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  1. After time of absence, where my thoughts were by my wife and i don´t even think of anything else, back to work and starting with my canvas belt. After i orderd some fabric samples, my decision was this: https://www.tolkostoffe.de/catalog/product/view/id/182884/s/schwerer-canvas-baumwoll-polsterstoff-in-wei-188040/category/41 As you can see in the further description it´s a more heavy fabric. Ross´s belt has cutlines nearly 8mm in width, so it´s in the range of the crl. How i started? The fabric is 150mm long and nearly 100mm in width. First of all i cut 4 lines of fabric each 150mm long and nearly 10mm in width. Before i sew them together i made two testpieces. One with three, the other with four layers of fabric. As you can see the four layers are obvious thicker and very strong, using a little trick when i ironed them together. I use this hemming web so the layers stick togehter after ironing. You can use this one without a wet towel on it, but it won´t be wrong to use one. After repeating this three times ... ... you will get something looking like this: After this step i sew the layers togehter with a simple overlock stitch. As i said Ross´s belt is nearly 8mm in width with the pre-made cut lines. Becuase i take 10mm in width, i took 5mm from one side, cut it of and sew it again with a overlock stitch. Mark your cutlines so you got nearly 8mm in width and repaet it. Choose your favorite overlock stitch on the sewing machine and sew both sides of the canvas. Et voila ... Next step will be, sewing the velcro. Greetings Wolfgang
  2. Ladies and gents, after rough trimming the abdomen plate i recognize a bulged area. Now i need your advice. Looking at some photos in the gallery section, the lower part gets between the thighs and is needed for the rivet. It´s not a big issue if i don´t cut it, but it will fit even better. Maybe there is a way to trim it a little bit more and also got enough material for the rivet? Greetings Wolfgang
  3. Questions just for understanding: The Kidney and abdomen plate are equal on the top, just one level, right? https://i.imgur.com/GV0gK5B.jpg And another one. Is there a fixed distance between the chest and the back shoulder parts, (measure of the strapping) or depends it on the build of the person? https://i.imgur.com/oJqyPXh.jpg Greetings Wolfgang
  4. Hello Glen, i got the rest of the shirt and will try to sew it to the neckseal. I am also not satisfied with some threads, especially on the velcro. But stronger needles are orderd and i think about a zipper and leatherette ... I think sewing fever got a hold on me. Greetings Wolfgang
  5. Ladies and gents, because it is needed and i don´t want to buy a neckseal, i thought if it could be so challenging? Just think the thought, i grab some materials and the sewing machine of my wife and startetd. First the materials: Don´t worrie, the t-shirt was to small for me and so it´s usefull for something. I measured me collar size and cut the black t-shirt fabric to the length, also measured the height of my collar, doubled it and cut the fabric to the height. After that i take four layers of the wadding and wrap them with the fabric like this. Pin it with some needles, so the layers won´t slip. After a few lines of straight stitches you get something like this. Sewing a few lines i make a testfit. For better comfort i sew a curve where my throat is. Cutting some material off, you see the wadding and the effect by sewing it. Looking in my garage i found some velcro and sew it on both ends. And again a try on. After all i needed three hours and a sewing needle. As a tip, use the right sewing needle, otherwise it will broke. But after i want to sew also the belt on my own, i will need anyway stronger needles for the canvas fabric. In the end the result is not professional, but wearable and acceptable. Greetings Wolfgang
  6. Gosh ... and i thaught, i got issues. Yeah ... the gap between the two pieces, like i have too. Are their custom duties from great britain to the states? After all, don´t despair and keep on your work and you will be successful. Greetings Wolfgang
  7. Hello Rodney, i saw your issue with the kidney and front pieces and remembered back to my issues with the rs kit. Second issue i get were the thighs. Not the front, but the backside. After i cut the front to nearly 20mm for the coverstrips, i taped the backsides together and what should i say ... my thighs are too large for the original measurement, even if i didn´t cut the backside. Did you made a test? Cheers Wolfgang
  8. Didn´t taste it yet , but to be sure i don´t make a mistake, do i have to fill this gap with abs paste? Cheers Wolfgang
  9. After i glued the coverstrips on the front of the thighs (pictures will follow on monday, maybe tomorrow evening) something is cooking in the kitchen for the little gap on the bottom of the left thigh. Cheers Wolfgang
  10. Worklife started again after the hollidays, building time moved in the evening hours. Some small progress and your opinion please. Nothing is glued in this phase. Greetings Wolfgang
  11. And here we go again. The biceps ... Please don´t wonder about the tape and the writing on it. I can´t tell how often i measure up, mark with tape, measure again, put the tape off and just befor i will cut, measure again ... it was just a feeling something don´t look correct and what should i say? Right ... 10mm less than the other side. So please, take the hints for real, measure as often as you want to and than cut!
  12. Ladies and gents, next steps are the shins. left shin right shin I know i have to cut the return edges but an other issue occurred ... if i won´t cut the outer sides of the shins, the parts will scratch on my outer ankles, or i will cut as i marked it on the following picture. Next to come are the biceps and i saw something interesting in the gallery section. The bottoms of the biceps don´t have or if, only have a very small returnedge.
  13. After cutting and sanding, taping together, take the tape off, sanding again and so on and on and on, the thighs are ready for the cover strips. ront view of both thighs: and the backside view. Left thigh Right thigh I´m not sure if i will, or have to cut the backside of the outer half of the right thigh?!?!?!? When i don´t cut the coverstrip to low, it will look like the picture you posted, left thigh of the trooper. What you said Joseph, i have to take whole new measure. What you see on the notice are the measurements from the rs kit as rob mentioned them on the youtube videos. I can´t take them for the rwa kit because they are larger from front to back. It was a little bit tricky, but after all, shins will be next.
  14. After some rough trimming, it´s time to get serious. First the shoulderbridges ... i think i have to cut some mm like i marked it. Then the right thigh ... I might have to sand at the top and on the bottom a little bit so the parts fit better together. Then the backside. It´s a big boy kit and i have to cut some material. My idea is to cut along the red vertical line. The over all width at the bottom will be 140mm, 70mm both sides. My question is, is one side wider than the other and do i have to decenter the vertical line? Cheers Wolfgang
  15. Hello Joseph, thank you for your hint. I read it in your thread to round the angles, so no stress is on the material. I took the pictures, specially of the shins, after i trimmed a little bit with a lexan scissor. After that i´ll have to sand them more round. Cheers Wolfgang
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