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  1. Hello guys, I have been searching for very long time for white nylon/propilene belt, and there is nothing wider than 5cm (2inch) wide, i have been looking for my whole city, some friends have been searching on theyr own city, nothing at my country, not even in that famous chinese page. Like, for real, 8-9 Months wasting time, money on fuel and asking a lot of people to help me find it, but it seems that in spain is just IMPOSSIBLE to find it.
  2. Hello there guys, i would suggest, if i may, about changing the CRL belt photos, i mean...seriously, this belt with all that edge, grey bpxes. and photoshoped (i guess) buttons...really? I guess this can be easily changed for a newer photo. Also, the grey boxes i guess that can get someone confused, wouldn't surprise me.
  3. I think this one wasn't commented here This one lost his drop box aswell, same as the button at the end of the belt, no balaclava...curious
  4. I think i found another trooper that "dropped one of his drop boxes" in the runaway from the attack at ANH end
  5. Hello Gray/Jeff! Try to resize your pics so you can upload them, or use a external page ot post them Anyway, i remember there is a post of a tall trooper that made his own extensions for the same reason, making them larger, i'll try to find it and post here. Good luck trooper!
  6. Hey! that armour looks awesome!!! i would like to know how you did that incredible waethering!
  7. Another day of duty with autism asociation from Seville, Spain, in a solidary run 31/03/2019 10:00 A.M. Mairena del Aljarafe, Seville, Spain Cloudy weather, not really warm or cold.
  8. Now that I am at home, I checked my "raw" screws and seems very similar to those without doing anything to them. I mean, I don't know, maybe a little tall? But the form seems very similar maybe? Enviado desde mi SM-G955F mediante Tapatalk
  9. Ok, then i will sand them on the top to make them flat, thanks!!! Enviado desde mi SM-G955F mediante Tapatalk
  10. And about the form? Are they ok or should I file more the corners? Enviado desde mi SM-G955F mediante Tapatalk
  11. Hello there mates, I'm starting to file these screws to make good looking TD screws, and I want to know if I have to file/sand more or is this ok 4mm head diameter, 1.5mm head tall Enviado desde mi SM-G955F mediante Tapatalk
  12. Yeah, i mean, the idea is that the body harness will be used to attach the shoulder bells, ab and posterior plate, the "interior waist belt" would be used to keep the thighs in place, and connected with the rest of the harness, kepping everything in the right place as supposed to be. The chest and back plate would be connected by the shoulder straps, connected but "floating free" together, maybe a couple of snaps by keeping the parts aligned if i see that they dont keep in place correctly. I'm sorry if i don't explain myself correctly, i keep trying to improve my english ^^U Thanks for your answer anyway bro!
  13. Hello everyone, i'm planning already everything for my next stormtrooper armor, this time will be a GOOD armor, from a good maker, aiming to centurion level, and as I read at the Commander CRL Fabric or elastic strip connecting chest to back shall be either black or not present. So, as i'm trying to use actually a harness made from elastic, i'm thinking about making one for this next project, to connect shoulder bells(arms), posterior armor, ab armor, also connecting with a belt to attach the thighs, so chest and back armor would be actually free and connected only by shoulder straps. I have been looking for some harnesses here and the one that i think would match better is this one. Do you have any better ideas or some advices?
  14. So, as i see the 1st link photos, normal rivets with the hole are ok for the armor? also, the ear screw are not painted white. at the 2nd link the thigh armor belt has rivets, not glued and not over the lower ridge :/ The 3rd has the same thing as the 2nd with the thigh armor belt. Besides, noone of them has the blue stripe over the brow. I am afraid to say that noone of them answer my questions about the weathering, the not clean lines at the paint, thigh closed on the contrary, or about the shoulder straps comparing with the image references.
  15. Hello everyone, i am actually selling my 2nd TKC armor, 1st was sold by bad personal situation, this one is for getting a new and better armor, a good quality armor on kit to build a new and centurion level commander that can be trully a centurion lvl. I have been watching some of the files from the High Resolution images from this post at the beginning of this forum. 1st of all, there is some things that could be "impossible" to do, like the buttplate that seems to be shorter, but, im wondering about some details trying to find out if i can make a "ingame replica". There is some doubts that i have, and i hope you guys can help me with. 1 - Rear back has blue paint, like, if it was painted over the grey and black lines with blue and cleaned. 2 - All these gray stains over the whole armor. 3 - Thighs looks closed from the inner piece over the outer piece at the back. 4 - Shoulder straps seems to be with a little rounded corners 5 - Blue paint looks coming out of the lines, like no "perfect lined clean paint job", like, not painting with spray or airbrush, instead, using a brush to apply it. Also, flat, satin or shiny paint? and which brand and color would you suggest? 6 - Belt corners looks little weird, like the up side is ok but lower is like rounded? 7 - Also, the thigh armor belt blue paint is not lined with the cover. 8 - what kind of rivets shall be used for belt? I guess i should look at the topics, but i haven't really seen anything. As i want to make a GOOD Stormtrooper Commander, actually even selling the one i just did for me to make another better with a better armor, i have been checking if there could be better things to do to look more like the ingame armor, and found these details. I hope you can guide me if those details are ok to make this "ingame replica" i will try to do. And thanks you for your time reading this post.
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