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  1. Congrats and well done! EI and Centurion are not that much more work.
  2. Sorry, haven't been in the forums for a while. Glen answered best (as always!!!!!)
  3. Hey Jacob, Glen linked to my build of the SDS. I basically ordered the suit as it was the first thing in my google search and was very naive. It is expensive, but without having personally compared it to other manufacturers (except quick side by sides at various troops) I would say it is worth the money to me. It is accurate in shape (as far as I can tell) and seems to be the proper off-white cream colour. There is a noticeable difference when I stand beside someone in a stark white TK armour. SDS does come pre-assembled but is not approvable out of the box. You have to almost take apart all the pieces (not that hard), possibly trim a few, then reglue. Depending on your skill level it is very easy to do and there really isn't that much that is required. I believe the only downside is the added cost and having to order some things like belt fabric pieces, rivets, screws, other hardware, etc. Other makers may include this stuff already? In my opinion it is better than having to trim individual pieces out of plastic sheets. However, some other manufacturers sell all the pieces and all you have to do is glue them together. So basically, the choice is up to you. If I had to do this again, I probably would have gone for another manufacturer and start from scratch simply due to cost alone. Let me know if you need anything. Dave
  4. Hey Greg! I was in the same boat. I ordered SDS before knowing the history of "issues" with the company. That being said, the SDS kit is actually very good. I'm not one for the politics of the controversy. I receive a ton of compliments on my armor. It will take some work, but I believe it is less hassle than having to scribe and cut parts out of ABS sheets. Let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to your build.
  5. Thanks for the shout-out Glen! Here to help if yo have questions.
  6. Sorry to hijack the thread, but I am designing and printing a helmet interior kit based off your first photo with the black background. Not the blueprint version. You can see my progress in the 3D printer forums:
  7. Finally got around to updating my troop log. Only 12 so far. Darn COVID!
  8. Finally getting around to loading pics! Toronto Fan Expo: Cruise for the cure, Brampton, Ont: Military Family Resource Center Welcome Event, Ottawa Comicon, Belleville, Ont with my good friend Matt. Bad Wookie disguise... Dreams take flight, Ottawa: Video Games On The hill, Ottawa, Gander Family day: Avalon Expo: 9 Wing Gander Winter Carnival: Gander Geek Fest: Wicked pic of me done by a local photographer:
  9. Well, I finally got it done! I was supposed to get this ink in march for my 50th, but the artist had to cancel. So we rebooked for May 4th, OF COURSE!
  10. Thanks for the continued shouts out Glen! Matt, if you need any help with the SDS, let me know. After all was said and done, i think reworking the SDS was much less work than an unfinished kit that you need to trim from plastic sheets and assemble from scratch. Yes, updating needs to be done to get it approved, but I get many compliments on my armour. Good luck, and I can’t wait to see the final product!
  11. And some final pics for this thread. Until I can build my blaster rack, I needed a way to display the DLT. I bought some padded tool U shaped hooks from hardware store, drilled them into conveniently spaced wall studs, and hung the DLT. I now am sourcing a good case for it so I can bring it to troops without raising eye brows in hotel lobbies...
  12. YouTube video link is on page 2. 4 videos in a playlist. Commentary is last and longest one.
  13. I’ll do a build thread for that.Not sure if I’ll keep it here or on another forum page, but I will link the two together. I’d like to get it done within a shorter build period so it doesn’t drag on for ever like this did. Just running through ideas in my head at the moment on how it will look. I would like another DLT to fill up the rack, but there is no way I’m doing another filament printed one like this! Too much work. The second DLT would strictly be for display, not trooping. I did find very good files to 3D print a MG-34. That is where I got the cocking handle file for this build. However, I only have a small resin printer at the moment, so I would have to cut it into lots of smaller bits, and it will eat up allot of resin. I would also have to source tubing of correct diameter for barrel shroud, etc. The wife has authorized the purchase of a larger resin printer, and my 50th B-Day is coming up, so you never know….
  14. Yup! That is my inspiration. I have that page bookmarked. I was going to make a combo blaster rack. I currently have my DLT, 4 E-11’s (various stages of doneness) and my SE-14 and will want to put them on the same display. Kind of like it would be in a security room. A grab and go rack. All my wood working tools are in my unheated shed at the moment, otherwise I would start. At -20 C there is no way I am working out there!
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