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  1. I don´t know why, but this year i am in the mood for christmas, days befor christmas eve. So best i can do is to give presents to myself and the bbb arrived these days. As mentioned in the headline, it´s the big boy suit from ross and if there is interest, i can compare parts with the rs suit. But first ... unpacking. More to come, after first trimming. Cheers Wolfgang
  2. I have to take another picture. I just fixed the two parts of the helmet with one screw on each side in place of the ears, so the two halfs tilt a little bit. Depending how you hold the helmet, the brow is high, or lower. I have to decide and to try out, where to set the rivets at the bottom. I like the low-brow. I saw on most pictures the low-brow at the hero-helmets, but i can´t help my self. It is like it is and i know i have to lift the brow a little bit.
  3. One of our dogs don´t like stormtrooper.
  4. After a long time, many things happenened in life and i think it´s time to reshape my helmet, not sattisfied with the forehead. But i did a mistake. I don´t use srews and nuts, i used rivets. So ... why shouldn´t i use a dremel to get the rivets out? And the answer is, because the rivets get hot and melt throw the abs ... and the more important thing is, the rivets get very hot. So allways protect your fingers, or you get burned ... Yes, you are correct. It´s the sign of a hot rivet. But after all, i am pleased how the frown looks now.
  5. Thank you Glen. I saw this thread befor and if i am not wrong at all, he also uses two kinds of fabric and covers the more stable with the wither one?!?!? Cheers Wolfgang
  6. Got my bbb from Ross Walmsley (RWA Creations) i orderd some pieces of canvas fabric for the belt. The natural looking is more stable, over 600g/m², the white one is 350g/m². So i got several options. Less layers of the natural fabric and then dye it, or more layers of the white one, maybe with inlay. Your opinions please. Cheers Wolfgang
  7. Why do i think i should have known this befor? Anyway ... i will go on and try to make it wearable and look some kind of wright.
  8. Hello Paul, for better understanding some pictures: the left one: the right one: the right one is on the left side, the larger one:
  9. Assembling the lower arms, the left one came out nice and round. The right one is more oval in diameter and it´s larger in hight. RS send me an assembling guide with pictures, where the outer half of the right arm is cut of at the wrist and the inner half is a little bit trimmed at the elle bow so they are equal in hight. It will maybe look nicer, but is it wright???
  10. Just started to turn off the returnedges a little bit, i.e. left bicep frontside and i hope they are good to go?!?!
  11. Your opinion on the result ladies and gents. I know i have to cut the returnedges, but i am pretty happy with it. Some sanding here and there an it will fit perfectly. By the way, 190mm at the top of the bicep, 170mm at the bottom.
  12. A long time ago i started this thread and it´s time to get back on the way. So after i ruined the backside of the right bicep by cutting to much off, i had to order a new piece and get to the left side ... As you can see, i marked 190mm + 7,5mm both sides.
  13. Sorry, if i have to say that, but the picture and the measurements are wrong with the belt. 1. The angle in the corners is 90 degree, not 45. 2. A half of an inch is nearly 13mm. If that is so and the angle is square, the measurement on top of the belt is also 13mm and not 10mm. I know the same picture in inch measuements and there the figuring is wright. Greetings Wolfgang
  14. Hey Ian, saw your pictures at FB in the sun. Great! 1.: What if you smaller the length of the ab and kidney strapping. Maybe you have to open the split rivets. (excuse my english) Could it be the strapps are too elastic, cause of their length so they won´t fix the ab and kidney in right position. 2.: Please don´t do it. In my opinion you take a piece af the rs spirit. Buti won´t tell you what to do. Greets Wolfgang
  15. Hey Freddy, nice to see that you are also back on your way!
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