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  1. MT4thBWY video virtual troop. may 4th, my living room Our Garrison collected pictures and video of members celebrating Star Wars Day, as well as reliving their favourite parts of the movies or such. Ontario still has wave 3 hammering our shores so in person trooping is a ways away. We've done virtual St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and now May 4th :-) here's the video link, too big to upload here. don't crank the volume, first part is silent. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qnt4zsss0t37i3f/mt4bwy.mp4?dl=0&fbclid=IwAR08slZu3jrJZwJl5dGoTuYnLwHS33Pydyc93FmfgA9bmvpsMan_iS5SxJ0 [and only one ab-kidney connection was destroyed in the making. re-glued now.]
  2. I have quite a few full day troops at one event, or at one time 2 or 3 events on the same day. My garrison covers a lot, like, a lot, of territory, like, at 80km/hr maybe 3hrs drive north south and 5.5 hrs at 100km east west. I tend to have had more days free while doing an undergrad finally at age 50 and, well, I can afford to troop more than I can afford to scuba dive, finish my wampa, etc. 2019 I drove 4hrs for a troop in territory new to us then back for light the night for cancer. 8 hours in a car with no stereo, not enough to way too much coffee ( the social media updates are hilarious and definately pre- ADD diagnosis), and, like, 3 hours in costume. All worth it. May the 4th that year I hit 5 events over 16 hours from 0700 till midnight, broke a costume on the second, and 3 were planned to be solo troops but others made it out on their way to from other mt4bwy events that Saturday. Sorry. Rambling and ADD go hand in hand; rambling is the biggest sign of adult diagnosed ADD when someone's had it all their life but never knew. I'm happy to see multiday events counted as multiple troops just as locally for our internal trooping incentive each troop on the roster counts, so it gives members with other affiliation costumes ( rebels, mandos, superheroes locally) chances to suit up with each. I like your event log form and my Jawa is likely stealing it if that's ok with you since I've been telling myself to do the same, with pics, and something from the troop like their lanyard or flyers or receipt from something, but just like dishes (ADD combined with depression means I look at a task, know it needs doing, start it, think of another task, move on, know I need to finish, but can't. It's horrible saying ok do dishes, ok today I'll do them, ok just one set of cups, ok tomorrow. They're rinsed, no sitting with food yuck. Just ... Controlling the high ground, low ground, and deck in my kitchen. Today, they get done lol). Oh! My original intent was simply to say love the log, sometimes I can't get photo evidence due to lots of solo troops. Sorry.
  3. hey. i like paint templates. if you have a really steady hand and mix paint perfectly, maybe you won't need them. if you use them be careful about the placement, curves the right way, pencil thickness from the cheek. then put one on slowly and press it down as flat as you can. do the other. then paint white paint in the template and let it dry. paint a second coat of white. let it dry. the white pain fills all the gaps and imperfect spots. the blue will sit perfect now. paint: mix it. a lot. an awful lot. when you feel done, keep mixing. i uses a thin wooden stir stick from coffee shops. go nuts slowly mixing it. like for five minutes. then paint. if the blue goes on less than perfectly blue, this is the first coat. let it dry. repeat. same for any template really and the black edges around traps. brushes: the bigger the brush the bigger the mess. use a decent size round pointed one. L2 and L3 Build it to the red standards. red meets or exceeds blue in most cases since it (L3) is highest echelon. After basic approval at your garrison, make your EIB thread here with all the pics hosted somewhere else and just linked here. Once that award is in hand, repeat for Centurion. easy peasy.
  4. the extreme racing undersuit is good winter warmth for parades. i wore underarmour heat gear shorts and t-shirt in my fotk. cloth gaskets, i cant imagine the speed it would get toasty with chocolate scented floor mat gaskets :-)
  5. aw, i never did get an FOTK coin. OG75 badge yes. i forget if there were first 75 coins now.
  6. search Galactic Academy, sign her up, and she gets her own GA Id number just like Dad. Any costume counts, they are all about the experience not the details. if assistance technology is prevalent, there are lots of cool ways to incorporate things. make a project out of it, include her, sign up on the detachments that cover a costume she likes, or the rebel legion or mandos, and when she turns 18, give her a TK box :-)
  7. if she is over 18, she joins, as a handler or in a costume, and you troop, or if she is already a member, you join her :-) if she is not, that is up to your local garrison. some events are not kid friendly / safe / appropriate. e.g. younglings can join the Galactic Academy, and they have rules about trooping, mainly, accompanied / supervised by parent / guardian at all times. I haven't looked at specifics in a while, but adults used to be limited to not in costume so they were obviously a eagle-eyed parent watching over kids. given the special circumstances, I am sure your local garrison will be happy to make trooping with her possible. also, nothing stops you from escorting her around on Halloween, or her birthdays, etc.
