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  1. 4. Pacific Roller Derby Jedi Vs Sith 5/18/2019
  2. 3. Illuminate Twilight Walk 5/14/2019
  3. This is what the rocket launcher looks like on PC and Xbox, and if I can plug my PS2 in, I can find out what it looks like there too Compare with As far as mines go, well, the shock troopers in battlefront carry them, just thought it would be cool to make a prop of and throw them around Also I just looked through both threads, cant find a single image that shows the CRL's rocket launcher, though alot of pictures are broken in those threads
  4. Another thing, we should get mines into the heavy weapons trooper CRL, they are seen in every battlefront (classic) game Idk, would be fun to throw around, lol
  5. I was just wondering where this photo comes from? Replaying the original battlefront and battlefront 2 (PC and Xbox), this model doesn't show up Is it from ps2?
  6. 2. Kapolei Public Library 5/4/2019
  7. 1. Honolulu Comic Con 2/23/2019
  8. 1. Honolulu Comic Con 2/23/2019 2. Kapolei Public Library 5/4/2019 3. Illuminate Twilight Walk 5/14/2019 4. Pacific Roller Derby Jedi Vs Sith 5/18/2019
  9. Hi what exactly is that last picture for? Which part of the bazooka
  10. Oh also, there is also the Imperial Marine, which is identical to the HWT, but also has an E11
  11. Requesting TK Access TK-51880 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=27247&costumeID=124
  12. All Imperial units use this sidearm, except the Imperial Officer, who has a Sonic pistol, which is the same skin, and the Imperial Engineer, who just has a fusion cutter and a shotgun. The EC-17 is in the Xbox and PC versions of the game, but the playstation 2 version has the SE-14
  13. Has this ever been brought up? https://gyazo.com/fb8a5bd648c904a93e890daa36fa9433 Could we add the EC-17 to the optional blasters section? Since it was used as a skin for the SE-14 in the game Though technically it would be a ST-1 https://battlefront.fandom.com/wiki/ST-1_Blaster_Pistol
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