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  1. [quote I actually thought of you when I bought it. LOL The next time you're back in Canada, check Home Depot. The one I checked was sold out. Next trip might be in 2 years unless I can find someone to bring it to Japan. Your graphics are great and would hope to do something similar. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I tried to find one of those boxes while on vacation in Canada and had no luck. Don’t think they sell them in Japan. Really only want it because it is “Husky”. He he Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Returned from my trip to find new packages waiting for me. These boots look great and require a good hard pull to get on. The length seems long but they are pointed boots and the width is perfect so a smaller size would not have worked. These elastics are sent from JP Garrison member Dan, TK52394. They are doubled up and machine stitched making them perfect for my issues with shoulder bells. Much appreciated and looking forward to trooping with him. My armor has been kept inside and cooler than the patio outside in the Tokyo burning summer where I normally keep it. I'll likely pull it out this weekend and get back to work on it, attempting a tricky shim on the shins to make them fit better.
  4. Heading off on vacation for a few weeks so build will be put on hold. Took some pictures to show my progress to friends while visiting. So much done and so much remains, feels like a mountain that I will never reach the summit until that day that I realize I am there. Enjoy your summer everyone.
  5. Get your orders in today, 3 month waiting period, honest. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Needs some around the boots. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. More action with the ultrasonic cutter, cleaning up cover strips and will need to sand them down. I like the straight look but open to suggestions.
  8. Those looks great. How did you know it was my birthday?
  9. I was also able to borrow a ultrasonic cutter from one of the local members. Anyone that makes a lot of armor should consider buying one, cuts abs like a hot knife through butter. I trimmed some of my cover strips and got my drop boxes down to the recommended sizes.
  10. On Saturday there was a local armor party which I am always happy to join. This time I asked for help with making my belt, which seemed daunting to me as it involved punching holes in my belt and armor. We started by setting the snaps into my armor for the butt and kidney sections, holes already drilled by Mark at AP. Then we adjusted the belt to sit at the back with proper overlap and maybe some room to expand along with my weight if needed. Following advice from wook1138, I changed the snap location measurement from 59mm to 40mm which seemed much better for alignment on AP armor. I took the nervous step of punching the holes into the belt and using tape with pencil rubbing combined with some extra pencil markings I found the right spot to set snaps into the belt. Then I put the center hole into the belt and lined it up with my center mark. Using a members rivet gun I nervously locked the abs to the belt, the rivets did not come out too clean but they should hold well enough and will be covered with those dome caps. I was also reminded to give the belt a natural bend when placing the side rivets so the belt when worn would not be under extra stress. The position is good but I would have ideally wanted it a fraction higher on the button panel. If this becomes a problem I might consider using a magnet as seen in Simes's ANH TK Build to get it up that last little bit. Also the photo angle is slightly from above, so a more straight on shoot might look better aligned.
  11. I've been working on the side connection between ab and kidney. Not wanting to put any stress on the rivets I looked for a method not using them. I decided to try something different making a locking system with my 2mm abs strips. Difficult to cut and shown to others comments were surprise and concern over durability. I will likely add to the thickness and increase the holding section which should give enough strength. I even have design for a sliding locking pin to include a magnet for movement, so this is not the finished product.
  12. This was suggested to me from a Japan Garrison member.
  13. Work continues.. Still debating what to do in the back, velcro or magnets, and how to deal with the additional V gap I will need to add.
  14. Except for biceps I did inner then outer strips because it let me add in carefully measured gaps to get pieces big enough for my size. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Welcome to the joys of building. Any pinned log in the ANH Build Threads area is worthy a read, regardless of maker they are building. Otherwise search for similar maker build logs and the pre-approval or high level submission threads for finer details and tips.
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