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  1. Machining new charging handles
  2. Made a very limited run of these with my power cylinders.... A thru E
  3. Metalmite vintage caps,,, thanks to Dennis..............
  4. The screw your using in the back should go in where the sight is first,,,, that is the locking set screw it does not go in the back.... then used the smaller set screw to go in the side of the sight block to loc the blade down...
  5. those screws work really well stopping people from slamming the bolt back..... if you decide to blaze that part on be careful i did that on my early ones.. it can warp the tube and make it hard to get the bolt in ...... It a blaster not a sterling doing a full weenie and releasing the bolt forward will destroy the barrel and front sight ... just thought id share that.....
  6. DH17 idealized metal build kit finally ready ,,i did this one like markus did... http
  7. cutting up some real sterling mags for my alum replica
  8. These little pains in the an impolite person are tough to form with there compound radius and proper bends... had to get these right so they would form close to the body tube for welding... If you have ever tried making these by hand you will understand the horror
  9. Started listing alot of the individaul parts that make up the e11 assembly
  10. not anytime soon gotta finish the dh17
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