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  1. MT4thBWY video virtual troop. may 4th, my living room Our Garrison collected pictures and video of members celebrating Star Wars Day, as well as reliving their favourite parts of the movies or such. Ontario still has wave 3 hammering our shores so in person trooping is a ways away. We've done virtual St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and now May 4th :-) here's the video link, too big to upload here. don't crank the volume, first part is silent. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qnt4zsss0t37i3f/mt4bwy.mp4?dl=0&fbclid=IwAR08slZu3jrJZwJl5dGoTuYnLwHS33Pydyc93FmfgA9bmvp
  2. I have quite a few full day troops at one event, or at one time 2 or 3 events on the same day. My garrison covers a lot, like, a lot, of territory, like, at 80km/hr maybe 3hrs drive north south and 5.5 hrs at 100km east west. I tend to have had more days free while doing an undergrad finally at age 50 and, well, I can afford to troop more than I can afford to scuba dive, finish my wampa, etc. 2019 I drove 4hrs for a troop in territory new to us then back for light the night for cancer. 8 hours in a car with no stereo, not enough to way too much coffee ( the social media updates are hilariou
  3. hey. i like paint templates. if you have a really steady hand and mix paint perfectly, maybe you won't need them. if you use them be careful about the placement, curves the right way, pencil thickness from the cheek. then put one on slowly and press it down as flat as you can. do the other. then paint white paint in the template and let it dry. paint a second coat of white. let it dry. the white pain fills all the gaps and imperfect spots. the blue will sit perfect now. paint: mix it. a lot. an awful lot. when you feel done, keep mixing. i uses a thin wooden st
  4. the extreme racing undersuit is good winter warmth for parades. i wore underarmour heat gear shorts and t-shirt in my fotk. cloth gaskets, i cant imagine the speed it would get toasty with chocolate scented floor mat gaskets :-)
  5. aw, i never did get an FOTK coin. OG75 badge yes. i forget if there were first 75 coins now.
  6. search Galactic Academy, sign her up, and she gets her own GA Id number just like Dad. Any costume counts, they are all about the experience not the details. if assistance technology is prevalent, there are lots of cool ways to incorporate things. make a project out of it, include her, sign up on the detachments that cover a costume she likes, or the rebel legion or mandos, and when she turns 18, give her a TK box :-)
  7. if she is over 18, she joins, as a handler or in a costume, and you troop, or if she is already a member, you join her :-) if she is not, that is up to your local garrison. some events are not kid friendly / safe / appropriate. e.g. younglings can join the Galactic Academy, and they have rules about trooping, mainly, accompanied / supervised by parent / guardian at all times. I haven't looked at specifics in a while, but adults used to be limited to not in costume so they were obviously a eagle-eyed parent watching over kids. given the special circumstances
  8. i remain confident that Salacious Crumb is what you get when you strip, shave, and fail to domesticate Jawa. the big assed versions on whatever cartoon they are on are what happens when you feed them after midnight.
  9. no. make sure the codpiece is so high and tight it either raises your voice an octave, or you feel an urge to walk on tip toes to prevent friction. if thats not possible and leaves the black gap then you will need to resize something, and you wont be able to walk like that....
  10. kit, or completed suit? also, I know you cant get onto the Canadian Garrison forums yet, but It would be a good idea to look up their GML email on 501st.ca or on 501st.com, find the groups. say hi, tell them you have a TK coming and want to know the joining process, and ask if they have Mentors still, build parties, or Armourers for commission. RSP is a great suit and it will look sharp when it is fitted to you. Just remember, go slow. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast, and fast is approved :-)
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