  8. i remain confident that Salacious Crumb is what you get when you strip, shave, and fail to domesticate Jawa. the big assed versions on whatever cartoon they are on are what happens when you feed them after midnight.
  9. no. make sure the codpiece is so high and tight it either raises your voice an octave, or you feel an urge to walk on tip toes to prevent friction. if thats not possible and leaves the black gap then you will need to resize something, and you wont be able to walk like that....
  10. kit, or completed suit? also, I know you cant get onto the Canadian Garrison forums yet, but It would be a good idea to look up their GML email on 501st.ca or on 501st.com, find the groups. say hi, tell them you have a TK coming and want to know the joining process, and ask if they have Mentors still, build parties, or Armourers for commission. RSP is a great suit and it will look sharp when it is fitted to you. Just remember, go slow. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast, and fast is approved :-)
  11. sylverbard


    but are they separate thus allowing for a sling to be slid up to sit on the shoulder or is there still a bicept to should strapping? otherwise the sling would go on, then the bell to clavicle strap. otherwise I think the slings are a goof, an afterthought, or just to hold a blaster for display.
  12. yeah, dates might take a bit, that part of our forum is archived. will work on it.
  13. 150 please :-) will try to get dates added this weekend, that part of our forum is archived, and I have three papers due for grad school. whee.
  14. sylverbard


    sling under hard armour. are R1TK bells and bicepts different than ANH?
  15. you know, you could accept the advice of all the members with centurion armour and attache badges, all given good naturedly from 50 varying cultural backgrounds.... or not. the simple fact that FISD has kept every post since incarnation means you will find eleventy versions of "correct" as we evolved from polaroids and triple laser pointers to 4K.
  16. then, maybe, that "specific", isnt. lets play a game: top five burning unanswered questions. go.
  17. read. the. getting. started. thread. slowly. :-) slow is smooth. smooth is fast. fast is centurion out of the box. everyone wants to be a centurion, right? seriously. read the thread. anh stunt armour is the most common. then the list of vendors. everything is listed there. some vendors ship international, some do not, so spend time checking their sites, or message them here. also, ask troopers in your local garrison who have EI or Centurion kits what they have. and, the most important awkward questions asked: tell us your size and shape, there are many armour vendors, one will fit you better than the rest. e.g. I am 5'8" and 165 pounds, mesomorph, and about 95 cm around the navel circle. (gut) ATA armour kits fit me 99% perfectly. If I was 5'10" and my arms an inch longer, then it would be perfect. Other armour is too big for me, but perfect for the six foot tall troopers that make people ask... well you know. to which I reply "I am the correct height for a Stormtrooper." anywho, find a suitable kit first. then soft parts. then find the list of tools someone has pinned. and someone local to help you make that first cut. or all of them. and we will all welcome your shiny white plastic ... suit, when you are approved.
