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  1. It’s perfect bound and laminated - the same format as In the Shadow of Vader. They make a perfect pair
  2. *Update * The books have arrived. We’re busy signing and posting them out. All orders up to 10 th July will have been shipped by Monday 27th July. The book has proven to be so popular that we have ordered another print
  3. Hot off the press this week! The true story of how the iconic Stormtroopers were created , which subsequently led to a high profile multimillion pound court case. With the endless controversy and conflicting stories reported in the media and on the internet, this book reveals the facts from the crew on the production in 1976 Hit the link for your signed preorder https://www.brianmuirvadersculptor.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html
  4. Thought you guys might be interested in my latest interview. Chatting about Star Wars and the Stormtrooper armour. Hope you enjoy it https://youtu.be/NjRzpeb2qn0
  5. Thanks for asking me to join your photoshoot with the FISD, Tom. I would be honoured to be part of it. Looking forward to meeting you all.
  6. Sorry Damian but I have to leave you to research this for yourself - all the answers are there for you to find.
  7. The reason they did not dwell on the colour of the clay issue was because it was proven that Ainsworth didn't sculpt the clay. Even if they had a photo of Liz sculpting the clay helmet it would have made no difference to the verdict. Ainsworth lost 243 out of 245 points - the only reason he and any other prop maker in the world (other than USA) can produce the Stormtrooper is because the Judge went with the fact that the Stormtrooper is industrial and not art - copyright was then lost. All the info it out there Damian. No more photo evidence available as yet. It is your choice who you believe going by the facts, reputations and capabilities. BUT one major point that you seem to have overlooked when buying the suit is the suit itself. Look carefully at the details on the suit and judge for yourself if it comes from original moulds. The point of reference for that would be screencaps. Here are some more points of reference https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Original-Stormtrooper/308958205795601#!/groups/367062635069/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Original-Stormtrooper/308958205795601?ref=hl Brian Muir
  8. Happy Birthday - hope it's a good one!!
  9. Ainsworth is now showing a new and improved 'sculpted mould' on his Facebook site - stating it's the one he made for the dvd produced as evidence. Looks like someone's been busy putting plasticine on it New 'sculpt' left (the one produced for the dvd but now with a smooth coat of what looks to be plasticine on one side) Finished 'sculpt' on dvd right Quote from Ainsworth :This is the exact helmet mould that was made infront of the camera for our DVD,, It is continous, without editing and was made over the 7 hour period it took to make the mould to this state Well I must have missed some of it because I saw the one on the right side as the finished version on the dvd when he'd finished with his fine sculpting with his grinder He now states the mouth pieces (wood) were embedded in the resin when in the dvd he clearly mixes up car body filler - (the tin of U-Pol is in shot) and shoves a whole load in the cavity The final version is about 6 minutes in - the first 6 minutes are quite painful to watch
  10. I think the word you're looking for is 'disorder' . Along with all his other fabrications he invents supporters .
  11. I think Ainsworth has a couple of cousins - Colin Turner and Paul Dazely
  12. Yes this would be his self professed 'fine sculpting' stage using a grinder I feel you're not taking this seriously now John
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