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  1. err... the 501st doesn't retire a costume it it isn't worn annually. many people will use long events to do a 501st troop in the AM and a RL troop in the PM to keep memberships active....
  2. is this a mix of kits? there seems to be different colours of white going on. only thing i noticed: make sure the cod is pulled up tight. snug. and the rear part the same. with gaps in the armour they will lift and separate. i would order some more obs from the vendor and complete the middle just for appearances even if the lvl 2 or 3 arent of interest.
  3. thats a big difference. my ata forearms are different sizes also but not as much.
  4. yeah, the originals from anovos slid over the rubber, and the flap still worked so you could connect the buckle. kept the pouch flat. sliding the entire thing over the buckle makes it bulge out and just looks like its going to flop around. my red set was the second method and I added the side slots. never finished that concept tho.
  5. zip ties are from star wars? next youll be telling me velcro is from vulcan....
  6. only if you are making a fallen order or mandalorian tk. canon is only canon for the specific source and costume. just build your shiny white anh stunt tk to centurion out of the gate: you wont need that other crap :-) or, build a heavy, and you can have all the accessories your back can bear. i own a garrison pauldron, for special troops, and have made parade pauldrons for st. pattys parade, pride, xmas. but otherwise i like to look like the costume appeared on screen. ive never understood accessorizing with other costumes' bits. want pouches and a bfg? theres a costume with those somewhere.
  7. really? its been a while but im sure i bought a second set from someone and they had the side slots... or i added them.
  8. and remember that the buckle slide inside the original small pouch to hide it properly...
  9. ... hi :-) wow! ... ok tbh im not even sure what im seeing, but it looked like soft vinyl for some reason... what set of armour is it, and are those shims? to make them larger? they' d need to be colour matched to the whole suit, done in such a way as to keep the front to back shape from becomming a delta, and should be the same material if possible.
  10. one of us, again! also, anovos is super thin. you will need to hardcore reinforce it if you want to use the brackets. hardcore. it will tear itself apart.
  11. look at what it cost you vs. what it will cost to turn into ANH clean. Or Death Trooper, but then you may not get to wear it as often. it it washes clean / wipes clean, great. repainting it properly will likely cost more than just buying a new clean suit and building it.
  12. ah ok. i thought it was mentioned at the top that the DT is based on correct anh stunt armour and must maintain that through conversion. I am sure i read that commentary in a EIB or Centurian thread last year. the ref pics are anh.
  13. thought it used to say that in the crl, didnt notice it now. am i blind or just really tired?
  14. if i have a bookmark to page a, the server redirects to page whatever page a turned into? even when its external and usually brings up the must log in message?
  15. perhaps add a pointer in each old thread to the new location for people with bookmarks?
  16. anh stunt centurion ata kit anh Jawa. yule jawa BCA Jawa Imperial Officer Generic Jedi Dr. Fate Yule Fate SG Atlantis Medical / Science uniform DS9 Medical ten percent done a Wampa.
  17. check the placement of the starboard drop box. it seems to be always back a few cm from where it should sit. glue in place on the belt, or snaps.
  18. stormtroopers are five foot nine inches tall. the extras in the OT were taller, which is why their armour fit poorly. AM, TM, RT-MOD are enlarged for bigger and taller troopers.
  19. what happened? is it broken beyond repair? no longer fits?
  20. i went from aker, to hovi mics, to aker with icomm, to aker. just the aker in my chest plate, and the mic it came with. never fails.
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