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  1. LTM

    A.J.'s O.F. AM 2.0 Build

    The hardest part for me was getting my head wrapped around "one size fits all", so many adjustments to make in order for it to work. Building it was just half the fun, fitting is the other. That's why so many say use E6000 or something you can remove. The next part might be elastic straps or nylon, each has its benefits.
  2. LTM

    A.J.'s O.F. AM 2.0 Build

    Looking great so far! Don't do the wings until you are at the fitting stage and see if it really matters. You can always shape them with a little heat.
  3. LTM

    Cameras for eyes?

    I will readily admit I am not the smartest guy in the room. The distance between the lenses and your eyes is maybe 2 inches now, how can you fit a screen so close to the eyes?
  4. LTM

    ANH Stunt First Build Ever

    I did something a little different. I lined my helmet with the fuzzy side of black velcro. This way it does not get caught in my hair or balaclava, but anything I need to attach (hearing, batteries, fans) all have the hook and I can place them anywhere. Top of the helmet is plasti-dipped.
  5. Doing the shins was daunting and took multiple reads on crickets how-to in order to understand how to build them. And you really should leave them for the 72 hours so they can fully cure. For me, it is seeing the other TK's put on their shins and make sure they line up, and all I have to do is snap mine one and I am onto the next piece of armor.
  6. LTM

    LTM's AM TK ANH build

    From my pre-tk submission:
  7. LTM

    LTM's AM TK ANH build

    Got a troop and a few wears under my belt and time to go for EIB. I have been looking at other submissions and see a pattern with the AM helmet that builders should look for in matching up the face and helmet. Earlier in this build Joseph called out correctly that I had the left ear too close to the left eye, when I adjusted and accepted the wonkiness of the helmet my head actually fit a little better. On this submission, you see the builder has the same issue so I am thinking it has to do with the "feel" of the plastic when mating the two parts. Pulling it out didn't "feel right", but once done is obvious it is correct. Look at the plastic between the front of the ear and the distance to the eye, left side is too far forward. Hope this helps the next builder.
  8. Good Job! Hope you don't mind me borrowing the pictures of the ear for my build documentation.
  9. LTM

    TheSwede`s FOTK build

    Congratulations! How does it feel/wear compared to your ANH?
  10. LTM

    3d Printed Strength for R1 E-11

    I have a master-blaster with blastfx in scope and counter. While it is awesome, if dropped it is over.. I am considering an aluminum pipe for the strength and all the other components bolt to it, or I use them as masters and cast out of rubber. I troop with a pratorian version (rubber), but miss the pew-pew...
  11. Template from trooperbay is what I used and happy with the outcome
  12. AM armor is fan sculpted, so search for other AM builds to see the solutions that others found for any issues.
  13. Measure from the back of the thighs before you cut. You are going to want to heat form the plastic before you cut, use the hot water or heat gun method.