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  1. I always go by the rule that velcro is not structural, nor easily repeatable. On shin closures, sure. Chest to back connect, yes. But I glued it in place so nothing moves. Snaps lock things in to the same place every time. I can put my tk on in the dark and know its in the right position, and snaps are easier for handlers to help with. Nothing on the inside counts though. If velcro is your thing, go for it.
  2. Find your local garrison, and find out of someone there builds tks. Save some coin, get it properly fitted, and do some work on it yourself.
  3. In the alpha 75 it was dubbed a feeding nipple. No other explaination ever came up for it. Could be the pressure release, or a hard comms connection in vehicles.
  4. Damn. I cant make a Deathtrooper out of that. It will clash with the little pumpkin.
  5. Do you run anti v anti p software thats shared between devices? A vpn? Ive absentmindedly clicked on bookmarkz when im vpn'd to school and all hell breaks loose.
  6. im using ie11 and have no issues on 64bit windows 10.
  7. Nice project. If you are sculpting in clay i presume you plan on eventually pulling abs? The mandibles seem too thick for an ANH Stunt helmet, proportionately.
  8. An early drive, random rail crossing stops, a fun group, many puppies, 2 or 3 shrieking kids, not too much rain.... Ok it was soggy, but people still lined the route. Always fun walking a community that loves a parade, attracts groups from other communitiez, but i could do without the monster truck. Tr-63613 paolo u. Tk-54218 eric b. (Id- 11861) jocasta bridget l. (Tk)dz-69323 mark t. (ia ccg) Id-46221 matthew b.
  9. Awesome. But, dont you need permission to take pics or videos of folks on troops?
  10. Exactly. Let them encounter us in small groups so everyone is in a great picture, instead of crowded photographic messes.
  11. Every year our current mayor opens city hall to ... Hundreds for sure, couple thousand maybe, families, for pre-samhain trick ot treats. Witch handing out apples a la disney, predatory bird show, dozens of costumed volunteers, snacks and hot chocolate indoors. I decided last minute to attend, literally in 30 seconds, cuz i needed fun in an otherwise crap day. No troop pics, we all arrived at different times and with so much ground to cover, and so many people, I stumbled about on my own. 90 minutes in 3 degrees C, 39 F? , and didnt want to stop. This was far too much fun. Huge line for the treat tent. Not 1 scared kid, everyone in a good mood and smiles galore. Thriller and time warp on the speakers. Sooo many high fives...5 little yodas, a vader, a kylo and praetorian guard, I was all ready in my costume too, hoping Vader liked it... Vader was not a fan..there was a red flash, then i had a terrible headache...
  12. 0200 start, 0330 kids arrival, 0500 boarding plane to disneyworld. 125 kids, all got.new shirts and track suits and hats and bags and flight.to Disney, rides, food, and a souvenir. Accompanied by volunteers and medical staff, for a 20 hour day. Didnt take many pics due to kids. I lost count of high fives. At troops like these i tend to wander and stand by myself:. Many, many, families approach for pics because their child is intimidated by large groups, especially when troopers stary to run over to join. It prolongs the 2 second picture, and, really, nobody needs to be in every shot. I know Vader understands, as do a few troopers, given my demophobia and panic attacks. tk-69323 - mark t tk-15269 - murray tk-45526 - stephanie c. tk-4524 - corey a. tk-6050 - john m. ti-28401 - luc n sl-13550 - derek m. sl-2928 - jody h. ds-3097 - thea h. Jedi Master Cindu.
  13. At 18 you can start handling. Find your local garrison. Save for a few months. Or a year. Dont buy the cheapest thing you can find, it will be regretted. Start with a reserve pilot or crewman. Then save for a TK.
  14. i kept mine separate simply for airflow. its nice to wear a tshirt and shorts in your FOTK.
  15. This was my 4th year for this event. A friend from university had leukemia and fought it for 4 years before leaving us. The crowd loves the lightsabers and ive never heard anybody question there are troops at this event. We mingle, pose, and head out to the route the walkers take, and give them a lightsaber salute arch to pass through. Last night it took about 11 minutes for everyone walking to pass by, most with their own lit lantern style luminaries, and many saying "thanks" to us for the salute:. Like we are the heroes at events like these. I opted to light up my armour:. The pathway is usually darkened for this event but, of course, not this time. You can kinda make out the el wire, and dozens took pics as they walked by. I tried a new idea:. Orange glowsticks folded into ribbons. It worked, and will be repeated. Ill get some ids for these after school.
  16. I think i fixed it. Havent used pbucket since it shut us down.
  17. Heh drat. I was hoping for a doctor who or back to the future cosplay.
  18. Looks good. Im always concerned by gaskets not taking up all the space in the forearms. Everyone makes them smaller the armour.
  19. We were such a hit, and someone might have said he has no life and would love a 0300 troop, so weve been invited next wednesday for the flight send off. Not sure i will have pics sue to the secure building and minors, but its an honour to get to meet the kids this year.
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