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  1. This was my 4th year for this event. A friend from university had leukemia and fought it for 4 years before leaving us. The crowd loves the lightsabers and ive never heard anybody question there are troops at this event. We mingle, pose, and head out to the route the walkers take, and give them a lightsaber salute arch to pass through. Last night it took about 11 minutes for everyone walking to pass by, most with their own lit lantern style luminaries, and many saying "thanks" to us for the salute:. Like we are the heroes at events like these. I opted to light up my armour:. The pathway is usually darkened for this event but, of course, not this time. You can kinda make out the el wire, and dozens took pics as they walked by. I tried a new idea:. Orange glowsticks folded into ribbons. It worked, and will be repeated. Ill get some ids for these after school.
  2. I think i fixed it. Havent used pbucket since it shut us down.
  3. Heh drat. I was hoping for a doctor who or back to the future cosplay.
  4. Looks good. Im always concerned by gaskets not taking up all the space in the forearms. Everyone makes them smaller the armour.
  5. We were such a hit, and someone might have said he has no life and would love a 0300 troop, so weve been invited next wednesday for the flight send off. Not sure i will have pics sue to the secure building and minors, but its an honour to get to meet the kids this year.
  6. Troops like this are the backbone of the experience. Sure there are cooler and more entertaining troops, but its the events that make you stand a little taller, tweak the Armour fit just so, and genuinely get to thank the other, uncostumed, champions of childrens events, that matter. All the volunteers, organisers, wait staff, outdoor marshalls, people at parks at 0600 setting up for the volunteer arrival at 0700 ... List goes on. Bravo Zulu to everyone who answers the call to add a smile to someone elses face.
  7. Dreams take flight is a cooperative initiative between Air Canada and Disney Parks--land and world. Basically, a plane full of kids of various challenging backgrounds, escorts, and team members, takes off at 0400 (zero dark oclock), destination Disney. They land, split into fire teams, invade the park, ride rides, laugh, smile, and likely tire the adults out. Each kid picks a souvenir from the gift shop:. They are actually forbidden from bringing money, its all free. The Gala event is a posh dinner and dance with silent auction to fundraise for the final total. I want to say 20 or 30 tables of 8, always sold out. The cost of each Dream Flight is about 190 000 Cdn. This was our 3rd year at the gala. It is a must troop event:. I handle and take pics at it every year so other troopers get a chance to experience the spotlight. https://www.dropbox.com/s/i1q1un7heyg1k4t/DSC00684.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ojcu8jxv04zw17/DSC00672.JPG?dl=0 Troopers: TK-15269 murray g TK-21615 jenny m Tk-4524 corey a Tk-27283 rob s Tk69323 mark t (handler and photographer)
  8. Blasters are not required for basic approval. These shouldnt pass anything theyre so flawed.
  9. thats my point. Trooper helping Trooper is not Trooper helping lighten troopers wallet with garbage. If their CO knows about his activities (and the 5000.00 usd plus shipping hes made on 85 sales, assuming both threads are correct), then perhaps a discussion about how saying they are a 501st member, and using a 501st set to advertise a sale, gives the impression that the items are of 501st quality, if such a measuring tape existed for basic approval. I am surprised that he doesnt have 85 poor seller notes.
  10. According to his ad, tipkryton is a 501st member. Anybody know him? Hes sold 37 of these things. Ugh.
  11. The gaskets are wrong on the arms. Theres a huge bicept gap sticking out. The gasket should attach all around. May just need a seam let out, or entirely new gasket. I doubt this was ever approved competently. Vote to avoid.
  12. Looks good. Investigate strapping options, talk to your local garrison builders to avoid mistakes, and have fun. Build to level 3 out of the box.
  13. Welcome. Armour isnt cheap. Dont buy cheap armour is a safe rule as well. 1. Find your local garrison. Someone there has hands on experience cutting and gluing plastic. They will help, and you need the local garrison anyways. 2. Stormtroopers are the omnipresent, most publicly recognized suit. Consider it a goal, but dont consider it a goal blocked by finances. Start with an officer costume. Or crewman. Get into the 501st, open all the member only doors, and then put some credits aside for that goal. Welcome!
  14. Simple answer is www.501st.com, and in the community drop down, find your local garrison, and sign up on their forum. Get out to an event as a handler, or whatever they suggest for recruits. Peruse the getting started pages here for stormtrooper info, or the Detachment area of 501st.com, and sign up where your first costume fits.
  15. Early morning troop, always a hit with the youngsters. Our two TKs literally did not even reach the event area before being almost tackled by a young fan. LOTS of giggles, high fives, bumps, and a pony. https://www.dropbox.com/s/240g1yn9ofm7v2z/.facebook_1538610334243.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/o708woqqk2k345m/.facebook_1538610464095.jpg?dl=0 (TK)Dz-69323 mark t TK-15269 murray g TK-21615 jenny m
  16. Sadly, due to a couple of tornadoes hitting Ottawa friday afternoon, our weekend of trooping became a weekend of cleanup. I volunteered delivering water and calling a few homebound people to see if they needed anything, luckily most had family intervention help already. My neon suit will hopefully see debut next month at light the night for leukemia.
  17. It can. New friends, the challenge of new venues and helping each other out, the joy of collecting high fives and fist bumps and hugs, the after troop chats and armour parties all help.
  18. The event is this coming saturday the 22nd, and i will have more pics then. This begged to be shared. https://www.dropbox.com/s/s2x0g0riqm6tqvx/20180917_220828.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/flr8vywrx1krrbz/20180917_220817.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/12t2iibsr8w2ax6/20180917_220741.jpg?dl=0
  19. Magnets covered in painters tape or wrapped in cloth. Clamps for the end. And use an inner strip if you have spare material so it doesnt peel away as you flex. And dont overtrim. You will end up with a bucket thats correct, then teeny skinny arms and legs that look out of place. You want comfort, airflow, and consistent sizing.
  20. Welder shield is correct. Mines from home depot or princess auto, as back up. Ata supplies it. When painting using stencils, paint a layer or two of white first and let dry. Then, paint the blue. If using humbrol, it needs. To. Be. Mixed. Crazy. Lots. Well. When you think its stirred enough, stir it more. Then more. Then a bit more. Then paint. I use chopsticks or wooden stir sticks.
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