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  1. I've never had pop-ups on photo bucket. I only use it as storage.
  2. Well, not much is thinner than a compression suit. The armour isn't warm. Wind gets inside it. Moving slowly keeps the air flowing. Fans in the bucket for sure. Easiest way to cool down is moisten the suit with a mist bottle. It will cool a little as it evaporates. Misting with vodka works better.
  3. An undershirt is like 20% of that material. Ua makes Heat gear and cold gear. Just buy the basic stuff. Or search eBay for compression suit and buy the third party stuff. The medic in me then wants to ask how your heart and or blood glucose is cuz running hot on a regular basis isn't a good thing ;-) I ran hot last fall from stress and diabetes and lost thirty pounds...but not in a good way.
  4. That's not humbrol blue. Gawd.
  5. That guys pretty ripped for a trekker.
  6. Not much thinner than under armour.
  7. sylverbard

    FX Armor

    Buy whichever, wear it, and display it in the man cave too. Why buy two when you can use the other cash for a second costume.
  8. Ah the good ole 1630 MOB. Wish I still had one.
  9. Google what the APN should be for your carrier. Make sure it says that. Dunno why AdBlock matters. My android Samsung has no problem.
  10. FX. Anh stunt. Look at the back of the helm and mandible size. Flat hand plates not scoops. Backwards 7 ab button not an L. Just compare your armour with the anh stunt crl from 501st.com . You'll need to replace the helmet, I doubt FX is approvable any longer but its painted like rotj with dark teeth and black tube stripes. And unglue shoulder bits...and either coverstrip limbs or make it a hero build.
  11. Toyota and Panasonic and Hitachi I know about. I just never see brother on anything but cheap printers.
  12. You are applying glue to both surfaces, waiting two minutes, then connecting, taping, and clamping, right?
  13. Before cutting...is the cod up so tightly your voice changes? It needs to be very very snug. A lot of people leave it loose, or worse hang body parts with elastic that stretches.
  14. You have to clean the gloves and latex with rubbing alcohol. Then rough sand the back of the latex. Then apply CA glue...like Elmer's ...to the back of the latex, press into the glove, put a weight on it and let it sit. Like for an hour. Shouldn't be any problem gluing it....
  15. Hi. In the getting started thread is a list of vendors. Don't buy anything from someone not on that list. Define bigger? Rt-mod is made for taller troopers. Am 2.0 as well. And ask your garrison who they suggest for armour.
  16. Regardless, mandos are bh costumes. Spec ops is not for external units it is for imperial soldiers in special operations.
  17. There's no actual comparison between the upcoming tfa kits and the Greek letter versions. Anovos won't need paint, is supposed to not need Bondo or seam work beyond normal tk suits, and like their anh suit is only going to fit average bodied people. I see...not average bodied people buy them and then complain they can't complete the build in a cosmetically appealing way. All that said yes. Wait. Or spend double, spend ten times the hours on the build, three times the cost or more for supplies, and get it done sooner. Anovos was bang on their anh kits first delivery.
  18. Nothing should be spec ops except imperials. Mando mercs are not imperials. They are hired guns. Bh. Death watch are not denizens. Flagship eclipse maybe. But not spec ops. The mandos in rebels who are working for the imperials are attached to, seconded to, or paid by an imperial unit. Still Bh with open ended contracts.
  19. The right side of the ab kidney has a large gap, and the right side doesn't but the rivets dont line up.
  20. Stir the bejeebus out of the paint. Like five minutes. Enamels are horrid for that.
  21. Check their member profiles and see where they are. Tkarmour is British I think. Claim to be their own sculpts.
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