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  1. All the shore trooper info is at the spec ops detachment.
  2. It'll take you a while to build. Order the imperial boots combo. Comfortable as can be. Neckseal from extreme racing....Google extreme racing stormtrooper and they have the original one piece and the neck seal. Two piece...any black on black compression suit. I wore a compression t shirt and long pants. Kept the temp down a little.
  3. Jim's is fiberglass. Needs surface prep, paint, etc. kB is abs. Based on alpha suits, will need seams filled and paint. New anovos is supposedly a paint free build unless modified. Time on target 12-14 months buy might be worth the wait.
  4. Yeah, give the sniper check to the most visible. I like armies that do that.
  5. Won't the bolts hold the ears in place properly? If they need to be glued just put the bolt through backwards and tighten down until they are in the right spot...id tape the outer ear to protect the glossy white. Nevermind. No screws for ei or higher. Wow. Glue , tape across then clamp.
  6. I use a five button greeting card USB module for my Jawa. Ten bucks.
  7. No prob. If you poke through one of the hero builds someone probably has pics of it, or ukswraths anovos build.
  8. Since you're shorter than the kits designed for they will all have their challenges. I'd grab an anovos kit so the helm and armour match.
  9. If youre adding a shim, it will need filling and painting. No way around it. Big shim on inside to glue to thigh pieces, another piece on top to level it out, two seams to Bondo and paint the thighs. Front and back cover strips as normal.
  10. It's just bend abs strips. Like 2cm wide and heat and bend around a metal screwdriver so you've got 2cm overlap to hold the webbing. Not mandatory for stunt builds.
  11. Just prop the ab plate up on pillows except the hammer point. Or make webbing snap plates and glue on with e6000.
  12. I've got two snaps in front and three at the overlap point in back. My belt doesn't pop off. I've had the abs ammo part pop off the canvas when a kid grabbed it. Holds holstered blaster just fine. If a belt is popping it's likely a tad tight and being strained by the back half sliding around.
  13. You want two part epoxy. Bondo I'd a filler not a glue. Rough each surface for best adhesion. You could also drill a small hole in each and pin with thin straight wire to keep in place and help adhesion.
  14. I've gotten that ticket. Not saying what I was wearing.
  15. sylverbard

    Swag Toss

    Are those the cookies that will make me fail my drug tests at school?
  16. They likely had to pay tax out of profits and got burned with the tiered pricing . Usually pre-order sales are full pop plus tax.
  17. Shipping they are working on. See if it still says you can cancel for a full refund up until the shipping notice.
  18. sylverbard

    Be safe

    More than Tokyo earthquake?
  19. Hydra does.Take a good look again at the first order logo...Hydra, top view.
  20. In most states and provinces there's a traffic violation for operating a vehicle while improperly attired / capable of driving safely. Its the law they use for ticketing people who crash wearing high heels, kiss boots, wedges, car packed on moving day and the seats all the way up and you can barely move feet, etc. Don't ruin the armour driving in it.
  21. That's why I used clips. One side stays open, easy on, clipped. even without it opens another 50 percent front and back and I can put it on. With longer hair in a smart braid it would just take another second of wiggling.
  22. I still think you need to rethink. Nobody I know / seen has ever needed that much hardware to connect front to back and hang shoulders and biceps from. The bridges are supposed to float in back and at higher levels are held in place buy the white elastic. I've got...two parachute clips, sixteen inches of industrial Velcro, sixteen inches of white webbing, eight inches of black webbing, and half a stick of hot glue, holding chest to back, shoulder bells, biceps, and forearms. All on piece. Nothing moves. Webbing doesn't flex if it's glued close enough to the middle. The parachute clips in the middle don't flex and the strap to the bells is glued between webbing from chest to back.
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