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  1. ESB, Hoth, walkers, blasters, rebels being cut to pieces....ahh memories....
  2. Hey Tony, Thanks, I appreciate the heads-up. As Requested here are pics of the interior of the armour. You will see the top half (chest & back) and bottom half are separate pieces as I use a suspender system to hold up the bottom half and hang the top half in place. This makes it easier and more comfortable for me when trooping allowing for a greater range of motion.
  3. Ok everyone, I'm going to say this upfront...if you have any constructive criticism for my build please feel free to add it WITH a positive solution to rectify it. Any issues that are noted will be corrected upon receipt of an official assessment from the Detachment. Thank you for your understanding.
  4. Name: Chad Scarborough TKID: 11324 501st Member Page: http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=23010 FISD Name: odysseus27766 Garrison: Capital City Garrison Height: 5'11" Weight: 165lbs Armour: ATA Helmet: ATA Blaster: Custom resin build by Brett Fulford Boots: TK Boots Canvas Belt: Homemade Hand Plates: Clam Shell Neck Seal: Homemade Holster: Homemade Armour PhotosFull Body Front Full Body Back Full Right Full Left Right Side Detail Left Side Detail Armour Details Gloves Shoulder Bridge Back Thigh Pack Attachment Sniper Knee Attachment Ammo Belt Back Crotch/Butt Detail Forearm Edges Helmet Front Helmet Left Side Helmet Right Side Helmet Back Helmet Hovi Tip Detail Helmet Lens Colour Helmet “S” Trim Accessory Photos Ammo Belt Front Neck Seal Blaster Left Side Blaster Right Side Blaster “D” Ring TD Top TD Back Action Shot
  5. Requesting upgrade to 501st Stormtrooper from 501st Member http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=23010
  6. Ah the dreaded ears of the ATA...don't worry, once you get things trimmed and the screws start tightening up you end up with something like this... Mines an ATA as well and I had the same thoughts about it. Once things tighten up it takes shape. Caveat - my paint scheme is ESB, not ANH.
  7. 2016 was quite a busy year. On top of muddling my way along as a new father, we were blessed with another one - as if life wasn't already crazy enough! Work and family obligations began to take priority over my quest for a TK until life quieted down enough. And quiet down it did. Having some spare time at work during the days I focused on gathering together the required additional soft parts that complete the costume - boots, ESB E-11, strapping, snaps, holster etc. and in September, I was able to liberate a set locally that was going unused and the quest officially began! Now, being the father of two adorable little kids meant that the time I had available to focus on this was quite limited. It fell into that time slot of after the kids went to bed and "I'm so tired I really should go to bed" and in reality I was only able to commit to a couple hours a night if I was lucky. So this carried on throughout the fall and things started to slowly come together... Taking a break from the build in November and December for the holidays I jumped back into it near the end of December to hopefully finish things up by the end of January...
  8. Congrats Glen! You are in great hands with us here in the CCG! Don't hesitate to reach out to any of us with any questions, concerns or advice. These FISD boards have a wealth of knowledge and experience that will both guide you along the proper path and challenge you to reach for the next level with your build. Looking forward to seeing you at an event soon!
  9. Hey my friend! I'm with the Capital City Garrison in Ottawa. We cover Eastern Ontario. Look us up here http://capitalcity501st.ca/ Register on our forums and you'll get lots of local assistance! Maybe even be able to troop with you! If you have any questions feel free to pm me.
  10. Hooah sir! Glad to hear it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Right here... http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Thin-Pure-Silk-Liner-Inner-Gloves-Thermals-for-Skiing-Running-Biking-Motorcycle-/131775092529?var=&hash=item1eae685731
  12. Done. Thank you for your incredible dedication and hard work in maintaining a great site and resource for TKs, both new and experienced!
  13. Welcome Andy! Glad to see another aspiring Canadian TK! I won't bother repeating those things that the more experienced TKs have mentioned but I will say - listen to them! They know their stuff and if they don't have an answer they will find it for you. As a good brother of mine once told me "No matter our status in this life, we are always a student. Have the courage to watch, listen and learn and you will survive well." Looking forward to your build progress!
  14. This build has been something I have wanted to do for quite some time now. The Universe has a mysterious way of always trying to derail all those things in life that you really want to do - marriage, kids, crazy work schedule, the list goes on - but if you persevere and adapt, you can accomplish what you set your mind on...a small bit of alcohol helps as well ... SO I started putting my list of required items together that I thought I needed: - ABS glue - utility knife - palm sander - propane torch - soldering gun started doing lots of research on how to do this because as we all know there are no instruction manuals for this type of thing - although Anovos now has one online - then I updated my list of required items: - E6000 lots! - painters tape - black elastic lots! - snaps and rivets of all sorts - rare earth magnets (never knew about this trick!) - clamps - some good music - a fair bit of patience and set forth to find, build, beg, borrow and steal all that I could. One of the first items I was able to source were two pairs of ESB specific handguards. After receiving the silk gloves I ordered I set forth with the first stitch of the build... Pleased with my work on the gloves I sat patiently and waited for the day the BBB would arrive on my doorstep...I'll take you on that up and down journey in my next post!
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