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  1. Audio...vocals...isnthat a mercury switch? bkuetooth for a phone?
  2. Our garrison is full of tusken and jawa and wookies...we all use the dound glove idea. Makes for much more real characters.
  3. Thanks. I think most of my kit is centurion. Boots gloves and hand plates arent. No notch cut into armour. Yet.
  4. Hi all. New tk here as of a few days ago. Working on my eib photos now. Ata full kit. Question: any ata wearers out there have mismatched forearms and thighs? Ive got two perfect fits and two huge fits. Id love to swap the huge ones for smaller if anyone needs the larger ones. Looks great as is and I have space to hide batteries and meds and keys inside the armor as is...but I know its big.
  5. Ata is amazing stuff. The bucket is on the small size tho.
  6. if its monks cloth or cotton basketweave its the right material. its very orange, i'd dye it with some brown rit liquid dye when done to make it more the dark browny orange it needs to be. ANH is different colour than the second trilogy jawa robes. it looks like it hangs well. bandolier looks really good. if they don't hold their shape stuff them with a bit of foam so they don't flatten and make a contact seam along the sides. if it helps: https://plus.google.com/photos/105016347582271608878/albums/5934115106568502177?authkey=CLXXpurywM2M5wE
  7. please update me to 501st member. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=16638
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