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  1. Thanks! Feels great. Still continuing with the minor adjustments recommended to make things better. Repainting the vocoder as I type.
  2. Well duh me... I did find this link in the DLT-19 specific thread. If you scroll past the pics of a MG-34 on the rocks, there are 3 or 4 detail pics of what looks like a screen used DLT. If not, it is a very realistic replica. The pics are great but only cover a small portion of the DLT. I am basically trying to see exactly how weathered the DLT's were in the movie or on the "Death Star" (DS). My TK is a Hero version and I want to basically model it off of Han's armour on the DS. I'm thinking the DS DLT's would be newer looking with only minor wear as they are used in a relatively pristine battle station The ones used by the ME Sandtroopers would in my mind be much more worn and grungy. This may be nit picky but I find it intriguing as a gun guy: When you actually start looking at detailed shots of MG-34's (as in the link) it is very interesting the huge variations of metallic / grey / metallic grey / black / silver / worn black shades on one gun and it's various components. I'm wondering if the MG-34's that were converted to DLT's (or actual sterlings converted to E-11's) basically had SW greeblies attached with no other refinishing, or were they also spray panted black so they looked new after conversion. Anywho... Onto the rest of the sanding from my 3D printedblaster. God....the sanding......
  3. Thanks Jonas! Awesome to have it done. I still have a bit of work to do, but I’m very happy.
  4. Umm, hate to be a pest, and I'm feeling a bit dense at the moment, but I don't see where my Centurion and EI approval numbers are located. And where is the IPM? Searched the forums and can't find it. My wife purchased a Cricket vinyl cutter for hobbies and I get all the decals I need Thanks.
  5. AYup. I'm an idiot. Found it and ordering now
  6. Dave Galant 98695 Letter Sha Sha http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/98695-centurion.png Thanks!
  7. How did I not know this existed when I got to EI?! LOL Dave Galant 98695 EIB letter size Mike http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/98695-eib.png
  8. WOW!!! Just caught onto this thread as I have been busy with work and updating my TK Hero to Centurion. I was just approved for Cent today!!!! Any more on the 1000 merch?
  9. OMFG!!!! YAY!!!!! I see I already have my tab! Thank you so much for your time and patience Sha. I truly appreciate your help. And thanks to Glen again. He rocks as usual. I will address all the final corrections you mentioned to make Mannie (my TK mannequin nickname) be as close to 100% as possible. Thankfully most of the fixes are easy. As an aside note. Does anyone know?: a) How many Centurion TK's there are b) Where we can get high res Centurion and EI banner pics. My wife wants to make some decals for my case. Thanks again. You made my week!! Cheers Dave
  10. Hey all, I'm building my 3Dprops DLT-19 and am searching for pics of the screen used ones. The only pics I can find are screen grabs from the Death Star security office where they are on the rack, or Han / Chewie holding it. There are tons of detail pics from various online sources of screen used E-11's from , but none that I can find of DLT's. Can anyone help a TK brother? Cheers
  11. I've recently submitted for Centurion (pending approval) with my SDS armor. Yes, gasp! SDS!!! Hold the gunfire please. There are many issues with it and the company that I won't go into here, but I was told SDS would never be accepted for EIB or Cent without ALLOT of work. Well, I did it and am almost there. Just takes some mods, patience and perseverance.
  12. Good luck!! You're doing great. Easy fixes and you are in.
  13. And round 25.... Belt adjusted and repositioned Belt end trimmed. Holster attachment buttons not covered (Thank you Glen) Trooper butt fixed. Front ends of butt plate no longer flare out. Yet again, thanks Glen Please let me know if there is anything else Sha. Thanks for looking!!!! Dave
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