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  1. Ya definitely. Every one is built deferent . I have a longer torso then my legs . So fitting is and can get frustrating. Take your time .
  2. Got a ANH stormtrooper suit. Check list - helmet , done. Body armour done still Ned’s mods. Black body suit ,neck seal,gloves, replica E-11, white boots,voice amp, . This is for basic approval. Just need to send pictures wen I get it all done .
  3. just wounded if there’s anyone in the kw Or London Ontario area that would like to get together for suit fitting. It’s way easy wen we can help out each other out . Thanks everyone
  4. It’s been a long time but got my suit. Doing mods. Got lots done. But I made a boo boo on the holster but fixable. It looks really good . Did a few walking around outside. Man it’s weird. But sooooo cool . But with some mods it’s fitting way better. Working on the thighs. A bit big as someone pointed out . It’s a head tuner
  5. Hello how’s things going . I’ve been biz this summer with my family which is awesome! Just checking in
  6. I’m guessing that you make it as your fitting it as you go . I’ll be doing foam to fit better. Maybe a Chen strap. just need to fit and see how it goes. Play with it . I’ll tell ya I’ve worked with a helmet on and ya don’t want it to be moving side to side y’all will look goofy. Good luck
  7. Ok thanks for the heads up much needed lol.
  8. I like the black the best. Does it matter?? Which one for TK stormtrooper. Not sand trooper. And is it a rank or for extra cool factor. Thanks
  9. I can totally understand that over the top information. I want to look awesome but not scared if I don’t have it exactly.
  10. We’re to find split cable for tktalk app for phone to amp
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