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  1. Ok, screws are changed on the canister. Also, I decided to upload both of my blasters. One is a much more detailed version of the blaster made by Questdesigncanada. Aged and modified by me. The other is a rubber stunt gun by Praetorian blasters.
  2. Thank you very much and I will have those changes asap for you. I have the photo of the D-Ring. No problem at all. But I am having trouble uploading because it says my attachments are full. How can I delete and make room? I will upload this to my site and copy the links here. Thank you again.
  3. Name: Ardeshir Radpour Username: equuspolo TK-42128 Southern California Garrison Los Angeles Squadron Armor Maker = Anovos - fully customized Helmet Maker = Anovos - fully customized Blaster Type = E-11 Made by QuestDesignCanada - fully customized Height = 5'10 Weight = 165 Boot Maker = Imperial Boots Canvas Belt = Stormtrooper Undersuit Hand Plates = Trooper Bay rubber latex plates Electronics = Hovi Tips, Icomm, UKSWrath Amp, Selfmade Custom Fans and Battery Pack, MP3 Player Neck Seal Type = Stormtrooper Undersuit, molded piping Holster Maker = Anovos Front and Back - Arms at Side Left and Right - Arms Raised Right and Left Side Detail - Arm Raised Abdomen Detail Action Shot Cod and Rear Plate Attachment Interior Strapping Helmet Front, Back and Sides Hovi Tip Detail and Lens Color Backlit It wont allow me to upload more files, so I will post the rest on new thread
  4. Thank you very much. Wow, I have to say, everyone that I have encountered so far in the Legion, including on all of the boards have been so so so helpful. I can not thank you enough. I ask only because I want to make sure I follow all protocol and understand why. Appreciate it very very much. Ardeshir Radpour
  5. Hi and thank you. I have read it all and have all of my stuff in order. Would I just resubmit the same information after EIB for Centurion? Seems redundant. I am sorry, I am asking this in the most sincere and honest way.
  6. Hello, Requesting Access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=29953 Ardeshir Radpour TK-42128
  7. Hi, I would like to submit for Centurion status but I am not seeing an option in the section for posting new topic so that I can post my information. Am I missing something? Or is there another route that I need to go through? Thank you very much in advance for any help. Ardeshir Radpour TK-42128
  8. Thank you again everyone. I'm honored to be on board. What an awesome group of people. Wow
  9. Hello Everyone, just wanted to share this. I just finished up two of my helmets like this and thought I would post it. It is fully lined and padded. Interior is painted black. All of the wiring is hidden behind the neck tubing. There are four fans. Bottom fan left faces across while right bottom faces angled down and across. The top two face up towards lenses. On the lower base by chin is a box with two switches. Left switch turns on top fans and right switch turns on bottom fans. Both powered by a single 4x AA battery box in the back of the helmet. There are ear speakers that attach to a mic system for amplified hearing. It runs a Icomm unit that is attached to a powered amplifier that leads to Hovi tips. All self contained in the helmet. Very snug fit and comfortable. So honored to be on board with everyone. I have three complete sets that I completely customized. Look forward to meeting everyone.
  10. Hello Everyone. First and foremost let me just say I have never seen a group made up of so many nice people and so many friendly people. Wow, such an honor to be a part of something so special. Anyway, glad to be on board.
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