understand, thanks for the photos.
  5. Oh, don't rely on the bridges just yet. They can be cut and heat shaped, this will fix the issue where you feel like it needs to move up Check out this pic to see the black in the neck area I had to cut and shape the bridges, you can see in this shot the back it way too high and at an angle.
  6. For the posterior, I suggest cutting the notch to give yourself some more flexibility. Then cut off the "tang". I can also tell you to lose some of that return in this pick, that stuff hurts when trooping
  7. Not sure if you are following this build, but give it a look over. I had similar issues with the sniper knee (that is my knee cap being pinched) An idea on padding to help position the sniper knee I trimmed the actual plate as well. If you haven't considered it yet, I recommend the magnetic closing option. Makes it super easy to put on by yourself.
  8. I am 6'1" and 195, the suit is made for your size. You will find a lot of AM owners love their armor. Try Dave at Dave’s Darkside Depot Heres the thread on Dave:
  9. Hey fellow Georgian! Start a build thread, there is plenty to do before getting your soft goods. I am waiting on my FOTK armor, but @Cricket has made her own armor and soft goods and she is also local. We like questions, so ask away (we need more shiny white troopers)!
  10. It appears to be following the angle correctly. For the sniper, I know I had an issue with it digging into my knee when trooping, so I had to modify. Make sure you use E6000 or some other removable glue in case you need to adjust. Here is my sniper, you will notice that I shaved off more to move it away from my knee cap, and the angle is tilted out (away from knee). I also use a pad in the front of the shin to really push it out for walking.
  11. Wow, that is a difference. Almost looks like the vacuum didn't pull the plastic fully. Can you post those in the facebook group?
  12. Walk around for an hour, try stairs up and down, parade rest, quick movement, and last march for 10 minutes in the neighborhood. You will be looking for pinch points that are not easy to find when just in the armor for 10-20 minutes. I found out the hard way during a long parade troop that my cod returns actually created pinch points halfway into the parade and I still have the scars to remember the pain (no way to stop or anyone to help). Moral of that story, watch the returns. Sometimes it gives the appearance of thick armor, but honestly no one really looks at the individual details (they just see STORMTROOPER! Mom, LOOK! STORMTROOPER!!!) I also have to use the Han hooks to keep the biceps from rotating if I lift my arms to wave or point the blaster up.
  13. Sniper knee plate, you can thin the top part to help reduce catching on the thigh. Look at some pad(s) on the front of the calves to push the sniper plate out (this can also effect how the back closes), so placement will be a compromise. Also do the velcro on the front and back of boots to help with rotation. You will love the ease of putting on the shins with those magnets!
  14. The new forearms look great in his workshop pics, take some pics of the unboxing!
  15. Wiring the switch, had to make sure it didn't interfere with the spring. Went for a 1/4 inch pull to activate. Wiring goes out the top Also worked on the front light switch. While this is manual turn on/off, in the future I will wire it up with a momentary switch.
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