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  1. Alright, it has been a bit over due, but I am 185lbs now, I have been very active, and I am sure my metabilism has shot up this past year.
  2. Today has been a plesant day, even tho I'm still in a struggle to put weight back on. 175lbs on the 23rd and 178lbs today on the 26th. It's not the best weight in the world but, at least I don't have to look a gut any more
  3. My body is dropping weight faster than I can put it back on. I am going to the doctor later today. Hopefully he can explain why my body is not taking in normal portions of food. I'm at 174lbs now and I just want to put the weight back on. At this point I don't care what type of weight it is because 174lbs isn't healthy for my age and height.
  4. Ok, there may be problem. I am Height: 6 feet 4 inches Weight: 180 Diet: the size of a small child I can't eat if I try, sure it is nice not have a gut anymore but I eat on rare occasion. I need to get food in my system, but it won't stay down. What is happening to me. I need to go see my doctor about this.
  5. Well it has been a while and have not got around to posting this because, school, marching band, college search, etc. But anyways I now weigh at about 190 lbs, 2 weeks ago I was about 185lbs, but then all the hard work was over. I also would like to post some progress pics but my camera is not realy working, but for now I am a happy fit 16 year-old boy. Name: Tanner Hight: 6 feet 4 inches Weight: 190 Body Mass Index: Normal/Healthy? And if you don't beleve Marching Band is hard work, click on the link below
  6. Well, quick update, I would love to post some finish pics but the computer is down and I can't post pics with my phone I am still working hard at keep the weight off, once your there it is a bit easier, if I can do it you can do it, thank you for all the help and support FISD
  7. Hey everyone just a quick update, I just met my goal of 200 lbs but computer broke and i can't post pics with my phone, I have no more weight loss goals bit to maintain this weight and a healthy lifestyl.
  8. Well nows a good time for a litle update: there is not much of an update, I have lost no weight for about 2 weeks but at least I put nothing on right?
  9. A new addition to my workout is to ride mike bike for an hour in the mornings.
  10. lol. I thought it was movie footage until someone ripped.
  11. That is treason; you are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor, take him away!
  12. Unless someone hijacks it.
  13. Thank you ObiHahn and this topic is now closed.
  14. If it is a recast (seince it is stated bellow the sale item itself) then this topic is closed.
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