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  1. Ok thanks, I'll have a look for am and RT kits
  2. Ok thanks, I will have to invest in 1 off those, the stormtroopers in the film's must have been abut vertically challenged
  3. Hi Does anyone know who does armour that would fit someone 6ft 3, I have the sds battle spec version 2, even tho I am quite pleased with it , it's not designed for someone my height because theres a big gap between the 2 back piece's, I say it would be ideal for someone about 6ft and I have spent quite abut off time trying to adapt it Thanks Darren
  4. Hi. I will do once I've adapted it to fit me. I'm gonna start adapting it later cos the strappings not very good and I think it's designed for someone with abit more weight
  5. STEP 1 :- RE-STRAPPING Received these today from AMAZON, Along with some push/snap stud buttons. I'm a little tall to be a Stormtrooper at 6ft 2in so now i have to have a thing where to attach the strapping to the armour.legs etc. Any pointer would be appreciated - thanks
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