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  1. psst. "While our Expect Infantry " Expert? or do we have a new category for soon-to-be-approved suits? :-)
  2. on one hand, RSPM would defend their armour sizing to the death because 'they are derived from the original'. on the other hand, those look short. do your shins have proper bottom edges, or were they maybe trimmed a lot to fit you?
  3. body shape matters (ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph )when buying a suit solely for which vendor to buy from. the getting started thread area covers that pretty well. TBH, avoid pre-built kits unless you have to, then send them lots of pictures and measurements and if they don't ask oodles of questions, don't pull the trigger. AM kits have extra large sides. Again, TBH, Stormtrooper armours are the best costumes in the legion. Again, TBH, stormtrooper armours aren't for everyone. SnowTroopers and Scoys are also cool and better suited for some Dad Bods.
  4. event 207 Ottawa Capital Pride Parade. 3 hours, a bunch of km walked plus 3 km there and back on foot to get to the staging area and end point to home. Energy. Fun. Excitement. Enjoyment. Countless requests for selfies, fist bumps, hugs, happy prides!, from kids young enough to hopefully be spared knowing what the heck those our ages had / have to go through to those who started it all quietly, bravely, and still come out, pun intended, to cheer. I have the pinwheel and 8-bit tie. Snazzy occasions mean wearing a tie.
  5. event 206 Royal Canadian Legion Lady's Aux. vendor fair, free corn roast, and fundraiser for Legion Charity. This was a really nice troop. Friendly folks, lots of smiles, fist bumps, pics, and wasps mixed with an unfriendly tent and an aged guest getting stung right in front of us. Ensured she had no allergies, suggested ice from the free ice creme stand to keep swelling down and tell someone immediately if she needed help. She and her daughter didn't hesitate or question a Stormtrooper giving first-aid advice. She was fine and checked in on the way out. Oh, and lots of iced water, free ice creme, the best corn ive had in years leading to another episode of The Juggling TK (and cleaning butter off my freshly shiny TK grr) and a decent burger. All in all great trooping buddies, great hosts, and an event i would definitely return to.
  6. yeah, my adhd is awful these days. usually i don't miss things like that :-(
  7. Thanks! Though im at 205 and see a 150 badge. Is 250 the next iteration? Thanks!
  8. Hi. Finally got my dates and events posted. Thanks!
  9. yeah. i can't seem to delete any content so I can't add photos to things :-(
  10. Roger Nielson House Summer Party. We received a special invite to attend a special gathering for youngsters who visit and live occasionally at a medical home at our Children's Hospital. Hung out with the kids, police, paramedics, and aviation fire rescue. In lieu of Blast a Trooper, kids were invited to cool-off a Trooper. This must be a regular thing now. dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vun0sxwnyum3mzm/refresh_a_troooper_tk69323.mp4?dl=0
  11. March 12 Ottawa Senators Star Wars Night Gave away upgraded seats and made the jumbotron and nhl.com as well. Great first real troop back after 2 years.
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