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  1. You can braid it upwards so it sits on top of your head. Balaclava or Doo rag it in place. Bucket sits on it and hair acts as padding.
  2. The ukg has many such rules. No approval without weapons, for example, and branding costumes with logos even at canon slash official events. They claim they do it to stand out from the other official and approved costume club and people who aren't 501st in general.
  3. E6000, CA glue, Elmer's thicker CA glue , 2 part 5 min epoxy , ten minute epoxy just do I can mix more and cover larger areas.
  4. Goof off. Goo b gone. Just cover it with e6000 and more Velcro...Elcro seen to webbing then glued even better. No rivets. Except where the suit calls for them. Snaps are better.
  5. The tfa armour is a lot of pieces. The new version is supposed to do away with painting and Bondo. The Anovos offering is at least based off of pics and first ...Second...Hand views of movie used and worn stuff. If you define best as cost vs support vs work required then the answer is mostly yes. Other people do make suits of tfa armour. I believe all require primer paint and Bondo. There are at least one commercial secondary makers out there, Google fu it, and price is the same, eta is much sooner, and they make cloth gaskets as well that are excellent. Not sure they make a helm but you'll be painting their suit anyway. Be advised: tfa armour is a two person donning. It is suitable for your body type if I read it correctly. If you are tallish and cyndrillical. If you are pear shaped or inverted pyramidal, not so much. Stick to a good TK.
  6. Photoshop cut its teeth making terminator 2. Adding a second trooper in post production is easy and then it's part of the film. Just mapped onto a second part of the cell frame by frame.
  7. Buying legit armour on eBay is fine. Buying from typical eBay vendors is what is discouraged.
  8. Did you take those pictures yourself? Can I see the date and time stamps from the analog film back on your negs? Or imprinted by the Polaroid camera used for continuity? I doubt it. Irrelevant. CRLs are recipes for idealized costumes, Not guidelines to perfect inner and outer faithful reproductions. There are, unarguably, many costume facts available here on FISD that do not appear in the CRL. If you write a proposal, with screen shot evidence only, for the DL, and he agrees, he can propose an alteration of the CRL, and Grandfathering of existing costumes, to the LMO, and if he , or the next one, agrees, it will be changed. Simple. That's the process. Use it, or not. You asked for opinions, you got some, ball now in your court if you think it's worth changing. What do the other rotj vendors think? Otherwise, it's 100% up to each costumer to build to the CRL specs. If they ignore them, and don't get approved, that's their fault 100%.
  9. Also, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Hydration starts three hours before the troop. Not chug a.bottle of water then put bucket on. Gell soles. Comfy shoes make for long comfy troops. Non cotton socks or at least clean dry socks. Wet socks block feet breathing. Shrug. A lot. It's about the only rest your upper shoulders and back and neck will get. Three fast. Then slow up for five count, hold for five, down all the way for seven. Repeat often. Shoulder rolls...Not the kind on the ground...Backwards more than forwards. TK armour pulls us out of anatomical position more forwards. Fans. Or handlers with battery fans to blow air in to move the dead air out. Deodorant. Not antiperspirant. You want to sweat. Need to. Just don't make us smell it. Lip balm. Mic foam, sweat, helmet air will all dry your lips out. Balaclava. Keeps mic boom in place it it's not helmet mounted, keeps sweat out of eyes, and keeps ears from catching on the bucket rim when donning and doffing. Buy two or three of the three dollars free shipping ones from China. Fresh undersuit. Wash inside out. You will leave salt crystals in it and if you wear it on and off a lot without washing it can start to scratch or leave a rash. Wiggle your toes. Count teeth with your tongue. And , above all else, don't be a Smearo. A smearo is a hero who didn't say he was in trouble, or fatigued, thirsty, etc., Who ends up face planting, or just feeling really crappy after a troop.
  10. Well or the table collapsing. I have managed to slide the corner inside my butt plate once...which sucked more than wall sits while I tried to free it.
  11. Unfortunately your on set photos mean nothing. How do we know the guy putting tds on each belt wasn't just over there to the right? Or that a photo on set wasn't just a lighting check or camera focus check or slider check while costumes were still sorting things out? The pics of rivets could be pics from the shop before the memo came out saying lose the rivets. Unless you , we, want a multi tiered multi variation rotj suit crl it's safer to make things to the LCD and MCDF and just coach people to follow the CRL for basic approval then do whatever they want after. Paint the armour teal, or pink. Take the TD off. Lose the holster. Just accept it will not be suitable for some troops.
  12. No. It means he doesn't publish it. Email him and he will tell you his pricing and the current wait time.
  13. OK. Anybody making a suit for 501st approval has free access to the CRL. Anybody making a suit different from that CRL and expecting it to get approved deserves to be unhappy. Screen shots of screen used armour count. Promo shots do not. Concept shots do not. Extra features that don't appear in he actual movie don't count. So, if you are making a suit, and you have a screen capture without holsters, a detanator , or overlaps, fine. People got dressed badly. The continuity people on set failed. The armourers rushed it and never thought for a second that it would be noticed. The CRL is a recipe for a iconic rotj suit. A suit that has a td because most did. It's not your fault as a suit puller if the people buying your suit aren't following the recipe. Their fault. My butcher isn't to blame when I screw up a steak. Inner over outer looks dumb, shows a seam from the sides instead of smooth lines and functionally is a point of being snagged on things. If the TD is actually a push button distributor for two or three small explosives, they'd all have them so a missing one or is just an error. Get approved with one and take it off for non canon troops. Or, like shore troopers have a b and c, petition the LMO or the DL here to add a second basic approval without one. Do you not supply a TD with kits? We don't have a clause for Mr no stripes for anh suits but I'm sure people have a second helmet sans tube stripes.
  14. That's because the original ships were captured on 80mp sensors. Force awakens ships, about 6mp. And flat. And fake shadows. And fake lights.
  15. This is from this year's parade Nov 2016. No signs, not even stolen no parking ones.
  16. If it looks right. Abs, fiberglass, 3d Print, basic approval should be fine.
  17. Yup. They are nifty. Just like scouts. They get overrun, snuck around, and fall for ruses. Just like scouts. And why by appearance? How else should we judge them. Cars are classified by appearance. Planes. People. Detachments aren't populated by appearance. There's red stormtroopers in spec ops. Deachments are populated by jobs. Fisd are infantry. I guess, Marines, technically. Jrs are naval aviators. IOC are naval officers and crew. DZ are for the most part, tattooine inhabitants. Bf ...hoth troopers and the GM who would have been the snowy ancestor ( There is a white GM). SL are...well...One of the Two. Pathfinders are exclusively scout variants and now the Pathfinder. Let them shore...Get it...Shore up their numbers. fisd has plenty of members and costumes. And there will be new Stormie's every movie. Whee.
  18. Define pathfinders? In Canada they were descendants of British light infantry rifle regiments. Lived off the land, carried very little equipment, and we're both excellent shots and tacticians and still lost many troops behind enemy lines. Biker Scouts...A misnomer...Are light infantry. First in. Decimated by teddy bears and rebels. Shoretroopers...Run side by side with stormtroopers. They die faster. Because star wars armour is an intimidation tool for unarmed masses, not actually useful defensive armour vs blasters. They're not engineers. They may be hit and run specialists. After rogue one they got the same upgrades the empire did everywhere and new bikes. Fast attack light infantry. Scouts. Pathfinders. Recon. LRP. Same stuff different day.
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