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  1. William Stuart 90913 Centurion Letter Sha Sha Thank you! http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/90913-centurion.png
  2. Thank you Sha Sha for reviewing my EIB application and everyone for the kind words! I am definitely going for Centurion and working on my back gap, thigh gap, shoulder gap, and drop boxes. Being a bit taller makes things interesting. haha For the ab buttons, I am a bit confused because I do see the requirement is "Ab button paint shall not extend beyond the bottom of the actual raised button", but none of the buttons extend beyond the raised button. There is a slight white raise around each button. Let me know if I'm not understanding something correctly! haha
  3. William Stuart 90913 EIB Letter Sha Sha http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/90913-eib.png 279
  4. Ok, so I boiled the knee plate and bent it as best as I could. It looks like it got a bit wonky in the front, but the knee plate seems to be aligned on both sides now?
  5. Ok, I'll give that a try! I've never used a heat gun so I don't want to risk it. Haha Since the center back of the sniper knee plate is welded to the cover strip, should I just dip in the right side of the plate and bend it?
  6. Thank you for your reponse, Sha Sha! How would I generally bend the right side upwards? Would I need a heat gun or a boiling water bath work to bend it into the correct spot?
  7. Armor Maker: AP Helmet Maker: AP Blaster Type: Praetorian Blasters Height: 6'1" Weight: 160lbs. Boots Maker: Imperial Boots Canvas Belt: AP Hand Plates Type: justjoseph63 Neck Seal Type: Darman's Props Holster Maker: AP Armor: Helmet: Blaster: Accessories:
  8. Hi everyone! So I noticed for Expert Infantry rank, one of the requirements is that "Screens used shall be of a wide type mesh, with the rim of the mic and the inside white or painted white." It looks like I have to still paint the rim white of my hovi mic tips? Any suggestions on what to use? Just a small thing of paint, or maybe whiteout? Or something else? Thank you!
  9. Thanks to all of your help, I am now an official 501st member! Very proud to be TK 90913 and in the Central California Garrison. Couldn't have done it without all of you! Now time for me to work towards Expert Infantry and Centurion! I'm sure I'll have more questions for all of you coming very soon! Haha
  10. Hello! TK 90913 requesting access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=32296 Thank you!
  11. Hey everyone! So I got a response back from my GML and he said I had a few tweaks to make. Here's the pictures he sent back and what he said: "First thing, the back gap. If there is a way to minimize this that would be ideal. This one is not a deal breaker as you are a tall stormtrooper and it wasn't really made for people over 5'10. See if you can wear your chest piece a bit lower and your kidney plate a bit higher. Like I said though that doesn't disqualify you, it just looks cleaner. Second, The cover strips on the tops of the thighs need to be trimmed
  12. Ok everyone! So I removed the top foam in my helmet to lower it down, rasied my abs, lowered my chest, rasied my biceps (looks like I could raise a little more later), added velcro to keep my shins in place, shifted my shoulder bells forward, bent the shoulder straps back, and added white elastic strapping to them. It maybe not be 100% perfect, but is it ready for approval?? haha Thank you all for all of your tips and tricks so far!
  13. I will give this a shot today after work! Just a few questions: 1. The water should actually be boiled? Not just hot, right? Haha 2. Should I just wear some dish gloves to handle the plastic while bending it? 3. Can the shoulder straps still be attached to my chest plate? Or do I have to take them off? Not sure how much of the plastic I should submerge in the water. Sorry for all the dumb questions! Haha
  14. I'm pretty much done with all the corrections you all have advised! Now, I just don't get how to bend those shoulder straps back. haha I'm using a really hot hair dryer and it seems to heat up the plastic but it just bends back straight once I let go. Is there any advice on how long to heat it or where on the plastic to aim the heat? I'm also afraid of warping the plastic too. Thank you!
  15. Thank you! I'll start working on these tips tonight. For sanding my armor, I don't really know anything about grit. Haha Do I need all three of those grits for my thigh coverstrips? Or which should I use?
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