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  1. Hopefully this is just a simple question. Wanted to confirm my build. Working with an RS self build Stormtrooper. On the bicep, my first test fit after trimming. Too big. So it's my understanding that I need to fit it down about 1 to1.5 Inches. So I believe that the procedure is to trim about half an inch to 3/4" on both edges of the tricep/outer plate to split the difference. I've been told never to cut down the inner side. Is my thinking on this clear?
  2. I was told that once I install the ear screws it may sort itself out? But your probably right I'll end up tearing it all back apart again.
  3. I guess what I'm most afraid of is when running the twin screws in, that it distorts the helm raising the brow on the left side. But I'll know more tomorrow when I pick up a new flex shaft. Being my second try I don't really want to change up to an exacto or freehanding it with the actual heavy dremel itself. Just need to be careful not to overtrim the ear before I find out what putting the screws in will do.
  4. I may have it under control. The first attempt failed as I took too much meat. I get one more try before I have to order beg, plead for another pair of left ear trim from RS. But this is my problem, this warbled garbage mess on the left of the helmet. It's hell to work around. It's a very firm warbled area.
  5. I got the Right ear on just fine. It's just that buggered up left ear area from RS Propmasters is what's giving me a real problem. Began trimming my second chance left ear when my Dremel flexishaft 225-T2 broke. This left ear really has it in for me. Hard to believe Rob said the left was the easiest.
  6. Why oh Why did my flexishaft have to break NOW?! 225-T2 $30 trip to Lowe's or Menards tomorrow.
  7. Thanks man. Trying my best at the first build. I hope all I need to do is slot and pray that my initial hole doesn't come past the backcap and into the face.
  8. Yep starting with the helm. Screws and NUTS is the plan. Gotta see if I have some on hand before going looking for 4mm screws as tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Shame that my first try with rivets went so poorly.
  9. Drilling out the rivets is doable. Pretty sure you both meant screws and nuts? The PVC is just a bit difficult to work with as it's very stiff.
  10. https://imgur.com/a/wDpoZsm
  11. It informs me I get 512kb to work with. There's a few photos there, I may be able to link them individually. I tried Google photos.
  12. I am working on my bucket (ANH RS PropMasters). Joined the backcap and the face and after riveting, something seems a bit off. The brow is not sitting tightly on the face and there's a gap between the two. Hoping I can upload photos. I was going 100% by the RS tutorial and guide. Is this supposed to sit like this or did I screw it up? https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipMy0gVO-Hcgnh_XR1yP3DWwHXf6yOudmwUw4rJQ
  13. Thanks for the welcome aboard everyone. So yea I got a slow start to the costume. Still have yet to pickup some lexan scissors. Inquiry sent to Darman on his neck seal. I sure hope I don't screw up this costume. My first time.
  14. Thanks guys. Well I pulled the trigger already. Did alot of research with whom I could find. I went with RS Propmasters TK. I'm in trouble now, I've never in my life built or tried to build anything like this. Feeling a little intimidated but I have all winter + Covid to build this. Right now I need to find the right glues and cure sprays and magnets here in the States. Oh and probably an undersuit, neckseal. Tried looking for a balaclava on Ebay but really not looking for something warm and hot for winter riding... I need so much more stuff now. Not even looking for boots. Gonna be a long, grueling build for me. Oh BTW, the painting looks really hard. Would you suggest that or go find some decals? I should probably handpaint to stick to the ANH theme. Gonna be working with PVC rather than ABS. So yea - I'll have alot of questions
  15. A brand Newby from Lima, Ohio. Pleased to be here. I signed up and am joining the Ohio Garrison. I mainly want to be a StormTrooper, but I also love the Tie Pilot. So I gotta put a costume together. At any rate I have done alot scatterbrain hobbies. Way too many. From 80s arcade collecting to Drones, Electronics Repair, Astronomy, VR and Flat screen gaming and probably more that I'm just not thinking of. My latest is Cosplay. I've done Star Lord and attempted Kadaj, but trying to pull off a teenage Kadaj requires alot of bishonen. Trying to pull off a teenager at double the age is just Hard, so I didn't want to disgrace the character. As a former US Marine I think I'll fit right in with a Trooper, Tie Pilot just looks cool and probably a lot more affordable entry into the 501st as a Reserve at first. Anyways I think what you all do is really first rate. I been watching Jake up in Alaska on Youtube for a bit and boy they know how to have alot of fun and some very nice people. So I am very intrigued and eager to check this whole scene out. Thanks for having me be a part of it.
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