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  1. Question for you, what are the little stars above the expert infantry badge?
  2. hahahaha. Thanks again brother. I just didnt know if I need to post there or not. Dont need another cert.
  3. Joseph, one more question. Do I need to post in Requesting a Certificate and everything else again. Or I am done already?
  4. hahahaha, planning on it. hahaha Vader couldn't get it done, Kylo cant get it done, so time for Darth Radpour. hahahahahaha
  5. Holy Cow Brother. Thank you so much for all of the awesome input. Will definitely get on all of it asap. I am in the middle of another job with different armor. hahaha Jousting armor. As soon as I am done I will get on this asap. As far as the DLT, I already weathered it and will be doing the brown stock next. As far as this armor goes, no this is not my HWT. I have that one almost done. This is just my back up suit that I wanted approved as well, because you guys have an insane attention to detail that I appreciate. So I will be getting on all of these changes as soon as possible. Thank you for everything. As far as my status, I don't care about status. I just like to do the best that I can, and I always like a communal input when it comes to this kind of knowledge. So I appreciate everything from our entire FISD community. The Thigh plate is going to be the only tough one for me to modify only because of the Glue. So I need to think about how I am going to go about that. So I may ask some grace on that if it is at risk of damaging it. I want to take this on Hero Status as well as my back up. As far as the HWT, I am almost done with it and just waiting on my pack. I am doing extra weathering on that one. I had it extremely weathered, and I mean extreme, but I took it back a thousand percent. It's more than light scuff, but I am keeping it a bit more heavy weathered for my own work related purposes. So that is a whole other suit I will be submitting. Again, thank you and the entire team for always helping and being so encouraging. Means a lot and I send everyone my absolute gratituge. Love the 501st and its members and FISD is an honor. Thank you my brothers and sisters. Ardeshir R.
  6. Not worried about it Joseph. thank you brother. Appreciate everything.
  7. Thank you Glen, and appreciate your input. The Thigh Ammo screws I noticed after I took the photos and I painted them immediately after. You can see it in the close up photos. As far as the screws in the brackets for the thermoldetonator, those were the pre drilled holes. Im not sure I should drill new holes as I would have no way of closing the other holes. Any suggestions?
  8. Thank you very much Joseph. Appreciate it. The thigh Ammo I painted, so that is done now. You can see it in the close up pictures that I posted. I noticed it after I took the photos. The ear screws hahahaha Damn I missed that. hahaha thank you. I will realign the Thigh Ammo asap. I finished this two months ago but was gone for work. So a few things slipped past me. So will get to the changes asap. Thank you again very much.
  9. Hey Dan thank you very much. You know what is weird is that there is absolutely no return on the ab button. It is the way it photographs and I knew there would be a comment on it. I have filed it down to seriously flat edges, it is the top part that has a slight bevel in it, which means Id have to cut it down even more. Ill see what I can do with it. Thank you by the way, and thank you for the note on the GML. I will for sure check with them.
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