  18. ... i thought I had started one, but I guess i just posted events separately when I had event pics. so: FISD troops 1 Living Local Fair 2015 2 Geek market-Friday 3 Geek market-Saturday 4 Geek market-Sunday 5 Sens game 6 Kidsfest 7 Kidsfest 8 super secret friday troop 9 autism walk 10 FCBD Renfrew 11 Glebe Garage sale invasion 12 Cat Rescue 13 Glowfair 14 Guardian Angel School 15 Canada Day Casm 16 Taste of Manotick 17 Coticon 18 Hill Photos 19 Force Friday 20 Walk with Me L'Arche 21 Manotick Harvest Fest 22 MAW 4 wishes 23 SW at Frontenac Mall - sat 24 SW at Frontenac Mall- Sun 25 geek market 26 GO21 Walk 27 National Child Day CASM 28 Christmas Pics with the British High Commish 29 CHRI Pyjama party 30 renfrew winter carnival 2016 31 CHEO Children's Gala 32 geeked out toy and collectibles 33 kidsfest sat 34 kidsfest sun 35 Parent and Child Expo 36 CAPE 37 ottawa geek market friday 38 ottawa geek market saturday 39 ottawa geek market sunday 40 Walk so Kids can Talk 41 fcbd kobolds 42 occ city hall meeting 43 occ friday 44 occ sunday 45 Owl Café CP 46 - may the 4th indigo 47 red lion charity dinner and market walkabout 48 Ottawa Champions 49 cheo visit 50 Bayview School fundraiser 51 stittsville school visit 52 - school 50th visit 53 Brain Tumor Walk 54 rogers house Star Wars afternoon 55 Ottawa Dragon Boat 56 cheo family fun day - first tfa troop 57 kingston movie night - second tfa troop 58 shackstock 59 taste of manotick 60 kanata cruise night 61 drive in movie night 62 Celebrity Server Night 63 Puppets up parade 64 COTICon 65 bridlewood bounce 66 - run for a woman's centre in CP 67 geek market saturday 68 geek market sunday 69 lansdowne family day 70 world trivia night 71 National Child Day 72 NAC Music - thursday 73 Ottawa Geek Market - sun 2017 74 Kidsfest - sat 75 Kidsfest - sun 76 Kingston CC 77 CAPE 78 MAW Indigo 79 FCB Kobolds 80 FCB Owl Café 81 Kessel Run 82 Quinte Toy Con 83 Katiebear 84 Ottawa Brain Tumor Walk 85 Guardian Angels BBQ 86 Ottawa Dragon Boat 87 Zack and Abbys Lemonade stand 88 Canada Day CASM 89 Shackstock at BP 90 Magic Girls Market 91 CHEO Family Fun Day 92 Real Kingston Toycon 93 Partner Dat at the CASM 94 Ottawa Pride Parade 95 Teal Tailgate Party 96 Runway for Hope 97 Go21 Walk 98 Neon Night Run 99 Geek Market - sat 100 Cineplex Community Day 101 TLJ Premiere 102 TLJ Evening Charity Show 103 CP Comic Con 2018 104 Kidsfest Saturday 105 Kidsfest Sunday 106 Kingcon - sat 107 Kingcon -sun 108 Yuri night CASM 109 Mom and Son gala 110 FCBD Owl Café 111 OCCSC welcome event 112 OCC-Friday 113 OCC-Saturday 114 OCC-Sunday 115 Solo encore 116 Touch a Truck 117 Sir Winston Churchill end of year bbq 118 Dragon Boat 119 Canada Day CASM 120 Meet and Greet at the Movies 121 Tysens Summer Bash golf 122 Teal Tailgate Party 123 Ovarian Cancer Walk 124 The Big Welcome at CASM 125 Indigo School fundraiser 126 Light the Night 127 Dreams take 0300 flight send off 128 Trick or Treat with the Mayor 129 World Trivia Night 130 King Con - sat 2019 131 King Con - sun 132 St. Patricks day parade 133 Winter Youth Ultimate 134 Kids at Risk Bowling 135 MT4 troop4 May the Fish be with you Kemptville 136 MT4 troop5 Fort Town night run 137 Robert Hopkins fun fair 138 Capital BBQ 139 The Big Give 140 JRDF walk 141 Ottawa Baby Mama Hustle 142 A Wedding for a former handler 143 Princess and Heroes party 144 Autism Picnic 145 Master Bowling gala 146 Canada Day CASM 147 Gabriels Wish 148 Champions Star Wars night 149 Princess Street Promenade 150 Westboro Fuse - Saturday 151 Westboro Fuse - Sunday 152 Ovarian Cancer Walk 153 Petawawa Neon Night Run 154 Archies BBQ fundraiser 155 Kemptville Neon Night Run 156 CHEO Hair Donations 157 GO21 Walk 158 Kids love Peace 159 Big Welcome Troop 160 Ottawa Fire Truck Pull 161 Trot and Treat 162 Trenton "too much coffee" comic con 163 Light the Night 164 Landsdowne still not enough coffee pumpkin derby 165 Orleans Mall Fandom TK destruction event :-( 2020
  19. for basic approval, that is basically correct. they should all look the same on each set of limbs, and if they all look the same even better. unless you are, well, me, five 9 165 pounds and a mesomorph, out of the box white armour will be kinda annoying. if you have massive calves, thighs, shoulders, and are shorter or taller, etc., there are lots of brilliant conversion threads around here. that dorito shaped thigh mod terrifies me. abs paste terrifies me.
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