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  1. Congratulations, and thank you, Eric! Tremendous competition once again.
  2. A mandate would very likely drop participation levels...
  3. I would honestly believe that if DragonCon does happen, it will be the major "travelling" Con event of the year, yeah. San Diego is already cancelled, No Celebration, so while it is purely speculation, I suspect that many with the social and convention bugs would be going to DragonCon, of course that also depends on their individual take on the Covid situation, but MLB ballparks are filled to capacity already. I do feel like people want to get back to normal as much as possible. If DragonCon does happen, I fully expect that I will finally be attending it.
  4. Esteemed members of the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment, greetings! This is a momentous and exciting day for all of us. Overwhelmingly, I expect that at this point in time, you truly have no idea as to why it is such an exciting day. Allow me to explain. It is inevitable that we will face change in nearly all areas of our lives eventually. Our costuming hobby is no different. Whether it is new movies, TV shows, or video games which present us with new opportunities, or a bold new idea for an exciting piece of merchandise that excites us, change brings with it a variety of emotions and energy. It is in this spirit of change, excitement, and energy, that this day breaks with new direction for us all. Inspired by the examples presented in the world today, by Disney, LFL, and the 501st Legion as global entities committed to effecting positive change in our world, and in the spirit of unity, camaraderie, and togetherness that we announce a major change in operations for us as members of the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment. As we all know – or maybe we don’t, but I will explain – the first scenes ever shot for anything Star Wars were some of those on the desert planet of Tatooine. It was there that the first world of Star Wars came to life for us. As a way to honor the history of the saga that shaped so many of our lives, it has been decided that, effective immediately, the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment, its CRLs, staff functions, websites, Facebook groups, members, etc are absorbed into the Mos Eisley Police Department. We look forward to serving proudly alongside our dirtier comrades in armor and having the opportunity to order new (to us) racing shirts, coins, and patches! With unquestioned loyalty, dirt don’t hurt! (For the purpose of clarification, this is our edition of the annual April Fool's post for 2021, it is not true)
  5. But what you read is true - from a certain point of view. Congratulations, and thank you for your enduring support!
  6. Congratulations, all! Thank you, to each and every Trooper who has come before #1000 for being a part of it, via hands-on help, online guidance, posting a build thread, mentoring another Trooper, or earning EIB themselves. They say it takes a village to raise a child. It certainly takes a Detachment to earn EIB. Spread the word, encourage others, spread some smiles. TROOPERS HELPING TROOPERS!
  7. For the record, no Staff member here has taken sides in this. What the Staff has done, as you have read in the Legion forums already, is to do what it has always done, and that is to look out for the members of the Detachment both present, and future by maintaining a list of vendors that operate fairly and skillfully to provide the membership with a quality kit, and a quality experience and support. That, is one of the absolutely primary duties of the Command Staff here at the Detachment. Whether you realize it, I have no idea, but in 13 months you have managed to become one of the "always unhappy, white noise" voices in the Legion. No matter what happens, you have an opinion, often contrary and often based on anything aside from the history and precedent of the Legion, and/or how it, its Detachments, Garrisons, and Outposts have operated over the last two decades plus. Just a bit of advice, member to member, spend a little more time reading and a little less time typing. Understand the history that has been mentioned time and again both here at FISD and at the Legion forums. An informed opinion is far more likely to be taken seriously and respected than a loud one. But, I digress.
  8. Much appreciated, Andrew! Star Garrison, represent!!
  9. @fuumantroop can you help them out by chance?
  10. Oh, not at all true. We have one of the Legion's largest Garrisons in Texas - Star Garrison. There are also The Rebel Legion, Mando Mercs, Droid Builders, Etc.. We also have Lothal School of the Galactic Academy, which has over 120 Cadets. Where in Texas are you/he located?
  11. All accounts that I have heard are that she is not a member.
  12. One of the later images includes a link to an external source (a Facebook Group) that harbors open hostility towards the 501st Legion. While the FISD community can certainly benefit from the photos found in the link, the 501st Legion (and its subordinate units) are under no obligation to provide bandwidth to other costuming groups, websites, or vendors. This is especially applicable to a group that punishes members for referencing the FISD, directing traffic to the FISD, or actively bans FISD staff members. These relationships exist in a reciprocal fashion, but the path to membership in the 501st runs through the CRLs, which are developed and maintained by the Detachments. As such, there is no greater authority on costuming for 501st Legion membership than the Detachments themselves. Repeat offenses will result in a temporary forum ban. Should these behaviors persist beyond a ban, the matter will be referred to the LCOGs to determine merit for a charge of Conduct Unbecoming.
  13. Welcome Paige, It is awesome that you are working with him on this project. Projects are always more fun when you have help that is invested in it like you are yourself. As for a handler - there is almost never not a need for it. Once you can put the bucket on your head, you'll see exactly why. As has already been mentioned good, clear line of sight is something that does not lend itself to the armored TK, and children are completely invisible when they move close-in. Again, welcome aboard, and have fun... If nothing else, have fun. We are here to help, as best as we can.
  14. Excellent, as always! Certainly happy to see that you will be sticking around. Happier still to hear that the surgery went better than expected. Hopefully this means a much simpler and more enjoyable life for you during your day to day activities. Thank you for your continued service to the Detachment, Glen.
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