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  1. Well there's an option. I suppose I could grab the threads with plyers and use my bench grinder on the head of it, but it is hardened steel. It'll remove the finish but it'll be painted anyhow. Kind of a brute move but c'est la vie.
  2. Thank you Sir! Did you find there was enouph material left to put a nut on the inside? Or just glob it with glue down in there? I've feeling there won't be much material left on the inside for any threading. That screw hole kind of cones outward on the inside.
  3. Got it. I am going to need to go deeper as the head of the hex screw is still well out of the hole. I may just pick up a longer length hex screw so that I may be able to put a nut on the inside if there's enough meat in between...unclear yet.
  4. I didn't see how you handled that hole on the underside of the grip. Not sure how to go about it, what drill size or what the deal is with that. Loving your build and using it as a guide as there are no instructions. Thusfar I've found this can take a very long time to build putting just a little time in with it over a period of time.
  5. Still trying to hit my target weight of 170-175 pounds. So hard.
  6. Is there actually an air intake on the Troopacoola fans? I'm just worried about flipping that one fan upside down to blow in the right direction.
  7. Finished a primary install. I may end up redoing it as there are a couple things that came up during the install. Namely the Duracell PB 6700 puts the helmet a little off balance with placing it in the rear. I also had to flip the left fan upside down to get the same symmetry. I found that it does flow some breathable air but it's like a light breeze. Not cool, but enough to keep you from fogging up. Maybe this needs reworked. Not sure that upside down fan will make any difference other than cosmetic. But weight is def on the back of the helmet. I suppose anywhere I put that PB is going to be heavy on that side. On the upside, despite it's heaviness it should last all day at full speed I guess. Wish battery technology were further along.
  8. Fan kit has arrived. Now to begin looking up best install practice.
  9. Thanks guys! Yea I am looking forward to having it all done. But the hard part is the diet and squeezing completely into the clamshell yet. Think I'm going to go for the TroopaCoola’s JMC E-11 kit but still waiting for the fans to arrive yet.
  10. Ordered the Troopacoola 2 fan unit, but I imagine it'll be a while with the Covid shipping to Ohio. Next up is the final piece. The E-11 Prop. Which is better? The Troopacoola or RS? What say you CableGuy?
  11. Alright Icomm finished. Next stop helmet fans and cooling. Hope I can get my head in there when installed. Still working on the diet. Nice 2 hour bike ride Easter afternoon.
  12. You must be very slim and trim. I am fighting for every bit of space in that ab section. I haven't tried on the armor since I velcro'd in the chest. Hoping that's not going to be a problem either.
  13. Ok, so installing the Icomm voice communication system tonight. I applied some industrial strength velcro to both the Amp and Icomm unit. Applied the two to pretty much the only available area, inside the chest plate. The only fear I have is the audio being muffled by the velcro. We'll just have to see I guess. One thing I do need to pick up is a substatially reduced Output/Line in wire. I will inquire with Icomm to find if there is a reduced section available. The only wire left is going up into my lid for the mic. Untested for muffle as the speaker faces the plate/velcro.
  14. I was considering that. Didn't want to push my luck with the heat from the hair dryer on another piece. I may. Not sure.
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