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  1. Troopers, it's been brought to my attention that Locitus' name has not been brought forth yet on this thread, yet he is a recipient nonetheless. This is entirely an oversight on previous administrations, which may and truly have been one of my own! Either way, we should ensure that the reasons are posted transparently so that the integrity of the award is beyond doubt. Mathias (Locitus) has been on staff many years as you can see from his staff award badge, including being a former DL. However there have been years where this is not the case, and Mathias has many times over not only been a tremendous help and resource for new members, but has been one of the key players in keeping our forums up to date, recovering them when an upgrade has proven unstable, and put in many hours resolving technical issues that otherwise would bedevil this detachment that few outside of the command and site admin team will ever know. He is truly an FISD legend and clearly deserving of this merit.
  2. FWIW, I used to use Woodland Scenics paints which are water based, and come off with water. Yes, you have to touch them up from time to time, but it takes a very short amount of time to apply and they are cheap.
  3. That is awesome! It's come a very long way since it was just a few members trying to sneak in troops to the Great Wall
  4. Great to have your here - the Chinese Garrison has grown so much! Which city are you out of?
  5. Best reply ever. Truly Dave, you are new to the ways of the Interwebs. Alas, the world will not let you stay that way, but on the plus that is what this site was created for - transparent information. Just google (or bing) how to game Amazon reviews and let your eyes be opened.
  6. Frank has great advice. I'm personally a snap guy and this way it goes on the exact same way every time. OTOH, one of my garrison mates is all Velcro and no snaps at all. Works for him. The beauty is that you can try it both ways and do what you feel is best. Even with snaps I usually make the straps a little long and then troop, then shrink using a safety pin, troop, repeat. Once I troop a few times without any adjustment - e.g. I know I have it dialed in - then I make fresh straps to the perfect length I need.
  7. Chris - I'm able to modify this but can you please make this update with an "is" and "should be"? For instance changing the strap, I'm not sure how exactly to edit this.
  8. The whole reason why I created this detachment was for reasons like this - when I joined (before Facebook) there were also a lot of scams, mostly EBay but also garrison veterans pushing new folk to their "buddies" recast crap (for lack of a better word). But the forum solved many problems, having attaches in the garrison has helped tons too. We created our own Facebook page to try to get people who are Facebook-centric, but aren't doing as well as hoped. We really need more "Facebook attaches" to help with outreach. We do our best, but alas can't get to everyone.
  9. Current vision updated as what we had was still outdated by almost 10 years
  10. I had a chat with someone in the HKG that said the address is dodgy. I hope we are wrong and you get your items in the end.
  11. Thanks Steve. Yeah, you guys should know that the plastic costs more than what they are selling these kits for. I truly hope you get something, but I doubt it will be what you expect. Twice I've tried to order costumes at a "great price" overseas (neither were SW), and twice no delivery at all. Have you guys thought to talk to anyone in the HKG at all? We have members in Kowloon - they could easily tell you if this is a scam or not.
  12. Thanks - these photos are much better quality then when I did a comparison a long time ago and really show the detail between the two.
  13. I think the biggest TK I've seen was CMANavy and you may find his posts somewhere still. IIRC he was like 6'4" and 240lbs and made his TE armor fit. You can also look up TK-Big who sculpted his own https://www.studiocreations.com/howto/talesfromthetrenches/tk837_stormtrooper.html RT & AM are good options as has been noted. You can do it! Then again, you are a great size for a Republican Trooper!
  14. As a released CRL, yes it is the GMLs responsibility to learn the CRL and to judge costumes against it. If they have any questions, they can always post a review in the GML/DL area of the Legion boards (that's what that section is there for). I do know that some DLs allow people to message them on FB, but I dislike that as it starts making things private which should be more open and also prevents them from becoming learning examples to other GMLs, e.g. is very inefficient.
  15. Yes. Currently FISD owns the costume and the CRL. We created the CRL and any changes go through us.
  16. To be clear, the HWT if it came along today would be at MEPD. In fact initially it was supposed to go to MEPD but the DL at the time wanted MEPD to focus only on the ANH TD, and so we gave them a home. At some point the HWT costume holders could get a consensus to move over to MEPD along with the EI->Deployed. I think MEPD would be receptive, personally. Where a costume goes is really up to the costume holders in this case.
  17. Adding another. TD-3079 from CA. Recasting several armor makers (ATA, KW, and whoever's snow trooper) and selling lots on Facebook, and made out of fiberglass. https://www.facebook.com/cesarsaul.sierra/about https://www.facebook.com/groups/856944321087645/permalink/1831752013606866/?sale_post_id=1831752013606866 https://www.facebook.com/groups/856944321087645/permalink/1897005110414889/?sale_post_id=1897005110414889 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2316769335030841&set=g.856944321087645&type=1&ifg=1 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2284696654904776&set=g.856944321087645&type=1&ifg=1 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2189844351056674&set=g.856944321087645&type=1&ifg=1
  18. I'm guessing they didn't have true VR in those helmets, else Luke wouldn't have said he can barely see a thing. Even in the clone wars they talked more about AR. Putting AR in your helmet is more likely the way to go. Ideally you'll want a helmet that has no wire going from it to your armor, as you can see when Luke/Han take off their helmets they are 100% self-contained. Hovi-mic speakers when set up correctly can be quite effective, and you could put a thumb switch inside your helmet to toggle between vox, FRS, or phone. Luke tapping his ear made it clear they had speakers in those guys too. It's not that far fetched - motorcycles have had this type of setup for years (I have one in my motorcycle helmet). The hard part actually is just trying to decide how to do the toggle, as on moto helmets it's an external switch. From there you could also have AR lens like HoloLens or GoogleGlass that projects a hud. Right now they are externally mounted if 3rd party like https://www.ridenuviz.com/ So all of this is certainly possible, e.g. 100% self-contained vox, audio, fans, even HUD. The trick it getting it all in the helmet and the weight associated with it. I'm guessing you'd want to reinforce that ABS bucket, which normally weighs nothing empty.
  19. About time, right? Man, this has been ages in the making and is the result of many people working many months on this. You can see it all at https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_TFA_captain_phasma_TLJ GMLs, you may approve when ready
  20. Also to be clear the mission of FISD is to be a supportive community for all things Stormtrooper. Making fun variations is just that - fun! If anyone looks down on you, they are doing it wrong. ;-)
  21. The Kilted Trooper Brigade is awesome and worthy for sure, but in my heart my favorites will always be the muppet troopers.
  22. So the word we got from LFL conflicted with the author on the boots. I think this came up before, but in the end we go with what LFL is showing as sources, even if they override what the author had originally envisioned.
  23. Even if you only offer kits, I think it's a great step in the right direction. Don't blame you for not sharing files if you don't want to. The ANOVOS helmets, etc. all had some flaws, so this could make a great upgrade.
  24. Wow, this is turning out really well. Maybe you'll some day do another one ;-)
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