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  1. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=26191 Please add me! Thanks
  2. Didnt even think to look there. Thanks alot!
  3. Anyone have any pics if how the bracket goes in the back if the helmet with the icomm and fans? Kinda like the ukwraths bracket? Is that velcroed or just sits in the bottom and the icomm goes velcroed above it?
  4. Started painting my ab buttons. I dropped a little blue paint outside the buttons. I wiped it off and tried to use water too. It stained the white armor blue and smeared it. Anyone have a way to remove the paint smear?
  5. Seen a couple threads with people modifying a 48" TFA stormtrooper. Pretty cool wanted to make one for my daughter. Was thinking about modifying it to be Captain Phasma instead. Anyone have any thoughts or pointers.
  6. Can this be done and modified to make a captain phasma? Any thoughts??
  7. Can this be done and modified to make a captain phasma? Any thoughts??
  8. Can this be done and modified to make a captain phasma? Any thoughts??
  9. I ordered my kit in the middle of october 2016. In the same boat, just waiting. Havent heard anything but "spring 2017"
  10. Wow. Cant beleive you have to wait for that too.
  11. Ordered my kit back in October of last year. Shipping has now moved to Spring 2017. Has anyone else heard anything from Anovos or maybe got their kit in? Hoping it will be soon.
  12. Does anyone know where to buy 3'x5' flags with starwars emblems?
  13. awesome! was there a vendor that makes those flags? does anyone know of vendors that make those flags?
  14. Got an email from Anovos. TK Kits are delayed till Q2.
  15. I talked to Anovos customer chat yesterday and got a different answer than I had been getting. instead of the "it is still on schedule for Q1 delivery" they said that the kits were en route and will be shipping in march. I guess that's kind of the same thing, but it just sounded like it will be soon if they can hold the delivery date.
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