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  1. I don't think there is. I will pull them both out and examine. I think this is all the work of the rear joint strips/bottom edge of the calves. I was thinking maybe some sticky foam (single sided) but I could not locate any here at Hobby Lobby or Joanne Fabrics. I was going to try sticking the loop side of velcro on back of each r/l portion of the calves. One troop did all this! Granted it was a 5 hour troop. I'm kinda reconsidering doing the 3mile walk now with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation troop Sunday. That'd really tear these up if I can't remedy it with something.
  2. I will try to snap some photos. Yea I showed my CO where the bite was occurring and it's riding directly on my left back. I've tried trimming. I may attempt it again. May not be enough time before this Sunday/next troop. I've another issue brewing.
  3. Ok, so tomorrow is my first Troop in the TK armor. I am having some problems with the kidney plate cutting into my back. I have tried trimming it as flush as I can but with the wire brackets I can't go any further in. Is this just a matter of losing the appropriate weight yet? I am 183 and near the 175 goal. Still - I'm just going to have to endure it cutting into my back for hours. Has ANYONE else had this experience with the Kidney plate? It's mainly on my left portion of muscle beside my spine.
  4. Alright so far so good. Rivetted the canvas to the plastic. Tested a few times. First Troop scheduled for April 23rd in the TK. I feel it's ready. Although I still have about a 2" gap on the right clamshell. It's my belief if I can get that to 1/2" I will be at a stage to submit for Lvl 2 Certification unless I missed something and I don't believe I have.
  5. Right, so far I've not an issue with the canvas belt coming unsnapped from the armor as it's preferred to have it tight in back w/velcro. Ok, I'm going to do this then. Just a couple pieces of information on what size rivet/washers work best. I think I've got this handled on my FB page. Not sure why my inner mid elastic snap has started unsnapping. But I think as the clamshell pulls in/weight loss- that will ease tension on it. It's the bending over that does all this.
  6. Yea I did that gmrhodes a long while back. I've been told the best way to stress the armor is by simply bending over. Sure enough that stress tested it well. I also tried taking a knee on the right knee. Owey. I didn't care much for that as it tended to clash the left back thigh into the left back calf and I was concerned about the rear center strip. Also the pressure on my right knee from the armor was pointy from somewhere - didn't feel good. Been told not to do that afterwards. Just learning range of motions and stress testing before a couple major troops in it. So as a result. The superglue on the left snap that secures the plastic belt to the canvas held surprisingly, while the RIGHT one then came unsnapped. So I am really interested to know (as I've been told I should do this) if it is considered good practice to rivet the plastic belt directly to the canvas even for the sake of peace of mind. Because while suited up and in bucket I simply cannot tell if anything has come unsnapped. I also found it annoying that the mid inner snap was coming unsnapped. I agree I could do with losing another 10 pounds and that would probably relieve alot of stress but these snaps on this plastic belt have been coming unsnapped since day one and first test fit. So I can't tell what brand snaps these are, but they are the larger more meatier snaps. Is superglue the answer or is straight rivetting the answer? Just advice or suggestion I guess is all I'm after to prevent a wardrobe malfunction on future troops. I looked for brand names on the snaps and I simply can't find any. Tandy good. Ditz bad I guess is the rule.
  7. Next known troop is in May. I'd love to dawn the TK for it's first troop (My second Troop). I've got some time yet until May1. Going to suit up a few times and see if I have problems. If so I'll have to get busy removing snaps and installing rivets.
  8. Requesting update 501st access. ANH Stormtrooper TK40462 Ohio Garrison https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=34595
  9. 2nd Photoshoot, action shots. Trying super glue on the belt snap to the canvas. If this does not hold, going rivets.
  10. Ok I've done the Vtabs. I've also submitted and I am happy to announce that My TK is Now Approved by the 501st Ohio Garrison. Now I'd like to go for higher certs if possible. Continuing my diet and going below 180 to 175. May try 165 after that until comfortable in this armor. Def want to go beyond basic but I have a 2 Inch gap on my left that I need to take care of.
  11. Thanks so much for the reply. I've never made these V Tabs before. Is there a particular method? And is part of my problem due to the fact I'm using those clips on the return edges rather than snaps? I could then remove some return edge so it's not so deep. And also, if I wore the armor and then had someone pencil the thighs - would that work well?
  12. Ok, so I'm down to 183. Still not fitting me well enough. Maybe 175? Another 8 pounds. But yea I'm not liking my butt at ALL. It's appearing to hang too low/the center point and I still have that issue with the right overlapping. Could it be because of the gap still existing/weight? I'm really not sure if it's the trim edge, if the entire butt plate isn't trimmed up enough or if it's my right thigh. It's really hard to tell. It was suggested to try to lower the thighs belt and see what happens from there with the butt plate. The butt plate I want is nice and tight but I don't know how he did it. first pic is what I'd desire, second pic(in green) is from my submission pics.
  13. I thought perhaps I got a bad mold. I will make my first serious attempt in the morning. I am thinking of using a dowel rod rather than the ABS Tubing. Hoping there's no downside to that. Drilling the top of that rod is going to be interesting.
  14. Took some shots just now. The only hole is what I began to drill but didn't get too far.
  15. Hi guys. My build is moving right along and getting nearer the end. Got a couple problem areas I'm trying to wrap my head around. First is the Trigger and selector switch conundrum. But more on topic is just how to get a clip to fasten and release the stock at the front of the reciever. Does anyone have a link they can pass along; a pictorial tutorial of drill size, depth, carving out a spot for the latch and how to secure the latch (glue?) that fastens the entire assembly to the front of the receiver? I've looked over my stock rod and there is just no indication of where that cutout for the latch ever was. Has anyone managed to mod the JMC to allow the latch and spring to function? Not sure if I'm beating my head up against a wall or should just spend the $80 on a metal reproduction sterling folding stock or whether that would mount to the JMC. Has anyone tried it? Success? https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1267956913622224&id=291078201370590&_rdr
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