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  1. thnx for the info bro , i need to check on that ww2 replica weapons i don't think it would be a problem
  2. hi, i was looking around to find a kit for my stormtropper, for the dlt-19 and everywhere i look it's either 200+ euro's or it's not shipping to Israel, i was reading the best bet i can do is to get the doopy's doo version, but that one don't ship to israel, and isn't available for .. well for sevral months now i was reading some posts here that show some guys buying it from members, do you know a member that would sell and ship a kit to israel ? i'm sorry if i post it not in the correct group it's just the only forum i could think about. thnx allot !!! Al
  3. OMFG ---------- Great... it's sold out... now how on earth are we going to get a good suite, gloves, under suite, holster, and all that came with that kit for 650 $... ?? i was soo excited about coming to london in mid august because anovus don't sell to my country i was going to buy and bring it back with me now they are sold out... how am i going to get a normal kit with all the gloves, undersuites, holsters.. etc.. for 650$....
  4. thnx everyone !!!! and yea i'm sure it's a complete set, it was out of stock again after like 20 minutes...
  5. thnx allot !!!!! everyone here is really helpfull !!! blaster reference, you mean photo refrence ? i don't see a blaster refrence menu...
  6. hi, so i managed (finally) a week ago to order from doopys site the e11 blaster kit... but since then i havn't herd from them , not an email nothing on the order.. tried to email them a bunch of times but still they didn't answer.. someone knows what's the turn around time , i mean when do they actually order ? for you guys.. or did you get an email or something ? second question is, i see in allot of the builds people adds that number unite ? that part in the back next to the scope where it has their garrison number or another uniqu number. is there a tutorial on how to do this ? i looked for hours on a counter on ebay, couldn't find one that i can imagine would fit in a clip... and last question, is there a thread, or a place to list that holds all the differences between doopys gun and the set gun ? (like steel inner barrel, wires , counter, steel spring.. )
  7. ive been checking it for weeks.... thnx i'll just keep checking, hopefully it will get back in stock soon
  8. i mean i guess this question has been asked here allot, but really in their site for a while now (a few weeks ad least ..) the item is not in stock > http://www.doopydoos.com/stormtrooper-e-11-complete-anh-e-11-blaster-kit-offer-2685-p.asp where do we get a good kit for a normal price now ?
  9. guys guys thank you sooo much !!!!! i didn't expact to get this warm welcome from all of you, your the best !!!! really really warm my heart reading all of this..
  10. thnx, yea he is the leader of the thailand brench of them... well.. you know, i think most people just kinda look for their own in this world... the trooper helping trooper, allthough i'm a strong believer in that, in reality most younger people (25 down...) don't really do that any more nowdays... thnx soo much for the warm reply though ! really happy to hear still people like you around !: ) thank you .. really thnx !!!
  11. great thnx star, i'll shot him an email. ! keep you posted thnx allot
  12. thnx guys, thnx allot, who nowdays makes a good (preferably good priced) MTK armor ?
  13. so as i said here before, ever since i saw the movies 25 years ago ive been 12 then. ive been a huge star wars fan ! so much wanting to get the armour and be like the stormtroppers in the movies ! every Halloween ive dressed as one of the charterers... and now days when i'm old and much more stupid, and with all that star wars hype going on , ive been setting on the road of acquiring a storm tropper armour. now the problem. i'm 200pounds (94kg), 5.8f (178 cm) so not fat !!! but a bit chubby... still that never stopped me from being a fan so i contacted the 501st, and set a date with their commander in thailand on my visit there for acquiring one. one look at me and he said, i'm too fat, and too big, and far to old to own a stormtropper armour. that he won't sell me one and that's that. needless to say ive been really sad about it and hurt.. you know, my dream for all this years led me to him and boom... reality strikes in. in the past ive been directed to this sellers from this forum as well > Rob McFadyen, Trooper Gear, Mark Harrison, ATAworks and they all sell their kits at around 750usd. which is well deserve ! but a bit high for my budget, and i guess the kits are a bit small for my size. so guys, can someone help me as to really am i too big to wear a stormtropper armor ? or frack it and go with it you know, make my dream and all ? and can you suggest a seller or a place to buy the kits at the 500USD price range for the untrimed, kits + helmet kits. ? (preferably a bigger kit that will suit me ?) or this prices no longer exist today with all the hype going on ? thnx soo much
  14. guys it's been my dream ever since i saw the first star wars 25 years ago to own one of this armor sets... pleas if you have a code and code send it to me it would be great !!!!
  15. well after, researching and researching and really wanting to get the stormtropper armour from everywhere.. i mean , best option would be anovos but, they don't ship to israel... and buying their armour through an external shipping company would add up 300 usd.. add taxes to that and the original shipping and you come up to 1300 usd for the armour... i guess they won't do the 350 usd armour again...:0-( :-( :-( buying throw the vetted sellers page, didn't work out either, the chipest one their asked for 850 usd for the kit...and you need to add 200 usd for shipping on top of that.. so i'm letf with one option make the molds myself.. otherwise i'll never be able to get myself an armour... i know it's a complicated and really long process, and usually takes allot of time and much better to buy the kit, but with the lack of other options you know.. what can i do.. is there like some reference files i can pring on A3 paper ? or something like that that will help me with the molds ? maybe even larger files with the big molds ? that i can print on larger papers ? (really prefer to buy a completed kit though...) can you help me guys with some of the patterns ? do you have a design of them ?
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