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  1. Beautiful work so far, Jesse! I, too now have many pieces of toys randomly scattered about. I am usually pretty good at ID'ing them, but I have no clue what that one is. Keep at it!!
  2. Dark CMF

    RT-MOD Changing of the Guard

    Wow. I am admittedly a little emotional about this. Rob, thank you. In addition to making beautiful TK armor, you were always a pleasure to deal with. I had no negative interactions, and in my time here, I cannot think of any single complaint by anybody as a result of any interaction with you. I know that you started this for fun, and continued to do it out of love, and you have indeed made for many a happy trooper in the Legion, across the globe. It seems like just yesterday that I reached out to you to inquire about a kit, and in the five years since then, I've personally had my hands on three of your kits, and all were of consistent and equal quality, and a joy to build/help build. Thank you for your dedication, craftsmanship, and general human decency. I wish you success as you continue forward, and hope that you will from time to time stop in and share your latest costuming creations. I enjoyed seeing all of the things you had made and shared, the creativity you demonstrated in a lot of endeavors was truly inspirational. Thank you. Terry, Thank you for stepping up and assuming the legacy of RT-Mod. It would have been a sad day had this merely been a "I'm done now Troopers" post, but thanks to you it has a happy ending and a bright(er) future. I too am looking forward to seeing the upgrades!
  3. Dark CMF

    EVA foam RO TK build

    It is always fun to see what happens when one of our members gets "creative" even if it not Star Wars related. This, though. This is a lot of fun to follow! Thanks for sharing, and keep at it, it is looking great!
  4. Congratulations, Eric. I am proud to call you a fellow Stormtrooper, a fellow member of Star Garrison (and NTX Squad), a friend, and fellow EIB Trooper! Looking forward to welcoming you to the ranks as a Centurion next!
  5. Dark CMF

    Hello from Seattle

    Welcome aboard, Jean-Paul! You will definitely find all the help here that you can possibly need. Good luck, and don't hesitate to ask questions if you feel like you're stuck during your reading.
  6. Josh... I know that you're ready... Make with the pics already.
  7. Dark CMF

    TK-4205 (Wyatt) Appreciation Thread

    Thank you, Brien, for giving us the opportunity to stop and think about this for a moment, and for paying respects to a person who - as you said - gave so much, and truly epitomized Troopers Helping Troopers from the very beginning of that motto's existence. Thank you, Wyatt.
  8. Dark CMF

    FISD Merch

    In the interest of fairness, and what I personally feel should be common sense, I am going to add a point to this discussion for consideration of anyone who has, or will, purchase merchandise from any subgroup of the Legion. When the seller/MBO offers you the option of a full refund if you are not satisfied with it, there is an expectation that you are going to return that merchandise to the seller/MBO if you request a refund. Either you are satisfied with your purchase, in which case you keep it, or you are not satisfied with it, in which case you request a refund and return it. Additionally, the fact that merchandise that you purchased may later be given away as a prize is a possibility. You are not entitled to a refund because someone else somehow received the same item for free later. Please, as a Legion member, exercise some common sense and human decency if you are not satisfied with any merchandise purchase you make through the Legion. The sellers are your fellow Troopers in all but the most rare of circumstances, and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, just as you yourself expect to be treated.
  9. Dark CMF

    FISD Merch

    Thank you for everything, Wyatt. I am adding this to prevent any further confusion following Wyatt's request for communication via email as opposed to via PMs here at FISD: As a Detachment Staff Member, Wyatt had a significantly larger capacity for private message storage. When his Staff Access was removed, his PM box was automatically substantially over the limit as a member instead of a Staff Member. Naturally, this led to any issues that you may have either experienced, or have seen others post about regarding receiving a message from the system saying that Wyatt was/is unable to receive private messages. Please keep that in mind, and if you have questions or a need to communicate with Wyatt, utilize the email address that he provided above.
  10. Dark CMF

    Rats first TK build (Anovos)

    Coming along wonderfully, Rat! Keep up the good work!
  11. It is not just you, Dan. I cannot see any images either. I know what his armor looks like, and I promise that the photos are great, but yeah... not showing up at the moment.
  12. Dark CMF

    FISD Forum UI Refresh

    Thanks Tony, it is indeed good to be back.
  13. Dark CMF

    FISD Forum UI Refresh

    Okay... Fully caught up. I have two points, more for consideration and discussion than anything else really: 1. Only military unit awards have the frames. Individual awards do not. Having said that, the frames are sharp looking, and Ooooooh, Shiny! 2. Where we have EIB/Centurion under the awards, perhaps put an Imperial Cog on the left and a FO Cog on the right. We are trying to ensure that both are represented, and there are indeed EIB/Centurion awards available for both sets of costumes. Ensuring that both are there provides one award for EIB, and one for Centurion, instead of the two that will inevitably be asked for when more FO troopers begin earning their awards.
  14. Dark CMF

    FISD Forum UI Refresh

    This. If I had chimed in before Paul, this is exactly what I would have said. LoL
  15. Dark CMF

    It's Official Congrats to Paul (Daetrin)!!!!

    Congratulations Paul!
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