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  1. Hi All! So I haven't been active on the FISD forums for awhile. Back in the day I used to record my troops with posts in the "Field Training Exercises" section and I would keep all the links in a single post. For some reason when I click the link to that summary post I get "you do not have permission to see this", but if I go to my profile and then post history, I can see the content. Here are my super old troops (copy/pasted from my old post). I quit counting after awhile. I suspect it's in the hundreds. heh. Sadly it looks like all the posts were edited down to 1 photo each? Was there a great purge or something? Troop List: 001 (JUL2012) - Brickfete Lego Expo 002 (JUL2012) - Storybook Gardens 003 & 004 (JUL2012) - Oshawa Public Library and Toronto 80s Toy Expo 005 (AUG2012) - Rogers Cup, Tennis Canada 006 (AUG2012) - Got My Kids 007 (AUG2012) - Silver Snail Moving Day 008-011 (SEP2012) - Star Wars Celebration VI 012 (SEP2012) - Burlington Toy Con 013 (SEP2012) - One Duke Grand Opening and Charity Event 014 (SEP2012) - Toronto Roller Derby 015 (SEP2012) - Toys R Us 016 (OCT2012) - Pulp Comics Grand Opening 017 (OCT2012) - Cleaning at a Dirty Sandy's House 018 (OCT2012) - At Keith's - Nate's 1st Birthday! 019 (OCT2012) - Seaway Mall FUN Expo Promo 020 (OCT2012) - Health and Home Show 021 (NOV2012) - Burlington Toy Show 022 (NOV2012) - London, ON Christmas Parade 023 (NOV2012) - Richmond Hill Action Figure Expo 024 (NOV2012) - Niagara Falls Christmas Parade 025 (DEC2012) - Hamilton YMCA "Ultimate Chill Zone" 026 (JAN2013) - Burlington Toy Con 027 (FEB2013) - Vaughn Winterfest 028 (FEB2013) - We're All Stars (London's Sick Kids Hospital) 029 (MAR2013) - Toronto Comic Con 030 (MAR2013) - Canadian Toy Con 031 (MAR2013) - Niagara Falls Easter Egg Hunt (FB Album) 032 (APR2013) - Brandon's 8th Birthday (Woodstock Museum) 033 (APR2013) - 80's Toy Con (FB Album) 034-035 (APR2013) - Northern Ontario Expo 036 (MAY2013) - Free Comic Book Day and May the 4th at Pulp Comics 037 (MAY2013) - Ottawa Comic Con 038 (MAY2013) - London Rogues Sci-Fi Fantasy Con (FB Album) 039 (MAY2013) - FUNexpo 040 (MAY2013) - Alton Autism Awareness 041 (May2013) - Wedding Reception 042 (JUN2013) - Springlicious 043-044 (JUN2013) - Niagara Falls Comic Con 045-047 (AUG2013) - FanExpo *A Number of Unrecorded troops occurred* MAY2014 - Make-a-Wish Canada World Wish Day AUG2014 - Two Imperial Weddings AUG2014 - FanExpo OCT2014 - Hamilton Comic Con OCT2014 - GenreCon NOV2014 - 'In Another Galaxy' Strong Museum of Play NOV2014 - Music of John Williams w/Kingston Symphony NOV2014 - Ajax Toy Show JAN2015 - Collectors Toy Show FEB2015 - Family Day with the Toronto Marlies MAR2015 - World Autism Day (Waterloo) MAR2015 - Brampton Beast Hockey - Star Wars Night APR2015 - Toronto Easter Parade APR2015 - Celebration 7 (Anaheim) MAY2015 - Free Comic Book Day (The Dragon) MAY2015 - Franklin Park Zoo (Boston) JUNE2015 - Niagara Falls Comic Con JUNE2015 - Logan's Wedding JULY2015 - Canada Day JULY2015 - Montreal Comic Con JULY2015 - Weird Al JULY2015 - A Troop for the brave 5yr old Jamshid JULY2015 - Securitas Canada Cure for Cancer SEP2015 - Toronto FanExpo (Troop Report in the Sep Newsletter). SEP2015 - Niagara Grape and Wine Parade OCT2015 - Hamilton Comic Con
  2. Andrea<br> Cooling System<br> 84<br> Thanks!
  3. There are some sexy AF designs in here. Don't make me pick just one!
  4. It has been fixed, thank you! Now I can see all your wonderful signatures, haha.
  5. I am unable to view my own or anyone else's forum signature in any thread. It seems the entire signature section is invisible to me because the horizontal line that indicates where the post ends and the signature section begins is not there. I've tried different web browsers and they all have the same issue. If I had to guess the reason it seems like there's some kind of permission setting that is not right on my user account. I know if you are not logged in, the default public view does not display signatures either.
  6. This is incredibly sad news. RIP Jenny. You were an amazing woman with a warm heart. <3 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Ditch your baseball game and come to my armor party! ;p Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Can confirm. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. QFT. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Aaaaaaaand we're back at sanitation. The circle is complete. ;p Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Interesting that the movie riot trooper is right handed and the toy is left.
  12. Magma Trooper does exist. It's under the Spec Ops detachment, not FISD: http://www.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TX_magmatrooper
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