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  1. Troopers, one of our brethren and supplier has recently suffered a loss. Ryan of Imperial Warfighters lost his wife to lung cancer. See his Facebook business page. Greatest sympathies to you and your family, Ryan.
  2. I'm coming up on this stage in my build, but I realize it would be nice to have a series of these kinds of questions thought the build. It can be a kind of time consuming to have to go through entire builds to look up specific stuff (but not unproductive! And threads like ukswrath's Anovos build make things easier...). Anyway, tell us how you like to close your calves! And feel free to tell us your thoughts on some pros and cons. Cheers.
  3. Armor is still coming along, doing plenty of trimming and sizing. I'm soliciting input regarding ab plate vs chest plate height, but after some more testing, I think things will work out they way they are. That being said, I'm still strongly considering detaching the cod for mobility, as I am looking into doing more active things with the armor (5k perhaps?). It's about time I ordered my belt, and I'm thinking of going through Imperial Issue. With armor (thank the Emperor it seems I won't need to mod circumference, 32" pants btw), looks like it's ~39.5" around. Looks li
  4. Besides accuracy, any other reasons? I guess I'm going for a good mix of that and mobility/comfort. I also really like having the return edge on the chest...I'll do some more trial fittings and see what's up. Thanks for the replies though, makes my decision harder!
  5. I'm strongly considering detaching my cod plate on my TM build to adjust it for my height, and I would love to keep it detached and just strap the two pieces together. To my understanding, doing so would still keep me eligible for Centurion status. Also it looks great on Zel's build. I suppose it looks fairly straightforward, but does anybody have some extra advice on this? I haven't seen much about it on the forums.
  6. By the way, Paul, the biceps match up beautifully!
  7. Hey everyone, slow progress over here, but it's moving! Started slow by trimming with the Lexan scissors, but after watching some Trooperbay Youtube videos, I'm starting to follow suit with trace-score-snap. Though I'm still using a straight edge to help trim where it counts, like the raised parts for cover strips. I also really liked one of his techniques for some nice straight trimming lines, seen below. Anyway, here's some progress with a couple notes and questions. Biceps: They seemed to flare out quite a bit at the top after I trimmed them, so I cut them at a bit
  8. It's finally happening! My BBB arrived a month ago while I was away on a long work trip. Now after collecting some supplies, it's time to make room in the schedule for the TK. For that, I made great use of Joseph's supply list and a personal copy of the Google Sheets spreadsheet available in his post. A couple of extra things to know about that list though...Lexan is basically ABS/plastic, if you are to shop for these in person; and for the Testors French Blue, I went off of just the #2715, but the Model Masters (which is still Testors) may be a larger number (#2715xx). Anyway, I g
  9. I love the idea of doing some yoga trooping on a carbonite mat too.
  10. Hmm, you might just need to Google "Star Wars kettlebell" or navigate through Onnit's site. It could be just as well, they are crazy expensive, and there's only 50 lb (Boba Fett), 60 lb (Stormtrooper), and 70 lb (Vader) for $113, $135, and $150. The other gear is more reasonable though.
  11. First off, not an endorsement at all; I just got crazy excited. https://www.onnit.com/starwars-kettlebells/ There's a Han Solo carbonite yoga mat and Death Star medicine ball too. This hobby is bleeding over into other hobbies!
  12. Oh dang, I'm also 5'6" 165 and went for TM. I'll remember that for next time and I'll let you all know how the TM goes!
  13. Real quick, back to OT armor... I'm looking at some differences between ATA and TM. What really stood out to me on the first post was the note on TM that it's tricky to build. Can anyone expound on that, perhaps with respect to ATA gear? Also, I have fairly large calves IMO. Can anyone see any issues there between these armors? I was looking at Reaper's Stunt thread, and saw his woes with the shins as well as some mentioning of ATA's left side being smaller. Finally, I couldn't see if there's a place on the first post that says when it was edited, but I sugg
  14. Hey all, I know that different batches of ABS look inherently different, but I like the smoother helmet of TM and the affordability (it's in the name!) of ATA, especially in the States. I'm thinking of getting the 1.5mm TM helmet, as I hear those aren't as brilliant white as the 2mm, and I think I remember reading somewhere that ATA's isn't that super-white. Anybody got some experience with both TM and ATA white "shades"? Couldn't find much in the way of Franken-TKs. Sticking with my more "ideal" TK inclination, I'd like to keep the shades pretty close. Tha
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