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  1. Does anyone now the length of a real MG34 cocking handle tube? Basically, how far it sticks out of gun from the receiver. Diameter of the handle would be helpful as well. My attempts at scratch building one using pipe above aren't working. I was going to attempt a 3D printed one. Other news I've started printing the SE-14 with the awesome files from Glen! I'll be starting a post on that blaster forum page. I have all the small parts done. Next is the main grip housing and barrel / body. Yet more news: My Blast FX electronics were fixed and are hopefully s
  2. First off, sorry to highjack this thread with all the awesome helo talk.... We'll do it in PM. Glen, Any reason why the stl. files are doubled for each piece? Thanks
  3. Hey Jonas!!! Ya, I can't wait to get his thing done and off my build desk. This, plus 2 E11's. a ton of plastic models, a brand new 3D printer to learn about, has got my hobby mental level maxed out! I was going to start on a scout, which is by far my favorite Trooper, but after watching Mando the wife turns to me and says "Why don't you make a Boba outfit?" After I laughed I asked "seriously?" and she said YUP! Sooooooo....... I have started the research, joined the Bounty Hunters guild, and have started ordering (small things for now) parts. This will b
  4. Ouch! Unarmed in something green...... LOL. Were you a tech? That's how I started in RCAF. AVN Technician on Bell 412's. I hear ya. I'm turning 49 soon and every time I fly on our helicopters and hoist I feel OOOOOLLLLLLLDDDDDDDDDDDD File Downloaded. Not going to print and sell at all. Don't wanna get in that game. Once I get everything done I'll print it off and have and post it here. Cheers Glen!
  5. Thanks! Still lots to do. Once it’s done I have a couple 3D printed E11’s to assemble. One will get the other Blast FX kit installed. I will then build a blaster “charging” and storage rack for display similar to one in security room on the DS. I will make it a multipurpose SE-14 / E11 / DLT charging station. With the 3D printed SE-14 I just got the files for, I will have a nice little arsenal. Pew pew!!!
  6. I wish we had OH-58’s!!! We have next to no recon or attack capability. I’m a Warrant Officer in the RCAF. Flight Engineer on CH-149 Cormorants, currently flying SAR in BC. No, not my regular uniform....
  7. I hear ya. I'm turning 49 soon and every time I fly on our helicopters and hoist I feel OOOOOLLLLLLLDDDDDDDDDDDD File Downloaded. Not going to print and sell at all. Don't wanna get in that game. Once I get everything done I'll print it off and have and post it here. Cheers Glen!
  8. Okay, so I just realized it's almost exactly a year since I started this thread. Time for an update I guess.... I think I am about 80% done. Since posting, the world went to crap and I moved across the country and started a new job in the RCAF. Lots happening. I'll post a ton of pics here about the DLT. A few points: I'm trying to decide where to place the displays supplied in the BlastFx kit. The scope and rounds remaining displays. I don't like the round counter displayed on the bottom of gun as this doesn't seem logical. I may go my own way and install it on the
  9. Is there anything you can't do Glen? This is Awesome! I was also wondering why no-one did the curved handles. I just bought a resin 3D printer and haven't printed anything yet. This may be 2nd after a bunch of baby yoda's for family members... The quality should be great on my resin printer. Just to confirm, can I download this and print for my own use? I don't mind downloading and paying for files (going rate is about $25), but some don't include scope (easy to find a real one apparently) and as stated, the handles are flat. I won't use this for troo
  10. Anyone know the actual length of the SE-14R? I am looking for files to 3D print this blaster, but they are all stating different lengths. Some of the file state they are for the 1/6 toy figure. But when I try and scale up the actual length it doesn't make sense. From the pic above with the scope length (approx 11"), the overall length looks in the ballpark of about 12.5"? The files also don't seem to have the greeblies on the left side of blaster. Anyone have a direct link to a very good 3D file for purchase? Cheers!
  11. Hmmmmmm. Weird. My SDS came with the aluminum securing straps screwed on. However, they were wrong size and shape. I know SDS sells different versions / detail levels of the armor, so maybe this came with one of those? But on their website all the TD's look to have the aluminum strap. Do you know how old this armor is? Maybe they changed it in the production run at some point? You have a few options: You can replace the entire tube with ABS or similar pipe if you find right diameter. You can simply fill the holes with ABS paste, sand smooth, and repaint t
  12. Hey! You are off to a good start. Lastly, you have a bit of flared-trooper butt going on . The front corners of posterior plate are flared out slightly and are overlapping the belt. Easy to fix.
  13. Hey Thomas! Welcome ! If you have any questions about the SDS don’t hesitate to contact myself or Jonas (LEGO). The suit can be made into very nice armor with about the same or less work than other suits. It’s put together already! I have some extra hardware I may be able to send you. Just let me know. good luck! Dave
  14. Glen, as always, you are awesome! Buckets off to you! Some links I had found in forums were broken. I'm going to dig out my iPod and put some sound loops together over my XMas leave. See how they sound in the Icomm
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