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  1. Congratulations Richard and welcome aboard. Also, growing up is a scam and a lie, don't do it. Stay young forever.
  2. Congratulations Natalie and welcome aboard.
  3. Not true at all. I know quite a few ESB AM armor builds. The armor is spectacular and extremely well built and detailed and exactly the same as the New Hope armor. I built mine to be exact to my Anovos Build. The ESB requires a different set of stickers on the helmet, the frown is black, the belt does not have rivet holes and the holster is a sling loop on the other side and the hand plates are different, of which AM carries all the necessary parts. The stickers, if they do not have them for the helmet, you can get from Trooperbay. I am not sure what they are referring to regarding chest and back plate, and, I can guarantee you they are wrong. Contact Dave at AM and he will guide you through it. Very nice guy and excellent product. Finally let me just say this, I would not say it if I wasn't willing to back it up as well. I know two other ESB builds at Centurion Level that are AM builds. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  4. Hello Kris, your best bet would be to Contact AM armor. They make rather large armor. I have built a kit and I had to size it down quite a bit to fit as my Anovos Does. It will for sure fit you. the 260 I dont know as I dont know how you carry your weight. But all of the limbs are made to be sized to a rather large person. Same with the torso. And the armor is super thick and very nice quality and Dave is a super helpful person.
  5. Welcome aboard Gatchan. We are here to help as you need it. Lot's of really great people here.
  6. Hello Robin, welcome aboard. You will need a Hero Stormtrooper build. Quite a few nice builds here.
  7. Welcome brother and congrats on a great looking suit.
  8. Welcome aboard brother. Shadows are Spec Ops, but same build. Hope to see you in white armor
  9. Congratulations Harry and welcome aboard.
  10. Welcome aboard brother.
  11. Look forward to seeing the build. Welcome aboard brother.
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