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  1. fans. baby shampoo. thin coat. liquid dish soap. fans. if its gonna be sweaty wrap something around your brow to soak up some of the sweat. fans.
  2. if the wireless mic is at your mouth it is less of an issue. if its attached to the bucket and a few CM away, you need to turn it up to be useful, which echoes and causes feedback from the aker as well if it is too loud. even my wired aker mic hums a bit if i have the amp turned up too loud. and its in my chest plate less than a foot from my mic: 99% of the time it doesn't cause any feedback.
  3. double prince alberts. j/k. garters.
  4. pic with it on before you do a c-section? this means you would need to do the same to the kidney and butt connection.
  5. what are you trying to find out? here is the simple answer. corporations don't talk about existing licenses because they are legally bound NOT to discuss them. it gets them sued. corporations are not obligated to publish terms of existing, or former, licenses, for the same reason. i do not know how the Freedom of Info act works in the USA, but in Canada, any citizens may make a request under our Access to Info act regarding aspects of anything. For example, if you wanted to see the original discussions held by Canada, the RCMP, and Disney, surrounding the licensing of the RCMP Mountie image by Disney, you could make a request to those agencies in Canada (the RCMP and whichever department had the discussions at the time), formally or informally, and they will respond with any information not excluded from public view: personal info, confidential sources, or something already slated to be released in the near future. honestly, why on earth would a corporation discuss legal contracts with [no offence] Joe Nobody. if you have IP infringement info or concerns, contact their legal department with evidence. If you want to buy them out, you should have people to do that for you, tbh. if you just want to gripe, contact customer care. in all cases, do it on paper, send it registered, and expect nothing :-)
  6. sylverbard

    What to do?

    there are patents. LFL and Disney own them. Anovos has a licence, Rubies used to. the rest of us blatantly, willingly, unforgivingly, violate IP daily. with tacit permission from TPTB to do so, because of the 501st visions of Costumes, Community, and Charity. :-)
  7. dimg.communications@disney.com <dimg.communications@disney.com>; https://dpecp.disney.com/ http://disneypermissions.force.com/WelcomeIntakePage
  8. Hi. I think you will find a Tie Pilot can be the same price or more than your TK. But as others have said, start with the boots, suit, belt and hat, and get approved as a reserve pilot. and a crewman. then gather the TI parts. If he wants ti stand out, do a 181st pilot. less armor, different suit and cogs, so no three-bie costumes for free, but there are a lot less 181st pilots.
  9. anovos, jim tripon, random asian maker 6 which is likely recast anovos. all pretty good, all need lots of work to complete, pick your options.
  10. Awesome! And, even then, the inner nitty gritty isn't assessed. just the outward appearance of baddassery doing good. ;-)
  11. no need. if it cannot be seen, typically, it cannot be judged. if you want more accuracy, sure, replace them. i kept the line 24 snaps, i dislike my hard belt falling off.
  12. 2 ways. 1 -get two yellow pencils. lay one on the mandible (jaw) next to the cheek. use the other pencil to draw a line so you know where the spacing is. photocopy the sticker set and cut out the space between the sticker areas, and use it as a guide to place your stickers. it is ok to be wonky a tiny bit on the stripe to stripe space, just try to be very careful on the top and bottom edge so it looks awesome. 2 - buy a stencil. tape them on. paint a layer of white paint on and let dry. this will prevent the blue paint from bleeding. then, mix the blue paint. mix it again. shake it up. mix it again. shake the living bejebus out of it, it separates more easily than the trade federation. then, paint the blue stripes. let dry for 2 days. paint the blue again after repeating the mixing strategy. you will have great, lvl 3 tube stripes.
  13. length is less important than width. how big around are you, and are you going for more than basic approval? I am 5 foot 8, 170 pounds, long legs and arms, short torso. 33 inseam and if i was an inch taller in the legs theyd be perfect. midesectionwise, I have no shims, and am about 100 cm around the navel (39 inches). any bigger and you will need shims, or have black spaces. i would suggest AM for taller buklier folks, and AP has extended ab and kidney sections for more robust tummies.
  14. i am 5 foot 8 and about 170 pounds. If i was 5 foot 9 with the extra inch in my femur, ATA would fit me perfectly. It and others are just designed around the ideal Tk from canon sources. When trooping I am usually the shortest (or tallest) and I proudly reply "I am the correct height, actually. Come get a pic." to the obvious, over asked, question.
  15. looks good. i will suggest what I always suggest: - the helmet (bucket) is honestly the first, middle, and last thing the crowd sees. the Tk bucket is THE iconic face of the franchise. with that in mind, make it perfect. - with regards to comfort: ensure cover strips do not extend beyond that which they are covering. trim them so they are flush-ish. in both cases, I always suggest finding a Centurion Application thread for your armour, and compare photos. More work done out of the box, less anguish later undoing or redoing small things. as far as basic approval, you should be fine :-)
  16. Rob is likely busy with work. He only makes a few suits a year. A few troopers in the tall enough to be wookie zone hete have am.
  17. some days i wish there really were internet police.
  18. o. m. f. g. i just threw up in my mouth a bit. "meets 501st regulations" so many rivets. and 2 inch cover strips. and bubbly armour. and... and... and ...
  19. i was literally about to post that. "oh look its the "walk backwards to hide the direction you are really going DP and its easier whan you can literally twist your legs around to do it."
  20. you should be able to set a new profile pic and cover photo in the accounts -> profile area, found under the three horizonal lines in the upper right.
  21. well, for an ANH suit hes wearing it like ESB. one suit, one kit. anybody recognize the kit?
  22. this kinda bugs me: they should line up and be a flat line not a bump. also this, simply for security that the butt plate doesnt wing out and snap. connect it on each side to the kidney plate. as do these: id take some return edge off the chest piece, the edges of front to back should be flush-er, and someones mentionned the drop boxes i think already. these few things just distract my eye.
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