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  1. Hey man, beautiful flamethrower! but, what kind of g-36 did you used? what model exactly? i can't find it and i'm looking so hard for it.
  2. I didn't mean that, i meant about the gap between the two parts of the left thigh at the bottom ridge, the space between the pieces should be filled with something that match the color of the armor, or paint after dry. But yeah, also that, the sniper knee is going under the thigh piece, that should be fixed too, maybe triming a little from lower part of the shin pieces, maybe trying to move each thigh to outside a little so they maybe can go up just what he need...
  3. Good night trooper! Nice looking armor!! I have a couple suggestions that you will need to do for your approval. First of all, you need to fill the gap between your abdominal and kidney plate... It's just, too much, it's pretty easy even when you can left the seam for basic approval. As well, the little gap at the front on the lower ridge of the left thigh, just put some abs cement that match the same color as the armor and you will be fine so far! Hope to see you trooping soon! Good luck! Enviado desde mi COL-L29 mediante Tapatalk
  4. Hello and welcome, I need to ask, you say you already have the helmet? Did you purchase the hasbro incinerator helmet or you just got the regular stormtrooper helmet and painted as an incinerator? Enviado desde mi COL-L29 mediante Tapatalk
  5. Hello guys, I do need to know if someone can tell me the exact size of the thermal detonator panel for the rotj version, I do have a couple of them. I think I saw it was smaller than the ANH, but I do would like to know the exact size. Enviado desde mi COL-L29 mediante Tapatalk
  6. Well, i see, i mean, there is pretty old photos, but, whatever. I need help with one detail, is it possible to do the kidney-buttplate conection like the original rotj, with no pure lineal border on sides to help with the abdomen separation? Like seen in this image
  7. Hello guys, I do come to suggest that the Belt photo from the TKC CRL could be updated, i mean, the photo looks actually bad, photoshopped buttons, grey boxes ... I think there is enough material from centurion level commanders that could be useful on updating some photos like that one. About the thermal detonator, I think there should be a couple of photos that clarify about the ROTJ/Ingame thermal detonator panel, for the people who want to build a centurion level TKC, they get the things clear. Also, the helmet is trully beautiful on the CRL, but if there is a requirement of brow pai
  8. Hello guys, i was wondering, where do i can buy a rotj thermal detonator panel? or the entire thermal detonator rotj version, i have been looking but found nothing, not even 3d print files for the panel.
  9. Rodrigo Cid TK 14292 CenturiĆ³n A4 Msouza Thanks you! http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/14292-centurion.png
  10. Thanks you all guys!! I'm waiting for some news at my centurion application got to be patient but i am not really >.<!
  11. Hello there troopers, i come to ask from a friend that does love Phasma, and she just found this link that says it has the whole armor 3D files. As i don't really know very much about phasma armor details, does anyone can tell me if these files are good, i mean, if the armor looks like that could be approvable once it be done http://do3d.com/product/3d-printable-captain-phasma-full-body-armor/ Thanks you to everyone who help.
  12. First Name: Rodrigo Last Name: 501st ID: TK-14292 Paper Size: A4 DO that did my final approval: Msouza http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/14292-eib.png
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