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  1. For my build I cut both sides. When you think about the symmetry you want it to line up with the biceps and shoulder, so you will usually see in fitting putting one piece inside of the other with blue tape (pictures from AJ's build) For the return, look to AJ (he was able to go to centurion): With all that in mind I decided to remove the return edges to pretty close to where I'll finally have them -- nothing on the wrist, and about 1/8"=3/16" on the elbow ends. Need to remove the ridge return as well.
  2. For #1, are you asking how much return edge to leave on the piece? #2, can you be more specific "piece that has no detail"? #3 Correct on edge to edge, the cover strip on the outside hides the gap. BUT, you need to cut the pieces to fit your body type. We all love pictures, and that helps when asking questions so take a few when posting (a few more minutes of keyboard banging, but well worth it and piece of mind). For the forearms, is the length good on you or do you need to shorten it? Look at some EIB/Centurion submissions and you will see the gap needed between the bicep/forearm, as well as forearm and glove plate. Keep the questions (and pictures) coming, love to see some more AM armor join the legion!
  3. Would this be practical for a parade vehicle? Or for the stunts did they use a back support that was removed via movie magic?
  4. Looking good future trooper! If I may, give the magnetic closure a look. Easy to put on and off.
  5. congrats! Make the empire proud on saturday!
  6. I replied back telling them Thank you for the helmet from bigbadtoystore. Asked when they will be shipping the standard kits to them so I can order and get it sooner and at a discount.
  7. Welcome! Check out some of the other AM builds on here, they will help with the helmet. Also look up Eric Dyck and his fantastic videos on assembling the AM helmet. For myself I used the helmet liner instead of padding, but also did the plastic dip of the interior.
  8. Just got a notice that it shipped. Label created for fedex, so there is hope..
  9. Still showing as "processing", so 1-2 days might not be accurate. Like a TK, they are missing the mark...
  10. T-Jay gave some good advice, read that "getting started" section. AM should fit your height just fine (I wear AM), but there are others as well (RT-Mod).
  11. It should, you could also look at RT mod. Have you had a chance to look at the getting started section?
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