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  1. No I do not want to look like I’m wearing daddy’s armor Thanks, I am pretty much using a couple videos and a bunch of different threads as a guide and then trying to combine all that to help in my build. Since this is my first time doing this it can be a lot at times haha. M Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks Charlie. I will be trying the internal cover strips. Can I do a hot water bath with cover strips on, or would they need to come off first? Thanks, M
  3. Hey Dan. I am, although there sizing still seems a bit big for me. I am trying to fit the suit to me which since I am skinny think will be a bit less than what their measurements are. Should I cut to those and just add padding inside? Obviously a bit late on the arms parts if so... Thanks, M
  4. Thanks Joseph. Both pictures you posted are of the right forearm, did you mean the left or are both maybe off? Here are a couple different angles of both sides. And then pictures with an internal cover strip clamped in. Sorry the clamps make it a bit difficult to see. The left inner side is a bit oddly shaped because there is more taken off the bottom side as there was no ridge there so I took more for sizing. I marked where I could maybe cut to make that scoop more symmetrical, but don't know if the would work as I would then be taking off some of that inside ridge. I
  5. I cut those edges off the forearms and because of that I needed to remove the return edge at the tops as well, so I have removed all the return edge on all parts of the forearms. I have a fitting question. My wrist side is as tight as I think I can make it and still get my hands through, however the upper part seems like it is still pretty big and can be sized down? See the pics below. You can see the left inner side sits flush with my arm at the bottom, that evens out if my arm is in pretty much any other position. Also once the cover strips are on it will get a more "circu
  6. Thanks guys. I appreciate the options but think I will just cut from the top as I don't want to mess up those outer dimples. M
  7. Thanks Glen. Will cut and post pics before final gluing. M
  8. Thanks Joseph will do. On the forearms, can I trim these areas where the markings are? Thank you, M
  9. Biceps are glued an drying. While those are drying I have my forearms sized so my hand just grazes the edges of the wrist area as I put them on. There is a part on both back sides that I have marked that I think can be trimmed down. Can I trim that? ( see pic below) There is no return edge on the top inside forearm but I have left a little bit on the outside to make the armor look more full. All return edge has been removed from both wrist ends. Also which arm has the cover strip cut at an angle? Is it the left? drying biceps Left Forearm
  10. Sounds like I need to replace as I am aiming for L3 and don't want to have to take these all off again. Thank you, M
  11. Thank you Glen. Do you think I need new cover strips then? Or is this ok and just make sure they aren't as large in the future? M
  12. All cover strips are cut and ready to be glued. I have taken down that edge on the right bicep as well. The outside edges sit a little higher than the inside, but that is how it looks on the RS piece I was referencing which is why I have left that. Right Bicep Left Bicep Any input before I glue would be appreciated so I hopefully don't need to take them apart again Thanks, M
  13. Thank you, I will round out those edges. Yeah those cover strips were the ones I pulled from the right bicep and just used as a place holder for the pic. I will cut ones that are a proper length for the left. M Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I got rid of the return edge on the top side of both biceps. You can see there is still a small bit on the outside but I have that there on purpose. The sizing still fits, which is nice. See below new pics with no return edges and cover strips clamped on. I have not cut out the side of the right bicep yet, but you can see the mark where I plan to. Please let me know if that is enough and if you think I do in fact need to take more off the sides. As I mentioned in an above post, my only hesitation is if I cut on the "outside" piece I will start to lose length, but I will
  15. cover strips removed, back to square one Can I re use those same strips for the same spots?
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