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  1. Holy cow! You’ve come a long way. I don’t check back for a couple weeks and you’re almost done. Everything looks amazing. You’re doing a great job of following everyone’s advice, and taking it nice and slow. Many people don’t do that. Keep up the good work. Ive started on V2 of my interior helmet costume bits. Hopefully will be done soon.
  2. Awesome work so far. You can basically use any belt. Just try and find a good black one. Mine is a 2 1/2 “ wide black nylon “tactical” belt. Works great.
  3. Thanks Jonas! How’s your build?
  4. I contacted Eelco at 3D-Props and he sent me assembly diagrams! I just have to marry up the parts in my pics to the diagrams. So, big thank you to him. I have done some minor sanding but had to stop. I'm in the RCAF and was just notified that I am being posted (moved) from Ontario to BC. I leave in a month, wife and household goods to follow this summer. I'll manage to squeeze in 2 more troops before I go, but this build will have to be put on hold for about a month. I won't be bringing my armour with me as I will be busy there. I WILL bring the DLT to work on during my down time in the military barracks.
  5. Peter, Finally got my 3d-Prop DLT a few days ago and started a build thread. Did you receive any assembly instructions with yours? I'm a handy and smart guy, but this has way more parts than I thought it did. I think your thread is absolutely fantastic, and you did some very good upgrades with your gun, but do you have anymore detailed shots or tips? I'm just going to start sanding for now to make some process. I will be using this thread as a very good resource. Thanks, Dave
  6. Info from another DLT thread that I didn't want to hijack. From Joseph: I found that this product really helped. Some serious sanding with 100 grit, then a few light coats, then more sanding, more coats until I got down to 320 grit. Came out smooth as silk. One thing that will come in VERY handy is silicone sanding sheets. You can bend, twist and do what you like to it and it will not tear. It's a bit pricier than regular sandpaper, but well worth it. To find it just Google 3M Sandblaster Ultra Flexible Sanding Sheets. I used just one sheet to do an entire TK build and a blaster build and it's still good. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Rust-oleum-Gray-Filler-Primer/33616414?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=0&wl13=4384&adid=22222222227022202608&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=80421617929&wl4=pla-177653161249&wl5=9010526&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=8175035&wl11=local&wl12=33616414&veh=sem&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI97vfyvWM5wIVh5WzCh2q8wkmEAQYAyABEgJ7JfD_BwE Sanding sheets: https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/3m-pro-grade-precision-ultra-flexible-sanding-sheets/6000195545072 Thanks Joseph. Appreciate the info. I have a similar paint product in the garage (I think). If not I will pick some up. I was wondering what the best way to tackle the initial sanding would be. Because there are allot of flat surfaces and 90 degree edges. I may wrap the sheets around regular sponge sanding blocks or wood. This should help to prevent me sanding more in one area than another because of uneven finger pressure, thereby creating a "wavy" effect. Did you use an electric palm sander on anything? Would it be overkill? I think it would speed up the process, reduce sanding fatigue, and it has a flat surface to prevent pressure points. I haven't touched the plastic yet so I don't know how hard it is to sand. Gotta check my paint spraying mask to make sure the filters are good (safety first!). Also, if anyone one has experience with this build, and a step by step for assembly, that would be awesome! I'm not sure if I should contact Eelco to see if he has anything like this. It's funny. There are a ton of How To guides for armor out there, but I haven't found anything for blasters... Could this be the first....?
  7. I'm bumping this info to my thread so I don't hijack poor Jakes thread. Thanks Joseph!
  8. Mario and Glen! Always good to hear from you. We’re having a snowstorm here this weekend, so will start on the sanding. Waiting to hear what some of the parts are so I can label and plan the build. Once again, will install the Blast FX system. Once this blaster is done, then I can rip apart my SDS E-11 and install the Blast FX in it.
