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  1. Shim the backs so the front design features are still perfect. If you have to shim front and back then you'll have to scuplt a bit. Sadly shims means seam work and paint.
  2. Yeah...just lower the chest an inch.
  3. One is supposed to be larger. Accuracy.
  4. See I'm afraid that when I destroy the gloves I'll have to turn them and the latex guards into death troopers. And I wear my nomex all the time in public :-)
  5. Yeah...duck that. What part of Ontario are you in?
  6. Our Kylo hides the kr voice changer in the scarf. Sounds great. I'd think anything in the helm would sound...squirrelly.
  7. Easy. The officer isn't going to run into combat ripping his pack off. Strap under. The tanks are going to run into combat ripping their packs off using quick release straps. Strap over.
  8. Well, if you mix and match abs you will have to paint. And Bondo. And if at the end of the day it fits you all over the 501st will welcome it. And you'll get to brag about how much work it was and how awesome it looks. There are better armours for bigger troopers. Am 2.0, rt-mod. Might still need an inch or two but not near as much. If you can sell the anovos and upgrade a kit for yourself you may be happier in the end.
  9. Nomex flight gloves. Won't be plain. Latex won't glue to them. You could glue Velcro to the latex and sew Velcro to the nomex. Or e6000 Velcro to the nomex. Or just keep the latex on rubber gloves for indoor or cooler troops. Nomex and plastic for outdoors.
  10. Elbow grease. You need to sand between coats anyway, this will just make his bucket shine more.
  11. Link? Nothing is 501st approved. Or retired. Unless it's sold or the owner doesn't troop in a year. I'd ask his height and weight and his tk id.
  12. Elmer's super glue. Black bottle with red sides.
  13. What glue did you use? E6000 is the safest, but you need to glue, tape in place, then clamp. Its also easy to clean glue that slips out after dry. Crazy glue, zapagap, is fast, strong, and more unforgiving if you goof. Abs cement is also fast, strong, and permanent.
  14. It's injection mold plastic. Chinese knockoff. At least it's an American site. Anybody local ?
  15. Tk is the letter code for a stormtrooper. Esb is empire strikes back. Anh is a new hope, rotj is return of the Jedi.
  16. All the shore trooper info is at the spec ops detachment.
  17. It'll take you a while to build. Order the imperial boots combo. Comfortable as can be. Neckseal from extreme racing....Google extreme racing stormtrooper and they have the original one piece and the neck seal. Two piece...any black on black compression suit. I wore a compression t shirt and long pants. Kept the temp down a little.
  18. Jim's is fiberglass. Needs surface prep, paint, etc. kB is abs. Based on alpha suits, will need seams filled and paint. New anovos is supposedly a paint free build unless modified. Time on target 12-14 months buy might be worth the wait.
  19. Yeah, give the sniper check to the most visible. I like armies that do that.
  20. Won't the bolts hold the ears in place properly? If they need to be glued just put the bolt through backwards and tighten down until they are in the right spot...id tape the outer ear to protect the glossy white. Nevermind. No screws for ei or higher. Wow. Glue , tape across then clamp.
  21. I use a five button greeting card USB module for my Jawa. Ten bucks.
  22. No prob. If you poke through one of the hero builds someone probably has pics of it, or ukswraths anovos build.
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