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  1. Thanks for the feedback and likes to my build so far. For the sniper plate, I have some pop sticks but no heat gun, so I'll just try and restore the dented area with a few hot water baths and clamp the pop sticks together to hopefully level it out. But before I do that, here is my left leg test fit.
  2. Now for the dreaded sniper knee. Like many builds have mentioned, vertical sides looks more screen accurate and rounded corners to prevent stress splits/cracks. I think I might have the sniper knee secured in the correct position. It was a tough battle getting this awkward knee to fit, not to mention a long time. But as it was strongly advised, glue the base (wait 48 hours), glue one side (wait another 48 hours) then glue the other side (wait 48 hours). As you can see there were quite a few clamps needed. After I removed the clamps, I gave it a once over to check the positioning. It looks straight and aligned to me, but I'll leave it up to you guys. It was soon after checking the position of the sniper knee, I then realised that one of my clamps had left an imprint on the side. So I did what any rational person would have done. I had a 5 minute panic attack, then went through my options and possible outcomes. It seems that there are only 2 options for me:- A. I leave it as is and say "oh well, these things happen". or B. I carefully remove one side, trim off as much of the imprint as I can and reglue. Then carefully remove the other side, trim off a little to even it out and reglue. Here's a picture to show what I mean. What should I do?
  3. I wanted to have a go at painting the boots, so after reading several tutorials about boot painting, I got to work. I gave them a good wipe over with acetone to remove the shine and placed the velco to keep the shins in place. 1 coat of white leather paint 3 coats later 6 coats later I still need to go around the sole with a toothpick to remove some paint bleed, but man they were fun to paint and see the transformation.
  4. Its been very slow for me in the way of progress. I've been trying to find the time to work on my kit, along with the difficult areas to glue that require 48-72 hours cure time instead of just 24 hours. I managed to get my left leg completed (except for trimming the top of the coverstrip) and I want to get confirmation from you experts that if everything looks good, I can incorporate those measurements for my right leg. So here's what I managed to do. The last time I spoke about the thighs, I was struggling to get the gap where the ridge was at the back to close. After some very helpful feedback and ideas, I went back into the thighs. I installed the inner strips, then the front coverstrip. I borrowed an idea from Markgambino for closing the back ridge gap (thanks Markgambino) I cut 2 thick pieces of ABS, glued them together so they would be extra strong... ...and used the force (clamping force) to close and even the ridge gap for 48 hours cure time. This worked batter than I expected. I thought that there would still be some gap to fill with ABS paste, but there's hardly any at all. After that I glued the back coverstrip... ...and here is the result. I'll trim the tops of the strips only when I know that the thighs are good and don't need resizing.
  5. Hi Everyone Just wanted to know about the speed and noise performance between having 2 fans (5v) connected to 1 USB pack, or 1 fan (5v) connecting to 1 USB pack. I've seen different helmet interiors with different fan setups, so thats why I need to ask about it. I don't know which option to go with for my fan setup. Many have used a Y split connector for 2 fans to 1 pack and that has not affected the overall performace. However, does it make a difference to speed/noise when having 2 fans hooked up to 1 USB pack as apposed to 1 fan for 1 pack? I was origially thinking of having 1 fan connected to 1 power pack on both sides of my bucket, but would that make the airflow faster? I also want to avoid having a setup that sounds like my bucket being full of mosquitoes. So with that in mind which would be better for low speed/noise, 2 fans connected to 1 USB pack or 1 fan to 1 USB pack?   Any Pros and Cons info would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Dude, your build is so awesome. I hope it all works out for your approval
  7. I'm currently in the process of gluing the thigh coverstips. While I am gradually gluing the inner and outer stripes, I have also cut and glued the strips for the shoulder bridges. Unfortunately after several attempts with the shins in hot water, the gap has not closed, so I'll probably just leave it be (it's not that noticeable anyway). I've also been doing battle with the sniper plate. I've glued the middle on first, and am now waiting 48 hours before gluing 1 side, followed by the other.
  8. Thanks for the helpful feedback everyone. I'll have a go at closing the shin gap, if I can't, then I'll just leave it alone. As for the thighs, I'll do as you guys advice and glue every strip waiting 48 hours in-between. I will just have to accept that the bottom ridges on the thighs will only align with substantial clamping force, followed by ABS paste to conceal the gap. Thanks again.
