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  1. I love the idea of doing some yoga trooping on a carbonite mat too.
  2. Hmm, you might just need to Google "Star Wars kettlebell" or navigate through Onnit's site. It could be just as well, they are crazy expensive, and there's only 50 lb (Boba Fett), 60 lb (Stormtrooper), and 70 lb (Vader) for $113, $135, and $150. The other gear is more reasonable though.
  3. First off, not an endorsement at all; I just got crazy excited. https://www.onnit.com/starwars-kettlebells/ There's a Han Solo carbonite yoga mat and Death Star medicine ball too. This hobby is bleeding over into other hobbies!
  4. springaling

    Cost of different BBB's

    Oh dang, I'm also 5'6" 165 and went for TM. I'll remember that for next time and I'll let you all know how the TM goes!
  5. Real quick, back to OT armor... I'm looking at some differences between ATA and TM. What really stood out to me on the first post was the note on TM that it's tricky to build. Can anyone expound on that, perhaps with respect to ATA gear? Also, I have fairly large calves IMO. Can anyone see any issues there between these armors? I was looking at Reaper's Stunt thread, and saw his woes with the shins as well as some mentioning of ATA's left side being smaller. Finally, I couldn't see if there's a place on the first post that says when it was edited, but I suggest adding a "Current as of:" line. Cheers
  6. Hey all, I know that different batches of ABS look inherently different, but I like the smoother helmet of TM and the affordability (it's in the name!) of ATA, especially in the States. I'm thinking of getting the 1.5mm TM helmet, as I hear those aren't as brilliant white as the 2mm, and I think I remember reading somewhere that ATA's isn't that super-white. Anybody got some experience with both TM and ATA white "shades"? Couldn't find much in the way of Franken-TKs. Sticking with my more "ideal" TK inclination, I'd like to keep the shades pretty close. Thanks!
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    Thanks everyone, your good vibes and early assistance are much appreciated!
  8. springaling


    Hey everyone. It's finally time I start to get serious about getting some white armor. I see that this is a great community that's very helpful and been active for quite a while--I'm excited to be a part of it! I currently live in Spokane, WA, though I tend to travel and move frequently. I'm researching the crap out of what's out there, and I think I'm leaning Stunt/ESB from TM, ATA, or WTF. Just need to start making some direct inquiries. A bit about what I'm looking for...I like the idea of screen accurate, but in more of an idealized sense. I can be handy and done some work on the art/model side, but nothing of this scale. I'm 5'6", 165 lbs, athletic build. I'll keep researching for the next several weeks before I pull the trigger, but I welcome anything you guys have for me. Thanks for having me, and again, I'm excited to be here!