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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesus_nut When they train airframe techs we have a helo simulator so that the tech understands collective and cyclic and rudder pedals. when he's got it all straight...the senior tech hits the red button. the pin blows out, and the simulator counter rotates and drops about 15 inches on springs. "JESUS.................." is often exclaimed. i've seen people pee. and worse. I've also heard the term used in rock climbing and mountaineering....the Jesus Nut is the first protection point places by a lead climber...and not only do we need it to avoid downwards failure... but an outwards one too. its the first thing placed and the last thing that will save lives...other than your belaying partner. i've seen people pee...and worse. as previously stated i'm not christian...but i have on many occasions thanked Jesus for not falling out of the sky in more than one sense...
  2. I mean the nut that holds helo blades on...not the religious type.
  3. We have trouble getting peope so I can have 1.
  4. always the hockey jerseys.....
  5. sylverbard. I've been accused of having a silver tongue when it comes to public speaking and selling people things but i've never been accused of just selling people crap or simply being a yes-man or simply saying what someone wants to hear. i'm honest to a fault. I'm a heraldry student and have some formal training from the Scotland College of Heralds. I can wander through heraldic devices for hours looking at how many ways people found to say 'we's better than you yo!' and i carried that into a minor in art history with a focus on Inuit sculpture (arctic Canada specific) and propaganda artwork psychology. As a fan of dungeons and dragons i have always played bards. or smart fighters. a wizard once. a cleric once. i helped write second edition and 3.0 and 3.5 and worked summers for the major players at Gencon and Origins and in January at a convention called Winter Fantasy in Fort Wayne. I also like Shakespeare and wrote a soliloquy to a girl i liked once. it didn't win her over. At the Interactive (costumed) events i coloured my Bard characters hair silver and had green contacts to go with the elven ears (half-aquatic elf bard) and introduced the writers of the Forgotten Realms to 10 000 gamers at midnight in Indianapolis at the opening of the new convention center. there are embarrassing pics online still i am certain. All that said...i'm a Bard. also a druid but that's not involved. When someone sent me a note addressed to 'the sylver tongued bard' i shortened it because it seemed right. All *that* said, i'm horribly shy, learned to read very late, am dyslexic when it comes to simply mathematics, served my country as a long distance shooter and medic, openly admit i have self esteem and depression issues especially the last few years...but i can hide all that behind the Sylverbard. And i'm going back to school at 46 to become a full Nurse. Sorry to be verbose. And boring. 2020 update: jebus this thread has grown. No, didn't make it in the RN program... life turned upsideways , PTSD reactions to direct patient interventions sort of cut my clinicals off, so I will end up with a 4 year Arts -Interdisciplinary degree, and hopefully start a Masters of Aging Studies soon, with a goal of fixing how we (the people) prepare ourselves for the third act (growing old), plan our future care with regards to sudden unplanned need (dementia, accident, stroke) with no family or friends to give 100% answers, and desired level of continuing care, when we might not be able to speak for ourselves any longer. Also, fix the way government looks at "retirement", move consensus away from treating growing old as a commodity and stop licensing profit-shops to take care of us.
  6. Ata armour specifically does have one thigh longer then the other .
  7. all due respect. because we are all always respectful of each other, yes? if you have to take the route of a public outrage post to ask why your posts were removed....then you already know the answer. public solicitation of others to share, endorse, and spread the word about your issue is just propaganda. last time i checked the FISD has an Imperial Propaganda Department...but its goal is to recruit new and support all members in costume related areas. not stir trouble.
  8. Thanks. Lost my dad after a ten year fight 4 years ago...lost my mom after a 3 year fight last august...left work after 11 years because they wouldnt give me part time to do school. 501st has kept me sane. Mostly. I really wish crls avoided words like should and minimal when they mean must and an actual dimension...im working on five things and my brain hurts.
  9. Question: which decals are definitely approveable as looking like hand painted....
  10. The spirit just handed 5 grand for first year nursing school. And is selling his moms house after she passed away a few months ago. Moneys....well its better spent on other things right now since im not working.
  11. Dlt19 aye. And they are both optional for 501st membership per the weapon rules but there is a caveat in those rules that detachments may have additional membership levels and that weaponry may be required for them. Ie eib and centuriun have weapon requirements. I just forked out ...lots...for school and unless someone can point me at a really good yet cheap fake sterlng non hasbro option....gods I dont need a fifth e11 if the dlt19 will suffice.
  12. Question. Is the e11 mandatory? Ive got a spectacular d19. Can I apply for centurion with the biggun and not the normalun? Im canadian and wandering around with prop weaponry is questionalble at best...especially in our capital city.
  13. Im a big fan of the phrase treat me like im six years old for a few minutes. Poke holes in my stuff point out the flaws. Doesnt get me down and only makes me want to fix it beyond question :-)
  14. Id rather get beat up on inspection than embarrassed on parade....I appreciate all the insights and extra dozen sets of eyes. Ill fix whats needed and update my pics over the next couple of weeks ...as soon as I get the td clips and install them.
  15. If the op means bolts vs rivets...then bolts. You can cut them short and use acorn nuts inside for safety...rivets are forever and could damage upon removal...and screws...are for wood.
  16. So ive got a new belt and snaps to replace mine...in cm its a little larger than the 3.25 inches. Math isnt my strong suit. Please accept my apolagies for the errors...I should have new shots up before end of month...im out of country for two weeks.
  17. My sound board sits on mt bicep. Cables run down arm to glove and another cable to my aker. High fives with other hand for jawa.
  18. Buttons are the correct humbrol blue and grey...lighting. and for eib I dont need the whote elastic on the shoulder straps thats centurion....and im not there yet.
  19. Doh....I took the elastics off to reglue and forgot them. And ive got metal clips coming.
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