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  1. Heres a question: what backplates will the pack fit over properly?
  2. Its just like that gooey crap that sticks credit cards to letters. Just rub it until it balls up and comes off.
  3. the living force works in mysterious ways. either that guy was there because the skywalker twins need them to escape , or that route was presented to them because they had those tools. Neither of which mattered because all the troopers were under orders to shoot to miss and herd them back the falcon to escape so the tracking beacon would work.
  4. But have you put a headset mic on or a microphone inside near them and seen if the squeltch or not? Mine in the frown drove me bannas.
  5. around the notch too...those cut corners can tear with use.
  6. Just make sure it is backed up really well so no flexing cracks it. Looks good.
  7. The notch is fine but you will need to hide that second seam.
  8. Hey if i can be assigned sandy to carry my100 pound kit all day for me thats great. Nine iron, please....
  9. Uh...the capes weight should sit on top and push it all down because it caps the entire shoulder and not just hangs off the back...? Otherwise id guess hidden latches in the pectorals and suit.
  10. Welp first you should read the rules for selling ongoing runs and or one offs . second ...whos kit? all your other posts here are filled with how to questions and dont really strike me as a vendor whos done his own sculpts bucks and does his own pulls. 350 for a complete kit...sounds like a bad kit.
  11. I meant disney level as our sponsors. I used to say LFL Level meaning something our sponsors would hire for paid troops.
  12. ... we question armour origins and accuracy all the time. Nobody is attacking your friend or his decision to buy this set. Or yours for buying two sets to give to a sick friend. Thats awesome. Second judging by the pics we've see while the vendors comms may rock his quality assurance needs to look up quality assurance. If they are 300.00 a pop he did his research when anovos offered tier 1 pricing on 650 dollar kits with finished helmets. yes kits sell at that price. but only if they are expensive kits at 50% off. Would you have paid 600 for one? I expect some gmls to deny basic approval. I expect some gmls to allow it. I expect the quality will have to improve before any make eib or centurion. Thats just my opinion. Im entitled to have one. So are you. and yes. Im an armour snob. ATA FTW. No chocolate Jawas. But its all good if it looks good. I
  13. Yeah I'd ask for money back. It's Halloween costume grade, not Disney level.
  14. No elastic. Elastic is bad. Elastic is not structural. Like capes. No capes. No elastic capes. You want webbing for thighs. Otherwise they'll move around and pinch under cod's. Snap plates with males on thighs and female on one inch webbing looped over the belt so the thighs don't move when you twice side to side.
  15. Use the foam to keep the suit in place. But you may want to pad a belt instead of glued to the armour so the suit sits and moves easily but the padded belt keeps it where it needs to be. Presuming you hang thighs off a garter belt .
  16. Thats not an fx. Put the brow trim on it and ill bet it looks fine. Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  17. And, oh... The belt is not structural. It should not be holding anything together. You should be able to forget it.and walk around and not notice. Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  18. They should ideally be in line vertical with each other and not pulling on any angles at all. And keep in mind that these were never a perfectly symmetrical properly formed spacesuit. They are a high density tupperware product forced into a six foot tall cyndrilical male form. Id have to see what the internals look like . Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  19. also keep in mind that the original strapping bracket destroyed armour over time. that why the running joke for ages was you basically had to make the armour look like crap to earn centurion. As suggested put a glue strap on either side of the kidney butt seam..or snap plates and strap..and it will hold the ends in preventing flare. Heat it up ever so slightly to hold the shape. Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  20. well before you get too much trimmed put padding in the front of the shins and rear of the thighs so they sit straight. That will prevent a fair bit lock and pop. Then adjust. Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
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