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  1. First Name: Rodrigo Last Name: 501st ID: TK-14292 Paper Size: A4 DO that did my final approval: Msouza
  2. Many thanks to the D.O. team and, over all, to Msouza for taking your time with my application! You will get soon my Centurion application too! About the armor-fit/assembly: The blue stripe: I do actually feel better with my actual stripe flowing from the bottom, but i will correct the tooth border and the final peak The battle Damage: I did really wanted to be a natural battle dmg with the trooping, but as long as here is very hot and there is no missions, i will work with some sandpaper, files and whatever i find The ear screw: You are totally right, i just didn't wanted to press too much, being afraid to crack que ABS, but i will fix that for the centurion application The S-type trim: I did the photo, but i forgot to post it *facepalm* sorry Again, thanks you very much, see you in the Centurion Application soon!!!
  3. Sorry for all these changes before anyone tells me anything, but I didn't feel right with the look of the blue stripes after the ear repositioning, so i decided to repaint them, handpainted of course, and there is some photos of the new look of the helmet, also a couple of details improved, as the black paint on ears few black lines like helmet damages... Enviado desde mi SM-G955F mediante Tapatalk
  4. Oh, by the way, there is a change I have been told that I could maybe do for a better looking helmet. The blue strip has been moved a little to be in the corner of the eye. Edited post for paint update Enviado desde mi SM-G955F mediante Tapatalk
  5. Come on Jesús, you got this!! Buena suerte tío!
  6. So....tighter attachments and the belt dont need to go really tight, so it can go to his place. Enviado desde mi SM-G955F mediante Tapatalk
  7. Well, as i tried to push it lower, it's pretty impossible, it always move. I do have some butt, which makes the piece be inclinated and, the natural move from the belt is to move up. Any idea? some velcro to keep it in place or something?
  8. Thanks you!! Yeah, much better now i'm not a built-in wardrobe as we say in spain to call someone really big xD
  9. Yeah, that's right, i will try to make another with the belt on a better position. The problem is that, to make the kidney plate border straight, i had to trim some of the piece, and it ended like this...i don't know if maybe put a little of extension in the abdominal plate or whot. I will try to make tighter attachments, expecting to help with that.
  10. Oh, by the way, there is the new nylon belt, the one you see in the new photos. 57mm wide. Enviado desde mi SM-G955F mediante Tapatalk
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