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  1. Just curious what I AP armor? Kinda new to this
  2. I'm going to use abs from justjoseph63, I was telling him I've been searching for abs, I dont have things to use at my house and usually car parts are made of ABS, but everything is stamped in German since I'm at VW dealer, so I cant tell 100% if its ABS, but I should be good now I'll just go buy some MEK. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  3. I tried to already trust me. Honestly what I'm probably going to do is use this armor as either a zombie trooper, a mashup, and then just purchase a kit from RS which I've heard are top of the line. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  4. I do have one question, say I go to my armor party with my GML and he says my armor is to far gone to repair or make 501st approved. Could I use it as a secondary build to just have fun in even though its not 501st approved? I didn't know if the 501st had a rule where I could use another suit if I used that suit as like a mashup suit or something?
  5. If this repair doesnt work on this build I'm going to sell for sure. Just dont know who would buy it. Thanks guys I appreciate it
  6. Do you know where I could find abs trimmings to create this filling? Or do they sell this in stores? Thanks
  7. So I ran into this issue, I tried removing the bridges of my shoulder straps off of my chest plate because there was a rivet showing through, and it made a dime size hole in my chest plate, is the plate ruined or is there a way to fill it, sand and repaint?
  8. This means a lot to me guys, I'll post pictures as soon as I'm able, and post the link on here as well, helmet is a different story, I havent explained this yet but my Helmet is a black series helmet made to look like a mimban trooper, this I already know I can not use and planned on finding a ANH helmet to match my armor, only main question I have is what paint is usually recommended for the gloss white on stormtrooper armor? Meanwhile though I'll get pics asap and post soon
  9. Biceps are actually not to bad, they seem to fit ok, the shoulders bridges I was informed were bad so I was planning on replacing them, and repairing them. As far as my legs, are the shin guards the right ones for a shadow or white stormtrooper? I dont want you guys to think I'm not accepting to other options, I guess im just getting a little discouraged, it's my first build and I spent a lot to try and join, but now figuring out I got screwed just kinda sucks, and giving up on what I spent is a little hard lol. So turning this into a shadow trooper or something is out of the picture?
  10. I paid 800 shipped for this armor, only reason I was thinking of sending it and painting is because the paint doesnt seem to thick, you can see the white coming through on most of these pieces even though it looks pretty dark. Now one thing I was looking into as well, is what do you guys think of a shadow stormtrooper? Same requirements of a ANH stunt, just black?
  11. https://imgur.com/gallery/eVapQDH Hello everyone, not sure if this I where I post my help me section lol but I need help. I purchased armor from someone who stated it was his room mates and it was supposed to be mimban armor that was at the Solo world premier in Hollywood. Little did I know though, the armor was from ANH era and looked nothing like the Rogue 1 armor which is used by mimban troopers(I didn't know this at the time they were different) So I sent pics in to my GML which he stated the many issues wrong with it, but my question is, can I sand this armor down, and repaint it to match ANH Hero/Stunt white? I posted a link to the pictures from IMGUR, hope I able to still fix this....thanks
  12. Hello, I was directed to this site to talk about joining the 501st and trying to get storm trooper armor, is someone able to email me on this? I would appreciate it
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