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  1. Common issue with the AM sniper knee. Check a few other recent builds, you will see the trimming.\ Comfort is the name of the game, if you can't troop in it no sense in having "accurate" armor. Trim the plate, use foam pad to push out the shin.
  2. Welcome to FISD and the AM family. Kudos on wanting to be healthier, however you want to get to your goal. Vader needs all the troopers he can get! Plenty of recent builds of AM kits, check out these and also look at submissions for EIB and Centurion (look at AM in the title)
  3. Welcome to FISD! Body type plays a large part in the selection process, there are armors that are better suited for "husky" and taller troopers as well as "aren't you a little short to be a stormtrooper" versions. Ask questions before you buy, you wallet will thank you. Looking forward to a BBB day!
  4. A.J. has a very well documented build for AM
  5. David just completed his build and has a lot of links and reference material. Check out the build if you haven't already:
  6. Instead of rivets for the face to back of helmet connection I used a bolt and nut (easy to undo and reposition). Once you have it completely built, then go back and rivet if you want.
  7. Will follow your build thread when posted, AM is a great kit!
  8. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/223-weapons-of-the-first-order/
  9. Dude, I feel for you! Learning curves are a biatch, but thank you for documenting your progress. Watching with interest! lou
  10. Congrats and way to finish so fast trooper! You were receptive to comments during your build process and did a fantastic job. One of the thousand!!!
  11. I have Dan's holster and Justin's rifle/pistol mounting. I believe Justin also does the holster: Machined metal components - Justin Morrison Parts for Blaster rifle and pistol mounting, Resin holsters and other greeblies, machined metal components and more. Email Here https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/219-quick-find-resources/
  12. It's the troopers suit and he/she can sell it. Where I think this went wrong is linking it back to the official show. Just an opinion, but 14,000 is going to get the attention of LFL and not in a good way.
  13. You can lose some of the top return on the biceps, that will be covered by the bell.
  14. I know when I trimmed my forearms, I had to use a tapered cut. troopers are wonky, leave any ocd at the door (I know I had to).
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