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  1. making more e11 sterling flip sights
  2. http://blasterfactory.com/e-11-blaster-kits/
  3. My aluminum e11 sterling kits mag well assembly
  4. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100015153252676
  5. It is hard not to take comments like that personally . and i totally agree with your response Steve... There is a place for all levels of collecting and building................. i prefer these thread talk about cool prop building and finding vintage screen used parts.... Getting ripped because it not cheap enough sucks...
  6. Better to have those separate.. they are made from the real sterling mag... Its a problem shipping over seas and to some states. As far as the cost of the vintage mag and the time it takes to make those 90.00$ i think is fair. If you are comparing the level of detail to a resin version, granted there are many. My Aluminium parts are highly detailed and with the proper builder can be extremely realistic. If your going to have a negative attitude about what i do then STOP FOLLOWING THIS THREAD. My parts are not for all builders , there is plenty of cheap stuff available. I dont do thi
  7. http://blasterfactory.com/product/cyber-monday-e11-blaster-pro-kit-replica-special/
  8. custom build with vintage gold back large eagle Hengstler counter,, vintage sterling mag, power cylinders, vintage sherman tank m40 scope ect
  9. Built this custom e11 with real vintage gold back eagle Hengstler counter, mag , power cylinders and M40 sherman tank scope
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