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  1. Looking good! Maybe remove the bottom return on the shoulder bells so they sit a little closer to the biceps.
  2. After multiple communication tries, I have filed a PayPal dispute with them as well. I did order from Praetorian , but he is closing up until next July so get your orders in now. Costs more, but others have commented on the high build quality. Just for the record I have a DLT-19 from Hyperfirm and am very happy with it, just really confused that they did not contact or respond when they figured out they would not deliver. Would have liked to received the E-11...
  3. LTM

    HWT DLT-19 build with electronics

    Video unavailable?
  4. It's been a long road and have learned a lot from the members on this site. Thank you to all for helping the new recruits and putting smiles on kids faces. I will say my AM armor is fantastic, especially for the taller and more robust (the empire makes good food). Also have their thicker plastic thighs, feels more like wearing actual armor. Hope to meet some of you in future troops! Lou
  5. LTM

    LTM's AM TK ANH build

    Approved for basic! TK32568 reporting for duty Moved the left ear back, now need to fill a hole And filled Now to EIB and then centurion
  6. TK32568 requesting access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=27372
  7. Approved. TK32568 reporting for duty. Now on to EIB
  8. Left ear moved back and the hole is filled/polished
  9. LTM

    A.J.'s O.F. AM 2.0 Build

    My only advice would be to save all the shaping until you get the suit built. Tackle fitment last, you never know if you will need to make compromises in order to be somewhat comfortable. As to E6000 and boiling water, I used a 16 QT pot, and did not leave in for more than 11 seconds. Immediate cold water stream and hold to shape. No issues with the E6000. You can always play it safe and test on some scrap pieces.
  10. Thanks Christine! Could not have done the second set of shins without you and the magic range top shattering cauldron of water. To say I was nervous after screwing up the first set (cause I screwed up the lines on the thighs) is an understatement. E6000 is drying on the boxes and belt, thanks for the catch!
  11. Hey Joseph, I am going to L3, so thank you for the heads up on the left ear. Don't forget those are your Hovi tips as well (excellent on the tips, screws, rivits, and hand guards), couldn't have done it without them. How does this look on the move? Will need to do ABS paste and repaint the screws.
  12. Name: Louis Meszaros Garrison : Georgia Armor maker: AM Helmet maker: AM Cloth belt maker: TKittell Neck seal maker: Darman Holster maker: Darman Boot maker: IB Blaster maker: Master Blaster with BlastFX electronics Height: 6'1" Weight:186 TK type: ANH Stunt Name(s) of any Trooper(s) who significantly helped @shashachu @Seansull @TheSwede @Scimitar @StrmTRPR85 @Cricket
  13. LTM

    Hello from Georgia.

    Welcome Tim! What part of Georgia are you in?
  14. LTM

    Scimitar's ANH Stunt Build - AP

    Congrats again, Eric!!!