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  1. Congratulations, all! Thank you, to each and every Trooper who has come before #1000 for being a part of it, via hands-on help, online guidance, posting a build thread, mentoring another Trooper, or earning EIB themselves. They say it takes a village to raise a child. It certainly takes a Detachment to earn EIB. Spread the word, encourage others, spread some smiles. TROOPERS HELPING TROOPERS!
  2. For the record, no Staff member here has taken sides in this. What the Staff has done, as you have read in the Legion forums already, is to do what it has always done, and that is to look out for the members of the Detachment both present, and future by maintaining a list of vendors that operate fairly and skillfully to provide the membership with a quality kit, and a quality experience and support. That, is one of the absolutely primary duties of the Command Staff here at the Detachment. Whether you realize it, I have no idea, but in 13 months you have managed to become one of the "a
  3. Much appreciated, Andrew! Star Garrison, represent!!
  4. @fuumantroop can you help them out by chance?
  5. Oh, not at all true. We have one of the Legion's largest Garrisons in Texas - Star Garrison. There are also The Rebel Legion, Mando Mercs, Droid Builders, Etc.. We also have Lothal School of the Galactic Academy, which has over 120 Cadets. Where in Texas are you/he located?
  6. All accounts that I have heard are that she is not a member.
  7. One of the later images includes a link to an external source (a Facebook Group) that harbors open hostility towards the 501st Legion. While the FISD community can certainly benefit from the photos found in the link, the 501st Legion (and its subordinate units) are under no obligation to provide bandwidth to other costuming groups, websites, or vendors. This is especially applicable to a group that punishes members for referencing the FISD, directing traffic to the FISD, or actively bans FISD staff members. These relationships exist in a reciprocal fashion, but the path to membership in t
  8. Welcome Paige, It is awesome that you are working with him on this project. Projects are always more fun when you have help that is invested in it like you are yourself. As for a handler - there is almost never not a need for it. Once you can put the bucket on your head, you'll see exactly why. As has already been mentioned good, clear line of sight is something that does not lend itself to the armored TK, and children are completely invisible when they move close-in. Again, welcome aboard, and have fun... If nothing else, have fun. We are here to help, as best as we can.
  9. Excellent, as always! Certainly happy to see that you will be sticking around. Happier still to hear that the surgery went better than expected. Hopefully this means a much simpler and more enjoyable life for you during your day to day activities. Thank you for your continued service to the Detachment, Glen.
  10. Welcome Matthew! Know as you begin your journey, that everyone here began in the same fashion which you are beginning right now. Came here to learn, wound up doing so, and helping others to do the same afterwards. Looking forward to seeing what you accomplish here!
  11. You just need to know what you're willing to risk having to do, based on what you choose to do. LoL I run, jump, kneel, sit, climb - stages, stairs, etc... I do those things knowing full well what the consequences for doing so may be. More smiles and TK hugs to go around.
  12. Welcome Edgar, to FISD, and Star Garrison! Where in Texas are you located? Naturally, because... Texas... We are one of the largest Garrisons within the Legion. We have multiple squads, and each serves and supports a specific part of the state. Knowing where you are may prove helpful in finding you some local contacts, although you may already have some since you met our members at an event. As already mentioned above, that link is the pipeline to the shiny white armory. Dig in there, and ask, ask, ask if you have questions. The community here is always excited to welcome new memb
  13. I have a thought about the hours thing, but I'll take it to Staff for the time being.
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