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  1. That is wicked! Well done sir! And as Tony says above ^^^^, send it in to them
  2. Like Frank said, get some more pictures and post on pre-approval, lots more will see it there. First glance you need to tighten up the shoulder bells, tops should be next to the straps. Other than that, looking good!
  3. I struggle with the distance between eyes and lens, no idea how you get anything in there.
  4. Thanks for sharing and the heads up on the waiting time, anything to suggest to those of us doing it in our towns? No opportunity before the concert or meet anyone?
  5. Welcome! Which kit vendor did you choose (and post a build log, we like pictures).
  6. Well, this is getting interesting. Gives me a feeling that mickey is not aware of what is going on internally (within disney) given they have renewed the contract.
  7. Been watching the build on FB, looking forward to the first review
  8. Please post the link, I am trying to gather as much info as I can before I start my project.
  9. Welcome! Any build logs you can share on the probe droid (planning to do one for my garrison)
  10. Magnets... Don't need to worry about the closure, snap and go.
  11. What Tony said^^^ Get some of the strapping done and then post pictures. When you have your arms in the air, as a "taller bigger" trooper don't expect to do that or snaps will become undone (plus Vader does not approve of surrendering). What plans to hold up your thighs (belt, harness,etc...)? Get some of the foam to line the insides of the thighs and shins, that will help with the sniper knee and the rotation of the shins.
  12. You forgot butter...you need butter (and maybe a pinch of salt). When you are ready to dip, have the cold water running and be aware of hot water dripping from the armor. For my bells, I did 15 sec to start (learning curve). You will quickly get the hang of it. -Good Luck!
  13. This is from my submission, just make sure you are in line as mine was not.
  14. "Seriously guys, can't make it out today. Got a bad case of the DLT's"
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