  9. The thighs...same thing. I'm only woring on the left side first and if all looks correct, then I can work on the right. Still in the process of trimming/sanding the coverstips, but the thigh front is done and the back as well (I hope). Like the shin, I measured the overlap, added some extra space and trimmed. How does it look? Again, the back is giving me grief. It seems the back ridge is not co-operating with me. When I tape this scrap piece coverstrip into place there leaves a gap where the 2 ridges meet. Even if I take the trimmed ridge and glue it behind to try and close the gap, the other half of the thigh becomes raised and, again, leaves a gap. I can't hot water bath this one because there's too much uneven stress to glue both the coverstrips and the ridge piece. What should I do about this?
  10. Got to work on the shins and thighs. When it came to trimming the front, they were pretty straight forward, cut a 20mm coverstrip for the front for both of them. I starting with the left shin cutting 10mm each side, glued the inner strip to hold it in place and then glued the outer strip. Now the back was a completly different story. Because there is no guide line return running down, that ment I had to hope my overlap measurements were correct for sizing. The top was 6mm overlap and the bottom 16mm. So I trimmed 3mm at the top and 5mm at the bottom on both halfs. I even gave myself some extra room just in case and to allow the shin to fit over my boot. I cut out the 25mm strip for the back, glued half on the left hand side (becuase its the left shin) and after curing applied the velcro to the other half. It seems to close alright at the top but theres a slight gap at the bottom where the shin curve does not align properly. It's hard to notice but I was wondering if this is normal. Mark Gambino build thread has the same issue, while gmrhodes13 said to give it a hot water bath and bring the gap closer, Mark (ABS80) said to leave alone because thats how they were on screen. Has anyone else had the same thing with their shins (even when using velcro) and did they need to fix it?
  11. That's what I was looking for to go in my bucket. I'm not a teck savvy person, but I would like to have a go at connecting 5v fans to a USB cord for a USB power bank instead of constantly buying batteries. I've had a look at the link along with some other items as well and wanted to ask a few questions before deciding. Some of these questions may sound obviouse, but I am on a budget and don't wish to purchase the worng products or have ideas that might not work and left with a product that I never use. 1. What are the dimentions of the lipstick charger? 2. Since the fans will be 5v, the lipstick charger would also need to be 5v and no less than 1.5amp. It looks like Ukswarth charger ticks those boxes, but I don't know how many chargers I need. Some troopers connect 1 fan to 1 charger or even 2 fans to 1 charger using a Y split connector (also supplied seperatly by Ukswrath) https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/600189617/5vdcy-harness-for-ukswrath-sha-and?ref=related-7 I plan on having 2 fans in my bucket, so would I need 2 of these chargers or can I use 1 charger and 1 Y split connector? 3. Having 2 fans hooked up to a lipstick charger from a Y split connector, does the split connector provide 5v and 1.5amp to both fans equally? Or does it send half of the chargers power to 1 fan and half power to the other? 4. The hearing assist is something I'm still unsure about if I need one. By having a hearing assist, would it amplify the quiet fan sound making it loud in the ear?   Any other additional information that I might have left out would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Still searching for USB power banks for when I do the interior. Is this lipstick charger the same as the others that I could hook up to a fan? Preferably one that does not heat up next to my head would be ideal. https://www.amazon.com.au/POWERADD-Auto-Detect-Technology-Indicator-Smartphone/dp/B088B7Y2H1/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&m=A2VVAOHXC1PR5P&marketplaceID=A39IBJ37TRP1C6&qid=1602724259&s=merchant-items&sr=1-3
  13. I was going to make a start on the canvas belt today. I already drilled the holes in the ammo belt, all I need to do was make the hole in the canvas belt. I made the first hole, stopped and thought about the belt length. Since I trimmed down my kit to fit me better, what about the canvas belt length itself? After doing a quick test fit I discovered that the belt is too long. Here is the length where the velcro meets and it is way too big (even if I didn't trim down my kit, it would still be big so I would need to take it in a little). Here I tried to tighten the belt as close as I could to fit me and there's a small amount of velcro with a lot of excess belt overhanging. You can still see a bit of gap though. This is where the velco is on the belt. What should I do? Should I trim the excess belt material and add some velco? I am open to any and all suggestions.
  14. 5-7mm is what I read on Ukswrath build and he has specific measurements and screen references which I have been reading for my build. Although its not a requirement for L2 or L3., that measurement helped with my strapping placement.
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