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  1. Hi Dave, So my Hovi tips were painted correctly, but then I incorrectly painted the interior of the hovi white as well based on the CRL and my previous centurion build. So then it was brought to my attention that the interior of the Hero helmet hovi tips are actually black, on the interior walls, and the tips had light weathering, so then I corrected it by repainting them black. Hope this helps and good luck with the rest of your modifications. Kill it Brother and look forward to seeing another approval.
  2. Excellent. That is fantastic. Thank you. I like that, makes it much easier to keep track. Appreciate it Sha Sha
  3. So sorry for the question again. Does this get a separate EIB number or the same EIB number as my previous?
  4. She Sha hahaha awesome. I’m fully comfortable making all the changes the ears are just a matter of preference for me so that one I may just pass on because I like this look better hahaha everything else I will get done. Also the suggestions are awesome and I really appreciate it
  5. Hello Sha Sha, Thank you again for everything. I have a couple of questions and comments. So the funny thing about the Hovi tips is that I had them right the first time, exactly like the photo, but then for whatever reason, I thought oh wow I need to whiten them, hahaha so I took them apart and whitened the inside and rim. hahahaha Argh. So question for you, are they solid black, or have white around the edge? They look solid black in the photo to me. So question on the tip would be, rim, inside wall and inside backing? Everything else, is good to go, I will make the changes per suggestions no problem. The edges are all cleaned down already, the backplate and arms was just a standing and strapping adjustment, so that is done. Ab plates as well. My only concern is my helmet ears. I kinda worked hard to get them to fit and have just slight gaps. I kinda really dont want to widen those ear gaps that much. To be honest, I kinda dread that and feel like it will ruin my helmet. How much flexibility is there in that? I can make the change and adjustment, but in the long run I think I would adjust it back. So I am curious, is it flexible if I leave that alone and I hope you guys will agree to that. It's one of the things I just dont like about the helmets, the excessive gap, plus I just dont think it looks that good for the public appearances and all. Tube stripes not a problem, I will widen then. Shins, I will work at tightening their fit as well. Thank you and the entire team very much. Sincerely 501st is an amazingly helpful and encouraging group of people. I am involved in a lot of extremely dynammic things in my life and high profile things and NEVER have I experienced a group of more welcoming and helpful people that are so encouraging of everyone becoming better. Just Awesome. Thank you to everyone. Ardeshir R. TK 42128
  6. Awesome. I didn’t know that, I thought it was per costume. Not a problem at all and I appreciate you letting me know. Just want to make sure I do it all properly . Thanks again
  7. Thank you Tony, appreciate it Brother. And thank you for the amazing products and support.
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