  9. Hello everyone! After a grueling wait I received my 3D-Props DLT-19! I'll be starting with some photo's of everything you get, and will then go onto the build. Along with the basic build of the gun I will be adding the Blast-FX system that I purchase a few months ago. So, this should get interesting. Before I begin I do have to put in one disclaimer, and a review on this build. I am a military Flight Engineer Instructor and when we instruct new students, we have ways of providing new students what we call Constructive Criticism, or Points to Improve Upon. It is a way of pointing out errors to students in hopes that they improve on future flying lessons. It is not meant to bash students, but it is an honest way to try and help them. I will use the same technique to address some issues I had with 3D-Props in hopes that they (Eelco Sanders) can improve their customer service. I write this fully knowing this is a one man operation, and that we should expect some delays in a garage business. At some points in the last 7 months I was truly frustrated with 3D-Props, and held off writing a nasty review, in case Eelco decided to cancel my order and keep my money: POLICY:I DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS OR CANCELLATION I will be going onto Etsy and his website to provide an honest review of my experience with 3D-Props so that other potential customers know what they are getting into. I then cooled down and went back to my training. I decided to wait until I got my package and then write this review. I placed my order for a DLT-19, paying IN FULL, through his website on 11 June of 2019. The disclaimer on his page stated: MADE ON ORDER - CHECK CURRENT WAITING / SHIPPING TIME Shipping time is determined by the number of orders in queue. 8-9 weeks1 1 Applies to shipping within Netherlands. Information about shipping policies for other countries can be found here: General shipping information Thank you for buying our product, if the product was out of stock it means it will be made on order. This takes around 8-9 weeks due to the amount of pending orders. https://www.3d-props.com/about-1/ After placing my order and waiting 3 months (Sept 2019) I emailed Eelco. It took a couple tries (with an automated email response) and he finally got back to me, stating he was busy but would get to my order. I emailed once again on 04 Nov, and he stated he was in the middle of a DLT print run and would mine done in a week. By 03 Jan 2020 I had still not received my DLT and emailed Eelco explaining that I understood he was busy, but it had been 7 months and I had not received my order after . He got back to me right away and my DLT shipped within 2 days. I received it on16 Jan 2020. So, start to finish it took almost exactly 7 months to get my order. I did read on FB he was having issues with production due to volume of orders and he was a one man operation. My simple solution for this: Change the disclaimer on your website and state an order can take 6 months or longer to fill. So my overall impressions don't get lost at the end of this post and a ton of photo's, here is score: Quality of 3D printing: 4.5 / 5 My first experience with 3D printed items. I'm not sure if some of the raised ridges could be improved upon. Minor flash and excess material on some parts. I have seen posts of what can be made of this kit and it is outstanding. Quality of material: 5/5 Looks sturdy and will hopefully stand up to lots of Trooping Ease of assembly: 0 / 5 There are NO instructions for something detailed and consisting of 84 parts. Thankfully, I have very good knowledge of GPMG's (but not MG-34's) and due to my model building / aircraft maintenance technical skills I can figure stuff out, but the exclusion of basic assembly instructions or diagrams is puzzling and dis-heartening. I understand there is this fantastic Forum and awesome Trooper help out there, but I personally think this is unacceptable Customer service: 1 / 5 I gave him a token 1 because he is a one man shop, doing the best he can, and others state he is a good person. It's just my personal dealings with him that bring down his score. I honestly hope he improves and continues to put out good products. I would even order from him again, IF (Big if!!!!) he could deliver in a timely manner. Okay. enough preaching. Onto the pics!!! Sorry for some grainy shots. My crappy point and shoot... MBB (medium brown box) All the stuff. Charlie is waiting for a box fort... Included 2 posters. would have preferred instructions... Strike off pack sheets for shipment? Nice customs explanation form All the parts. 62 parts Plastic and metal. 22 parts Hardware Parts broken down for reference by colour. For future help from Troopers (Joseph ….) I posted on my TK build page about not knowing what half these parts were, and Joseph got back stating to post pics and he could help ID them for the build. I took a page from my modelbuilding expertise and will label everything as follow: "O" = Orange "W" = White "B" = Black "H" = Hardware Two main assemblies, Upper / lower receiver with butt, and barrel assembly. This is how it is when shipped: Upper receiver feed cover (the long grey piece behind the orange rectangle) is removeable. Butt can be removed, as well as one or two other pieces. They all slip onto a grey PVC pipe that is used for main structural support: Barrel assembly includes a length of aluminum tube, and 5 pieces that slip on: Top of upper receiver: Bipod and pistol grip parts. Bipod can be pivot opened or closed: Grip has a "working" trigger mechanism with reset spring, Comes assembled: Bipod printing ridge details. Not really that bad: Feed cover ridges. Rearward portion of cover: Forward portion of cover, near where the removal pin would be and where it pivots upward: Puppy break: Flash hider: Gas plug(maybe....?) detail: Upper receiver barrel attachment point: Trigger details: Ahhhhh man...….: "O" Parts: Some O part detail shots. Not sure what some are, or how smooth all these will have to be sanded: Bipod leg ridges. Very minor: "B" Parts: Grip details: Cool! Rear graduated sight out to 2000 Meters LOL WTf is this? is this And this? "W" Parts: Are the steps supposed to be there? Reference pics of finished and painted parts would be nice...: "H" Parts: That's it for now. Overall I'm happy with the product.
  10. Ah... my go to trusted Joseph helping again I totally agree about the Hero. LOL I only managed a cursory look at the parts last night. I will be laying it all out tonight and taking detailed photos and doing the post. This is my first time working with anything 3D printed, so it will be a learning curve. I actually thought the ridges would be worse, but they look very manageable. Eelco definitely does good work. To top it all off I ordered Blast FX systems separately for the DLT and my E-11. I could have had Eelco install them when I ordered the DLT, but it was pricey enough as is. So I will have to contend with all that as well. I've mentioned before that I build models for a hobby and am used to parts clean up before assembly. I always have to take my time doing it, so this won't be any different, just on a Much larger scale. Leaving work now!
  11. Jake I just received my 3d0Prop DLT yesterday and will be starting a thread soon. Did you receive any sort of instructions on how to put the sucker together? I have a ziplock baggie filed with what seems like 30 or 40 small parts, and I have no clue on where they go. Thanks,
  12. Thanks. I'm actually updating the helmet interior as well. Standby for TK Helmet Mk II AHHHHH so many projects!!!!
  13. Thanks for the good words Andrew. Appreciate it. I guess it's my RCAF SAR Flight Engineer training. Problem solve and don't give up. Keep the chopper flying and complete the rescue Once I start my DLT thread in the weapon forums I'll post a link here. Cheers!
  14. Ya. The DLT will be allot of work, but worth it. I'm going for the Han on the Death Star escorting Chewie to the detention block build. I have a couple "issues" I will talk about concerning the ordering of the gun, but I'll save that for my post.
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