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  1. thats a thread from september. people are just getting delivery of them now.
  2. are you the correct size for an anovos kit? eg five foot 8 to 6 foot 1, mesomorph in shape? if so then any of the vendors in the Getting Started Thread should have suitable armor. ATA is my pick, but you will still wait 10 months. AP in canada is quick. WTF has good reviews. Next: are you honestly going to troop 2x a month? or 5 times a year? if the former, get another kit. if the latter, just wait it out for anovos.
  3. Theres a few...i will see what i can safely share.
  4. Just make it your policy that people identify theselves by name when you sell them zrufd and include paypal or whereever info.
  5. Hi. The special ops detachment will have more info for sure, id join over tjhere. Also, no costume kit is sold as 501st approved, it is all based on construction and how it fits you. I believe that this is a costume with a height requirement so if youre not in the 6 foot range it may nkt work for approval.
  6. not tagging for privacy. we went. we walked. much like the Santa parade there were two crowd cheering insanity moments. Our Prime Minister, then us. Without knowing there was a contest, we won Best Costumes. Troopers supporting Troopers, no matter where they are under the rainbows.
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gx4bo0qi43doawa/IMG_7227.jpg?dl=0 ok this isn't approved...but still fun.
  8. update: the CCG trooped our first Ottawa Pride parade, over a dozen strong, and Won the Best Costumes award.
  9. just save them for your nest suit :-)
  10. crap. please, go through the getting started thread.
  11. Every troop and cause can find a home in the three "c"s of the 501st. Costumes. Charity. Community. Centuri...ok not that. Disney , themself, said the 501st is ok to go for pride events. GLB used to be about sexuality. LGBT became about gender. LGBTQA is still about gender, both for those identifying as LGTBQ, and those who just support their friends', and strangers', rights to identify as whomever they wish. Im in the A camp. Occasionally thats followed by hole. In this regard it means Ally. I feel really dumb for even posting this:. This thread wasnt a discussion about lgtbqa members. It was a call for shout outs to themselves, if they wanted to. OP: BRAVO ZULU for stepping up and out. Enjoy the prides. My garrison marches on the 27th in Ottawa. Ill be there suited up and rainbowed in support.
  12. Stormtroopers, being the face of the franchaise, are the most recognized costume. Being one, interacting in character, brings smiles, cheers, jeers, and tears to fans of all ages. Of this I am proud, and proud to serve.
  13. Heres a question: what backplates will the pack fit over properly?
  14. Its just like that gooey crap that sticks credit cards to letters. Just rub it until it balls up and comes off.
  15. the living force works in mysterious ways. either that guy was there because the skywalker twins need them to escape , or that route was presented to them because they had those tools. Neither of which mattered because all the troopers were under orders to shoot to miss and herd them back the falcon to escape so the tracking beacon would work.
  16. But have you put a headset mic on or a microphone inside near them and seen if the squeltch or not? Mine in the frown drove me bannas.
  17. around the notch too...those cut corners can tear with use.
  18. Just make sure it is backed up really well so no flexing cracks it. Looks good.
  19. The notch is fine but you will need to hide that second seam.
  20. Hey if i can be assigned sandy to carry my100 pound kit all day for me thats great. Nine iron, please....
  21. Uh...the capes weight should sit on top and push it all down because it caps the entire shoulder and not just hangs off the back...? Otherwise id guess hidden latches in the pectorals and suit.
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