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  1. 17. 22 Jun 2019 SLC Bees Baseball Star Wars Day
  2. 16. 15 Jun 2019 Millie's Princess Run
  3. So an Idea I had today, and I would like to enlist the help of my Brothers in Arms across the seas. I am looking to recreate Iconic Historical photos, With a Star Wars Twist. Examples of what I'm wanting to do are like Marilyn Monroes flying dress, The Beatles crossing Abby Road, Raising of the Flag on Iwo Jima. So I'm looking for troopers that are in these areas to take the photos.
  4. I was actually able to. Granted I got a hand from a near by Mando. I move pretty well for an Old Man in Armor
  5. Visor worn inside helmet - yes there are some that are that small Small laptop - Back plate All audio goes through laptop 1 HDMI cable to helmet
  6. Drone Goggles 4 USB Cams Small Laptop in back plate 1 forward 720p 1 forward fisheye 1 rear fish eye 1 flir Camera mounted behind teeth Total cost approximately $1000 Seeing everything around you priceless Seeing in the dark OUTSTANDING!!!!! side note must have small head
  7. Dude. You the man. Took me about 3 hours to put together. Only had to redo 1 wire. @ukswrath https://imgur.com/a/n5XrlE5
  8. If there was a way that could be built that would give you 360 vision and be able to see your feet while standing straight in Armor, What would be the top end price you would pay?
  9. After 8 phone calls with the bank trying to fix their mistake, i needed this. 1/8" brown height
  10. Really wondering how her build is going, I'm pondering ordering from armory shop. Yeah because its not ANOVOS
  11. 14. 1 Jun 2019 TIE Fighter Photo Shoot Too short to give Vader Rabbit ears
  12. 13. 25 Jun 2019 School for Autistic Children Year End Party
  13. Both are so very close. I do use a side hinge but its made of 2 in Nylon Webbing and ABS Strips.
  14. Plastic tubing, 1/4 From a Toilet line, Had to run the drill down em to get the pin to fit.
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