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  1. I did shorten the smaller springs length to help with re weenie it doesn't show and makes things smoother.......... after all its not returning to bolt blow back
  2. Check the mag hole in the tube if there is any hang over trim it with a dremel or a file so it will not interfere with the mag
  3. your can pull it up really tight for a seamless fit.... any small seem can be filled before painting ..
  4. Mount to my alum tube body is easy,,,,
  5. Special note !!! make sure you have the mag catch correct side up ...
  6. 1/8 inch allen key for the 1/4-28 set screw
  7. Notice the stamping on the smaller parts ,,,,
  8. Make sure you place this little part in correct,, it is the tension-er for the shoulder part. once aligned first screwing in the set screws to hold it in place.....
  9. Now the spring plate and shoulder rest...... alignment is critical and a pain in the butt.. i use a allen key to keep these item in alignment while i put the set screws in from both sides.. Both go all the way in with them yet they need to trap the pivot catch part ........
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