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  1. Nice. Coughs attach certs coughs Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  2. Well, theyre all art. Id hang them as posters. They might be a bit too busy for small patches or smaller logos. Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  3. Just be careful which direction you move the paper...Put some painters tape on shiny part or leave the film on, and use a block for the paper so you don't scuff the finish.
  4. Ew. Replace any fabric in helmet. Wipe with vinegar. Clean every white surface with novus 2 then 1.
  5. If you are not going for approval then buying new lower limbs is just adding to the cost. How does the rest fit / look? Is it something you want to be seen in? Can you make do adding rear shims for the event?
  6. So...How many hundreds of hours are you going to need to spend on this...And how many hundreds of dollars in glue, resin, fiberglass cloth, Bondo...Etc.
  7. admin: if this can be cross posted to any other thread areas without contravening forum rules please do so. In a couple weeks i will be participating in the University version of the Relay for life. It is 12 hours of activities, walking, stuff like that, inside out main communal building on campus. Now, while nowhere near as hot, or arduous, as that heroic sandy walking around a continent, I will be walking this in my TK. Both of my parents died from Cancer and related illnesses and this will be my first of many I hope. Pics will come once done. Below is a link to the info page: I am sadly sure that tax receipts are only good for Canadian donors, but not 100% certain. If anyone would like to support myself, and my team of Nursing and Health care students, much appreciation. If not, no worries at all. http://convio.cancer.ca/site/TR/RelayForLife/RFLY_ON_?px=6187882&pg=personal&fr_id=22676
  8. Go to the 501st website. Look for the membership form. There's a list of available numbers link. And no, you cannot reserve a number. It has to be 4 or 5 digits. 7, 77, 777, 7777, 77777 are all taken. you could try 777777 and see if they allow six digits. Even 73836 is gone. http://www.501st.com/members/join_form.php#
  9. I know it's an issue with specific German artifacts into Canada. I would have though Israel might disallow them too.
  10. I wish I was allowed to buy alcohol.
  11. They aren't the problem. They said q1. Thats not over. The problem is impatient people flooding them with tickets and complaining it takes too long for a response. I'd love to work for their call centre. Talk time averages would be a minute, most promised times are 5-7, so the bonuses would be huge.
  12. Look on the main 501st forums. You might just search Facebook as well for dl-19 a few only advertise there. But first, does israel have any shipping blocks on German ww2 replica weapons? You might check that first. Or have a friend obtain one then ship to you if a vendor won't.
  13. Since it's on a diagonal I'm pretty sure it's 7.5-8 actual squares across. The sifter is likely 50% larger.
  14. Shouldn't need to add anything to one of his. And you can carry a toy blaster painted black if you want. Lihter and safer to drop.Blasters are never required for a troop.
  15. yes, but it looks twice as big as needed for accuracy: how many squares fit across a hovi compared to the screen used pics?
  16. Uh...Does that look like the right size compared to what's in the hovi already?
  17. No idea of size but it looks huge. How big is it next to a hovi tips?
  18. While awesome, I worry that the bucket and blaster designs lose something on dark shirts. On white they look great. The bigger trooper on the sphere design reminds me of the shirt I got in the 70s. I like that.
  19. I'd never forget spending a months rent on a paint job....
  20. Nomex. Times a thousand. Washable. Designed for long comfortable use.
  21. Go CCG! First, don't take anything people post in ei or centurion threads personally. Take a gander at my EI application as an example: raking it over the coals improved it lots. We just throw out impressions as we see them. Keep in mind, too, that, other than me I don't know how to build for squat, many of the commenters have seen dozens or hundreds of kits. Their impressions may be worth considering for fine tuning, but it's only the opinion of the two judges that count for approval. Everything looks like it fits, and fits comfortably. I already commented on the chest return edge size elsewhere so won't mention it again. The forearms do look bigggish in circumference but as long as they don't fall off then all good. I've see bigger, but that guy had massive fists and thin forearms. As long as it's comfortable and padded so it doesn't dig into elbows or wrists then don't worry about it. Especially considering ones bigger out of the box normally with ATA. I'm not sure if my armourer scaled mine down. I'm sure we will see that ei ribbon shortly :-)
  22. Regardless of when you post all the pics , approval won't be given without the blaster pics. I'd start the thread and post the pics you have, then add dl-19 pics. But you'll want an action shot holding the dl-19 anyways.
  23. Only you know the mindset of a function really. I tend to stick to safety...Ask in advance if the event would have qualms about it. It will be hot, dark, and likely no sitting. I'd leave the blaster at home.
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