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  1. TK-51453, reporting for duty and requesting 501st status. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=30964
  2. Hey, just wanted to say that I got my basic approval! TK 51453 here. Thanks so much for helping make this finally a reality. Next comes the higher levels of approval, and it seems like I have a pretty good roadmap of other changes I'll need to make to get there.
  3. Thanks! Yeah, I'm not sure what was going on with the brow trim in that picture. It's not glued down yet, so I can still play with it. Thighs are a definite must as I go along. Those return edges hurt, man. I'm glad things are coming along, though. Thanks for all the help thus far.
  4. Here is the next set of pictures. I've made a lot of improvements. I would love to go forward with these for at least the basic level of approval, hopefully its at least at that level now! Some of the things I fixed are: Tube Stripes moved up. Chestpiece adjusted to sit better on ab Ab buttons reduced in size Strapping system for shoulder bells -> biceps -> forearms. Improved strapping on the handguards. Adjusted cushioning in helmet Changed the calf opening side. https://imgur.com/a/yVAMt9q
  5. Thanks, going to try making some paste today and repairing it. Gotta see if I can find any of those screws too. I know the original reason I didn't use the support system was that the length on the screws I got with the bracket kit were too dang small they never would have fit through the armor plastic and the support plastic. I'll have to see if I can find some longer ones.
  6. Well, work was coming along well until I discovered a new problem. Looks like there was a bit of stress on that spot and it cracked. Of course I can't find the screw or the nut--does anyone know what the sizes are used for the bracket system? I can't remember, and I'll have to pick up more. Other than that, the calf is just about ready and I've shaped up a bit of the paint... Was getting ready to try it on for more pictures again tomorrow.
  7. Working on the calf now, here is the helmet with the tube stripes raised up.
  8. Only a little disheartened! The shins are attached with the bra straps, so there are holes in the other side of the armor that I suppose will hopefully be covered when swapping the cover strip over. I'll need to remove the current straps and swap them over as well though. I suppose the question I should really be asking is what's the best way to remove e600 glue?
  9. Thanks for the advice! In the process of making some improvements, will be posting update pictures later this week. Shortened the strapping on the the chest and it seems to fit a better now, will have to see how excessive moving impacts it. Also added strapping to the arms, so those all sit a bit more still. Widened up the biceps so I could get them further up my arm. Still need to fix the tube stripes, waiting on some stickers for that one, and the surgical removal of some paint from the ab button. A lot of it seems to be adjustment issues in terms of how the costume is sitting on you. How do you best keep that sort of thing stable during actually wearing the costume?
  10. Thanks a lot for the advice, seems like there is still quite a bit of work to be done!
  11. Thanks a lot for the quick look over, Coastertk. I haven't put in any arm strapping yet, right now its all sort of just held up by momentum...Any recommendations for what I should use? Thankfully those tube stripes are just stickers so it should be easy to replace them, and I had heard the suggestion about the chest overlap--I'll have to take a look and see what I can do. Thanks for the input thus far, I knew there were going to be some things I had to improve on--but, I'm at least happy to finally have something actually put together.
  12. Name: Peter DeNicola Future Garrison: Star Garrison Armor Maker: ATA Helmet Maker: ATA Cloth Belt Maker: Trooperbay Neck Seal Maker: Trooperbay? Boot maker: TK Boots Blaster Maker: MGC Height: 5'10 Weight: 180 TK Type: ANH Stunt Help: Tim Waychoff, Use of Pandatrooper's Helmet Guide, ukswrath's armor build guide. Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/fOUdvSg
  13. At the suggestion of others I trimmed some material off the codpiece and the posterior. That seemed to help a little bit. I'm wondering if maybe the fit is wrong on the shoulders which is causing the kidney piece to slide too far up, or if more material on the codpiece is forcing the ab forward. I took a bunch of pictures https://imgur.com/a/QPZ78hZ
  14. That looks good! I might have to give that a try. How exactly do the tabs handle staying in place, though? The problem definitely looks like the shape of the kidney doesn't line up with the shape of the ab, and that is what the tabs are trying to fix, yeah?
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