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  1. Are there any upcoming armor parties/gatherings in the GTA or surrounding areas?? (I'm north of the City but can travel around) I have a complete AP kit that just needs some minor tightening/tweaking/fitting that I need done. I'm not 100% sure how to do so was hoping for assistance. Let me know. Thanks All.
  2. Hi All. I finally have all my pieces (except neck seal) and tried everything on. I know I forgot thermal detenator for pic.It seems that some fittings I want tighter and to be more comfortable, etc. How can I locate a "armour party" in the Toronto,. ON area. So, I can get on. With my certification. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Recently got my bucket. But before I do the cooling system I feel I want the bucket to sit lower on my head. I find it more comfortable and can see better when I'm pushing down on the top of it as an example.<br> Also, the green lenses are 1 long piece, any suggestions on how to cut form somewhat? As I've seen padding around the eyes on some buckets. Thanks all for any feedback in advance.
  4. Cesar, yes/si but does it work on android? Or is there an app that does work for androids?
  5. Example, does Trooper talk app work on android. I just don't want to spend 20.89 for the app and then the splitters if it's only for iPhone. Thanks for any assistance in advance
  6. Hi Guys. For a non electronics friendly trooper, how can I add chatter, clicks, and other TK sounds, to my Aker 1506. without having an. iPhone. I have a newer blackberry on android. Tks
  7. A handler is someone that would assist you during a troop. Keeping you safe and out of harms way so to speak. Assisting u thru crowds, maybe helping you down or upstairs, etc. Letting you know who people are, where to go, etc. Safety in numbers. Good Luck.
  8. Over kill but it was my first vid...lol. You know that feeling you get when the box with your build arrives. I was goody like a school girl. You can also check out through the reference docs on the board.
  9. Tkboots.com are fantasic as well and meet the 501st requirements. (Heel, elastic, sole, and no stiching or seam up middle, etc.) Good Luck.
  10. Unfortunately, my build is still not complete but my youngest loves Star Wars so we went down. Here are some pics...apologies in advance, she is Jedi scum but I believe I can turn her to the dark side. After all, I am her father!<br><br> Says my pics are too big. How can I attached?
  11. Hi all. You may have seen but I must share this short vid. If we all could just be good to each other...<br> Enjoy. <br> <a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href='https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nZC4mXaosxM'>https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nZC4mXaosxM</a>
  12. Bonjour mon ami...again. Hi Dave. Not sure but I'm sure Mark from AP would have mentioned, that he does build complete kits ready to wear out of the box. It does carry alonger wait time but just thought I'd throw it out there for you. Merci, Ben.
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