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  1. Wanted to drill out the holes so I had an option to see red light (very small amount), not cannon but cool and can turn on/off as needed. Whoops! Replaced with brass tubing Gutted! Pew Pew button Now with more pew-pew
  2. Started with the scope. Switch will be on the top, so had to cut the scope in the middle. Switch in the scope Need to drop the lens into the housing Complete
  3. Look at the thickness of the walls, this blaster feels as if it was real. Will have to route wires through the mounting block
  4. Assembled the main components so I can figure out where to place everything. Only a few pieces glued, the rest are screwed together. I like how the barrel can be removed for easy access Need to make the trigger functional, will have to make my own spring Will place the screen and wiring in the scope, possibly will need to cut it at the bracket
  5. First coat of primer. Will have to assemble in order to fit the electronics, then disassemble for painting.
  6. Looks great! Looking forward to the fitting. Really nice job on the ab button painting. Make sure you walk around and go up a step or two, this will show you some pinch points. Indicate those pinch points in posting the pics and we can help with solutions. I had a hard time removing some of the return as I think it makes the armor look "less thick", but being mobile is necessary for troops.
  7. After building the fantastic SE44C from Imperial Factory with 5th Horseman files, had to get the F-11D version. As I want to use the BlastFx, I will deviate and include the screen on the counter. Figure I can overlay with a blank later, but it is too cool not to include it (I have one on my E-11). Here are the parts after cleaning (you dont need to sand anything!).
  8. Do not overfill, use less than you think you will need. I personally like to wet sand, but as you are going to need to paint the kit you can use 120 and work up from there. Add more paste as needed, and sand some more.
  9. You will LOVE the print quality from Imperial Factory. @wilsoncai is a standup guy, I personally have the SE-44 and now F-11D.
  10. You look fantastic! The gaskets look perfect and those knees! How is your range of motion compared to your OT kit? How long does it take you to suit up/down and did you get help? Again, fantastic job!
  11. " also now have to get use to having nothing to tinker with for a while" Do you have a T-21? HWT love big guns...
  12. I would take him up on the offer to help^^^^^^ Welcome and great to see you future trooper! Ask questions, we are here to help!
  13. Can the speaker fit in the magazine (face down)?
  14. This is a great build and thank you for the documentation of all the steps. This will help me when I get my armor. Question on the belt boxes, I could not find a link to Empire3D? Closest thing was a site but no mention of the boxes. https://www.etsy.com/shop/Empire3Dau
  15. Welcome future Trooper! AM is a great choice, you will love it!
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