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  1. no209

    Menshen (门神)

    Thanks Daetrin~We have some more cases, and to avoid retransmission, maybe people won't go home for Chinese New Year this time. And this‘s me ,not a figure hahaha
  2. Menshen or threshold guardian are divine guardians of doors and gates in Chinese folk religions, used to protect against evil influences or to encourage the entrance of positive ones. February 12 is the traditional Chinese New Year, I hope you have a peaceful and prosperous new year. 除厄免灾: Removal of bad luck and avoidance of disasters 家宅平安: Keep peace for your home On my chest there's a Chinese character 福(means happiness、satisfied、fulfilled),and it‘s on inverted position. In Chinese it‘s a homonym,福到了=happiness have arrived I know stormtroopers shouldn't use lightsabers,but it's just for fan~
  3. very nice printing!
  4. the last supper Oath of the Horatii
  5. When I purchased my first costume in June 2016,Anovos didn't got TK for sale. So I had to choose shadow. Fortunately, it has the same structure as TK. And I waiting for my shadow for about two years.. Anyway, after a lot of waiting and delays, I finally finished my TK costume for my friend's wedding. I have to say that the dead line is an important reason to motivate people to move forward. Already forgot where I was in this picture...
  6. TK-22209 from Chinese Garrison requesting access Thanks! https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=29302
  7. Hi T-Jay It's about 490g,very light inner bolt couldn't move,moveable parts are trigger、selector、endcap locking. mag(but I glued it)and end-cap removeable
  8. Add some details for power cylinder & wires.
  9. TX-22209 Requesting access. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=29302
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