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  1. Sadly, due to a couple of tornadoes hitting Ottawa friday afternoon, our weekend of trooping became a weekend of cleanup. I volunteered delivering water and calling a few homebound people to see if they needed anything, luckily most had family intervention help already. My neon suit will hopefully see debut next month at light the night for leukemia.
  2. It can. New friends, the challenge of new venues and helping each other out, the joy of collecting high fives and fist bumps and hugs, the after troop chats and armour parties all help.
  3. The event is this coming saturday the 22nd, and i will have more pics then. This begged to be shared. https://www.dropbox.com/s/s2x0g0riqm6tqvx/20180917_220828.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/flr8vywrx1krrbz/20180917_220817.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/12t2iibsr8w2ax6/20180917_220741.jpg?dl=0
  4. Magnets covered in painters tape or wrapped in cloth. Clamps for the end. And use an inner strip if you have spare material so it doesnt peel away as you flex. And dont overtrim. You will end up with a bucket thats correct, then teeny skinny arms and legs that look out of place. You want comfort, airflow, and consistent sizing.
  5. Welder shield is correct. Mines from home depot or princess auto, as back up. Ata supplies it. When painting using stencils, paint a layer or two of white first and let dry. Then, paint the blue. If using humbrol, it needs. To. Be. Mixed. Crazy. Lots. Well. When you think its stirred enough, stir it more. Then more. Then a bit more. Then paint. I use chopsticks or wooden stir sticks.
  6. blasters are not required for basic approval. Youd be better off buying a hasbro version if you can find it and painting it. or a resin version.
  7. Ovarian cancer walk of hope. So, my mom died 4 years ago from Ovarian Cancer. I trooped an Ovarian Cancer event 10 hours later, with a dozen other members who came out to support us, and make sure i didnt melt down. There are three or 4 every year, always this time of year, and its always a good thing im wearing a bucket at them. This year was at a local park my parents both loved, you can see the long line of people walking. They passed us at the start, our hands got numb from the high fives we were given, hugs were received from survivors and supporters, the organizer asked for me by name, and it was still a good thing i was wearing a bucket. According to the Charity Facebook group they raised 85 000 dollars in Ottawa, and 1.78 Million across Canada. In perspective: Canada is 32ish million people, 2 800 women are diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer each year (an sadly only in mid-advanced to advanced stages due to difficulty in detection), and only 2.1 % of funds donated to Cancer are directed to Ovarian Cancer research. Troopers: tk-69323 - Mark T (FISD Attache CCG) tk-21615 - Jenny M tk-44460 (from Forteresse Imperiale) - Frank G. sl(tk)-13550 - Derek M. ti(tk)-28401 - Luc N (FISD Attache CCG) dz-29092 - Jeff G ts-8852 (also photos) - Stephane B. ig-20843 - Robert M. tr-12055 (handler and photographer) - Natalie M.
  8. Count Dooku was the officiant. It was fun. https://www.dropbox.com/s/s09cbji25bkvycw/.facebook_1535074054434.jpg?dl=0
  9. You are booking a room. Group only means your room will be in the same area as others in the same group. With the increase threefold in prices that week i doubt it presents a savings, just location.
  10. Was it csncelled due to error a day later?
  11. true. i honestly didnt remember so had to check. they were after. but only because I asked everyone after seeing Tonys and hes got centurions up in his...everything.
  12. you can, but you will run out of space fast. use a third party like dropbox, or google, and just link them here.
  13. -novus 1. then 3. then 2. then 1 again. always in that order. works the best. -jewellers rouge CAREFULLY. -mcguires auto polish? you need something abrasive.but controllable, like a fingers worth like using shoe polish. or a dremel polishing wheel with polish. wear PPG with spinning wheels.
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