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  1. 19/06/01 - Interest Summer Reading Program Kick-Off Event 19/08/02 to 19/08/04 - Confirmed: Comic Con Honolulu 2019 19/08/23rd/24th/25th - Interest Cop on Top
  2. And the final piece for my HWT, the backpack made by Crooknight Next up, approval photos
  3. I mean, they also used toys on star trek, saves money lol
  4. Still need to wash some more paint off, but, it was fun to show at the con
  5. Do you reccomend anything for painting? Using a sponge, ect
  6. Dirtied her up Is this too much? I can easily wash it off
  7. Haha Im slowly getting used to the weight, ill be conditioning myself to carry it coming this convention Switching hands and putting it down like a DLT seems to work though if I get tired, nevertheless, its a beautiful addition to my HWT build, no matter the weight
  8. A for Effort C- for Aim
  9. I am building this to be 100% accurate with the Battlefront 2 (2004) Shock Trooper, which is what I think the heavy weapons trooper should be in general I recently comissioned WoodChuck to build me a fantastic Minimag PTL Launcher This HD version was based on the First Trike Mod's PTL Launcher. Since the PS2/XBOX versions were low detail, I had woodchuck make a much sharper version based on the Battlefield First Strike mod Painted it And now I am just awaiting my backpack for the final submission photos.. Thank you for viewing
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