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  1. Wow, thank you all for the helpful and detailed advice! I really appreciate you guys taking the time to answer all my questions. And I think I'm going to go with AP! Time to start saving! Haha
  2. Hello all! So I have narrowed down my search to either AP or RSP for ANH-S. Now I am stuck. Haha I have emailed both to get some perspective and they both sound great! I've been staring at different builds from both companies on here and it's really hard for me to tell the fine differences between them. I had a few questions about them and hoping any of you could shed some light! 1. AP says their ABS is made from .80 gauge plastic and RSP says they make it out of 1.5mm ABS plastic. Which one is thicker? I don't really know how to convert that. Haha I would like to do a lot of trooping and would like the one that holds up best and has a less chance of cracking and if sitting for short periods is less of an issue. 2. Is there a difference in the color of their ABS? Like is one more white and one more creamy off white? Or are they both same color ABS? And does one ABS yellow quicker? 3. Anyone have experience with the PVC and how it holds up compared to ABS? 4. I am a fairly tall and skinny guy (6' 1", 160lbs, somewhat athletic build). Would these both fit well or does one cater towards my size better? Sorry for all the questions. I'm trying to really get a good feel for which one I want to buy but I am stuck at this point. Haha Any help and thoughts from experience would be appreciated. Thank you all!
  3. Thank you all for the great advice! I really do appreciate you all helping me out already on my journey. Now I'm figuring out which place to purchase my TK armor, which movie, and what material. I've narrowed it down to AP or RSP, ANH Stunt or ESB, and ABS or PVC. Still hard choices! Haha Any recommendations or is it up to preference at this point?
  4. Thank you everyone for the warm welcomes! It really means a lot I already have a few general questions that I can't find answers to. 1. Since I am in Sacramento, I would hopefully be apart of the Central California Garrison, but I visit my family quite often in the North Bay, which is GGG area. Would I ever be able to choose events in that area (ex. Santa Rosa Toy Con), or are you only allowed to participate in events in your Garrison area? 2. Can you be member of two Garrisons? 3. Am I allowed to talk while in my TK suit or take the helmet off around the public (like if someone ever asks me a question or if a kid asks to see my face)? Sorry if these are dumb questions! Haha
  5. Hello! I am brand new to this and looking to build either an ANH-S or ESB armor set. I know the differences between them but I was just wondering why most people seem to choose the ANH-S armor over ESB? ESB is my favorite film and I love how the Stormtroopers look in it. Is the ANH-S armor just generally everyone's favorite lookwise, or it's an easier build just by resources alone, or just the 'classic' look? Just very curious! Thank you!
  6. Hello everyone, I'm just starting this journey after I saw one of my friends shared a picture of her fiance in his ANH-S armor on Instagram. He's apart of the GGG. Being a massive SW fan, this immediately peaked my interest. And learning more about everything the 501st does made me want to become apart of it! I have always wanted to become a stormtrooper but never realized the amount of options for building! Haha I have a ton of questions about the TK build and the 501st in general. Where would it be most appropriate to ask all these questions? I'm already having a hard time deciding which TK to build. Haha Thank you all!
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