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  1. We're looking forward to the premier of this great looking build!
  2. Shawn is a Canadian Garrison member who makes and sells environmental audio kits.He was the first I know to offer a completed and functioning kit and has been doing so for over two years. Others have come in to sell virtually identical setups, but I prefer to help a local member when possible. The bucket you see in his first post is mine. I also have his kit in my Tusken Raider, Tie Pilot and soon in my TFA TK. IF you want to deal in Canadian Dollars, bulk or group rates, try reaching out to him via PM to discuss. Tell him that jerk Clamps sent ya. http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/25695-environmental-audio-system-hear-outside-your-helmet/page-1
  3. most of the time these shows feature houses in Toronto or Vancouver. These are the two most expensive cities to buy a house. To live in a decent neighbourhood and have anything other than a shoebox, you are gonna easily pay $1M to be downtown. I live at the top of the main subway line in Toronto and I can tell you that houses in my area sell for $800+, generally are from the 50s-60s and need at least $100K of rework to modernize and update. They so very often get purchased, torn down and new ones built on top, turning them into $1.5M+ houses. The market is just ridiculous.
  4. submit the request through the proper legion channels to get troopers in our area to consider/attend. Be sure the request is vetted with school administrators and all associated channels before hand as well. Ideally the school should make the request to avoid surprises (which is no fun to show up and no one in charge is expecting you) http://www.501st.com/request.php
  5. just trying to keep up with your posting pace..I'm almost caught up already!
  6. is your holster mounted with 4 rivets like the one I saw unboxed on YouTube yesterday?
  7. a very belated Welcome aboard Angie. I've been away from the boards for a while as I sort through the holiday and Darth Life. Glad to see you over on the Tantive as well. Good luck with the build! be sure to ask lots of questions on your build here or on the recruit FB page.
  8. Pretty soon you will have to put down the Xbox controller and get to work. Toronto Comicon is an achievable timeline to be approved and ready to roll if the armour arrives before February.
  9. Congrats. Another FISD milestone number for you (EIB 500) and another fine Centurion for Canadian Garrison. Let's get you out there trooping my man!!
  10. wouldn't this be better served in the for sale' area of the forum as you are promoting the sale of armour?'
  11. ok, soon, this has to be hands down the strangest question ever asked of me and our fellow troopers today... The troop was a fundraiser at a local school. a group of roughly 11 year olds walked by us and asked: "Did you kill Darth Vader and then Tea Bag him?" TOTALLY SHOCKED at the words coming out of this young kids mouth. wow.. just wow.
  12. I used straight stitch. Had to tweak out the stitch length and tensions until it became easy. Also a fresh needle in the machine.
  13. Boots and gloves came from Imperial Boots. Specific shots of both can be found a couple pages back. http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/index.php?/topic/32031-Clamps-Goes-All-TFA-and-Stuff/page__view__findpost__p__420132
  14. here is the reflector tape in action that Krista is talking about on our Rubies hack blasters we threw together in time for Fan Expo.
  15. by putting these at L2, what requirements will be left for L3? I had hoped that we would have things be a bit more in line with the OT EIB and Centurion requirements for weapons (and costume). Having operational Tac light (or other lights) will rule out a lot of folks that would otherwise be able to achieve L2/EIB. I would rather have L2 include having the appearance of the Tac Light and have L3 operational or something like that. If we push to have every detail at the lower levels of the CRL, then there is no need for writing L2 or L3 requirements for this kit - and then it becomes screen replication vs levels of accuracy. /2cents
  16. We've been pretty crazy busy with Fan Expo last weekend and a pre-Force Friday appearance to boot. Once I get some photos to my bucket, I can share a few here that show the "final build" and discuss any of my "issue" areas during approx 12 hours of use.
  17. Nothing was "easy" but having two Alpha troopers who had built kits helping me along made all the difference.
  18. 50G Stanley. New purchased about 4 months back when Home Depot had a clearance at one store. We bought all 5 they had left. I am hearing locally there may be a retailer with a few for like CA$80 which is like 50cents US.
  19. sorry. All spoken for. 4 local with one in the next wave.
  20. Oh, "one more thing" (I gotta use that before Swatch gets that patented and Apple battles them for it. We took 5 Rubies E-11 blasters and did the whole flip the counter and magazine thing. To give them a more solid feel, we filled them with gap filling foam. Then used Apoxy Sculpt to fill the bubbles and big gaps where the magazine and counter used to be. We’ll be sanding and painting this week. We also will add scopes prior to painting.
  21. Did some Decal work (forgot to take the TD decal photos) Added screws to the holster local alpha and I came up with a concept where we put a magnet on the inner forearm and the inner wrist of the glove to keep the forearm always in the right orientation when you twist your wrist. and it keeps it from dropping too much onto your write to prevent nerve pinching. Works great with the soft gaskets as the forearm is completely free to move. This would not work with the rubber as the gasket would be attached to forearm. There comes a time in every build of a costume where you just gotta say “I’m Done!” Well that time is now. Now notice I didn’t saw I was “finished.” We all know a kit is never finished, it’s always a work in progress. That said, there IS some work to be done, but not until I troop it a bit and figure out what I am not happy with. Kitted up 95% on my own, with my 9 year old son helping with a couple minor items. I must be standing funny to make the back crooked… and here is its pretty new home, first time the whole thing is in the box. Note I did not put the bucket inside. That stays in its bucket bag with a memory foam liner at the bottom of the bag.
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