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  1. Hi Friends,My name is Mike. I started the journey to join the 501st back in 2015 with help from Big Gulp and Culp. Due to life being... well, life... I was not able to finish my TK kit until today (thanks to Culp and Andrew for helping me through the final touches). I am reintroducing myself to the group so I can begin the application to join DSG.Hope to troop with you all soon!Sincerely,Mike S.
  2. Hey Everyone, I am trying to find that ongoing sale thread so I can purchase an Echo Brand Fan System. Can someone provide the URL as I am having a hard time locating it. Thanks all.
  3. Hey everyone, I think those two things in the front of the bucket are called Induction Filters. I am having a hard time adding the wire mesh to the mold. Any tips on how to do this and minimize seeing glue residue? Thanks for your help.
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