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  1. I tried signing up but no one has approved my request yet.
  2. Hello all! I did some searching on this forum and had some trouble finding the info I needed. I would like to know the different places we can get armor and their cost. I know of AP and RS but can't find a price on the AP. I'm staying away from ebay and other shady looking places. Just would like to know what you all suggest. And also if there is a list that exists on this forum that I'm just not seeing. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks! I noticed your in the Empire City Garrison. I live in Kingston NY. Is there still a Hudson Valley Squad? I can't seem to find any info on them. Is there anyone locally I can contact about joining?
  4. Hello all!! It's finally time for me to make my first goal a reality! A little back story to explain.... Back in July of 2018 I had weight loss surgery. I was morbidly obese with many health issues. The surgery saved my life. Shortly before getting this operation I set a few non scale related goals. The first of which is to become a member of the 501st. I'm proud to say that as of today I've lost just over 100 lbs and am ready to join the ranks!!! Being 5'6" I'm on the short side of being a Stormtrooper but it worked for Luke so I think I'll do ok. I'm excited to start this process and look forward to the challenge ahead.
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