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  1. Thanks for the feedback! I have made more progress over the past couple weeks: Hovi mics I think look good. I added milliput and made a rubber washer from some gasket material I had laying around. Then I started on the 'easy' ear. As Cali_Nole mentioned, very time consuming. I honestly spent probably 6 hours on this one. Now the next one should go quicker. But... I initially struggled trying to keep the ear high up near the brow. But ended up moving it a little lower, similarly to the Dave M helmet. I don't care for the small gap at the top, but to ge
  2. Two things on the hovi mics. First, the ATA markings for the holes I want to double check as they seem a little high up to me. The one on the left was pretty easy to identify. The one on the right was not, so I based it off the left side. Does this location look right? Secondly, the posts definitely aren't in the middle, nor are they straight. I know the actual helmets aren't straight, but I would like them to be. Any suggestions on this? Thanks as always! Chris
  3. Thanks again for the feedback. Progress on the helmet. I spent a lot of time on the vcoder. Overall I'm happy with the results. As usually, any feedback on them is appreciated. Next I moved onto the lens. I liked how others have used some type of post to mount them too. I created a bunch of different sized hex setoffs with an angle on them and 3D printed them out. I used Sugru to secure the mounts. I did go with only 2 per side, but was strategic in placement to ensure minimum to no gaps. I might go back and Sugru the lenses to the helmet for extra reinforc
  4. A little more progress. I did drill the initial holes for the rivets (I'm not sure if I want to rivet it, I assume screwing it together would be ok). I should have taken a picture first, but I took it back a part since it's easier to paint. I have painted the frown using Humbrol #5. I'm pretty happy with the results of my paint job. One thing that bothers me a little bit is the Humbrol is slightly darker than the Dave M stickers. I'm hoping to paint the vcoder Humbrol Satin black in the next day or two. Let me know if the frown needs any attention. Any feedback
  5. Thank you both! Somehow I missed that part.
  6. I feel like I'm finally making progress! I'm using the Dave M helmet stickers and applied the brow and cheek vent using the soapy water technique. I was very pleased how the stickers conformed to the unevenness of the plastic with no wrinkles or bubbles. I also tried to line up the helmet as best I could. The right side is pretty wonky, but I guess expected. The red dots are where I plan on putting the rivet (screw first). I still need to clean up the ends of the brow trim. So a couple questions, Does this look correct, especially the right
  7. I also put milliput (super fine white) on the inside of the Hovi Mic wells. I forgot to take a picture of that.
  8. Made some progress. I trimmed out a little more of the bottom as suggested by Sky11 Teeth took a while. I started with a Dremel on the 4 most middle teeth. Only to doubt my skills in grinding down the ones on the ends of the frown. So I drilled those out instead. Overall I'm pretty happy. But would love some feedback on where the teeth stand now. In the meantime, I'm hoping to mock the pieces together and see how it initially looks. Photos to come!
  9. So I've been working on it a little here and there. Here you can see I trimmed out the face and bucket leaving extra at the bottom. Then I spent a lot of time on the eyes, using the reference pics. Here are some pics of the end result. Any concerns here? Do I need to trim more? Next step will be the frown. Chris
  10. Thanks to you both for your feedback! Makes a lot of sense to leave extra and trim as necessary. Cali_Nole- I'm following your build thread, really great! More to come soon!
  11. So today I marked off the helmet for trimming. It looks good to me, but any opinions before I trim it? I'm excited and nervous about this step for some reason. The front pre-trimming seemed pretty close to were I marked it. So it was more of straightening it out. Sides Face
  12. So finally kicking off the build of my ATA ANH stunt kit. My plan is to build this to Centurion level specs. I'm planning to build this over the winter, so it's not a rush project. And I like to take my time and get it right the first time. So here is the kit unboxed. Everything looks great. Helmet kit. I'm going to start the with the helmet. Here are some close ups. The front is gorgeous! The back is a little bumpy towards the sides, but from what I have read, that is expected. Some more
  13. I ended up ordering the stickers and the paint set from TrooperBay. I figured I could try the stickers and see how they work out. If I don't like them, now or down the road, I can peel them off and paint them. I have had great success with soapy water and stickers.
  14. Thanks again everyone for the warm welcomes. I'm hoping to start my build thread this weekend. Most likely starting with the helmet. I do have a question on the 'Dave M' stickers. These look easier to use than trying to paint the detail (which I'm not very good at without masking or a stencil). But I'm not sure if there is a down side like with the stickers wrinkling where the helmet curves. Does anyone have any suggestions one way or the other?
  15. Thanks everyone! I'm really getting excited. Look for my build thread soon!
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