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  1. no, I found it from a Chinese airsoft website, had to pay additional 150€ :/ the website was ehobbyasia.com
  2. Well, originally it was build for trooping but it turned out more to be a display piece, but I think I will troop with it occasionally
  3. Thanks!!! I Just weighed my blaster and with everything on it, it comes in at a perfect 3,5 kilo. the power cylinders are based on Andy’s power cylinders and other builds from Novakdimon and many others out here, a bit of everyone’s design, which I am thankful for that this forum exists!! I have a few pics of those during the build process so if you want I can post those as well
  4. Hi guys!! I wish i had a build thread in mind during this conversion of an S&T airsoft sterling to an ANH E11 Anyway, what i did was cutting down the magazine clip, after that i found a piece of steel to bend for a scope rail. The scope is a real vintage scope. Hengstler counter is a replica bought from blue snaggletooth. The T tracks came with the scope, but i don't remember who i bought it from And the power cylinders are scratch build by myself. I did some small weathering here and there, not fully sure if it is finished Here are some pics, I hope you guys like it Here are some close ups of my power cylinder, the capacitors are sculpted with FIMO clay Hengstler counter replica The airsoft won't allow a spring in the sterling that reaches all the way to the bolt, so i cut out some hose to fit it and painted the ribs to give the illusion it is a spring Real scope Like i said this is the first time i did something like this, and i really enjoyed building those power cylinders But i am very happy with the result, in the future i will replace the red lens of the scope to one of those fancy lenses maybe a weathering pass once more, not sure yet. feedback is always welcome Now back to my TK build!!!
  5. I mean how big is one square, I bought a piece of mesh, I eyeballed it but it was too big.<br> So some measurements would be nice.
  6. Like the title says, does anyone know the correct mesh size?how many millimeters?
  7. Ok Thanks!<br> Until I find a better rail, I will use this one for the moment.
  8. I am converting an S&T sterling airsoft into a E11. For the scope rail i have found this steel part and gave it a bend and trim to use as rail. Now having the rail attached to my blaster, i seem to notice it might be a little too thick (4.5 millimeters or 0.17 inch) Is it acceptable? or do i really need another scope rail?
  9. Ok so i wanted to alter the hovi mic tips of my anovos helmet.<br> i went to the store and bought what seemed to be okay for the grid but seeing it next to the helmet, it looks too big?<br> can anyone tell me if this is the right size? I am not sure but I think i posted this on the wrong section, sorry if I did :/
  10. Here they are the other way around, it did feel more comfortable but idk not sure...<br>
  11. Ok I am working on the shins at the moment, but with all that label mismatch by Anovos and such I better ask first if mine are ok or not.<br> I haven't trimmed the overlap in the back yet, I also go for the bra hook method.<br> Idk if you can see it on the picture but the longer sides are on the outside, but I read here and there that they should be on the inside and some say the other way around so ...
  12. Cool thanks, I really appreciate that!!!
  13. At the moment I am working on the shins, after that the thighs, then I will do the small finishing touches and begin strapping.<br><br> I will soon have questions regarding the shins wether they are correct or if have a wrong numbered pair.<br><br> Thanks!<br><br> I was really overwhelmed when I got my kit but after seeing a lot of builds I was confident enough to actually do it, after time i see it is not that hard <br> I am also trying to find a way to modify the belt in a way I don't need to remove anything...but make it centurion acceptable
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