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  1. Reasonable idea. Far too reasonable in fact. I do not want to have any idea what I've spent on costumes.
  2. Can you rotate the ears back more? You can always trim the bottom opening of the helmet to align with the ears, and gaps shouldn't worry you, but you do want to cover the seam 100%.
  3. you might try using the IMG links from Photobucket to imbed here instead of direct links.
  4. FWIW, mine has never come undone. It's a TK409.
  5. I achieved Centurion with Velcro. I have enough trouble donning a costume without additional challenges. I have three kids, and zippers often lead to use heading out the door late in the morning
  6. You're in the right spot Harrison. Welcome!
  7. Thanks for the comments Steve. I can speak to a couple of your questions. First, I was surprised at how small the abdomen plates Moncal sends are. There was plenty of extra plastic on the sides, but it was wrinkled and looked like flashing. I asked Tray (who sold the armor to me) if that should be trimmed or not, but I never heard back, so off it went. I wish I would have kept it, as I keep losing weight, but that shim remains. I'm at a point where I don't need it with any of my CAP-W, ATA, or FX suits. Second, the ear bumps on the Moncal buckets are pretty soft compared to others I've handled. This helmet was completed by Scott M, so I never saw the bumps unpainted. I thought it was three bumps in person, but when you questioned it I really spent some time examining them. I concluded that the ears are four soft bumps. Luckily, I had some Scootch hero ears laying around, so I switched them out this morning. Third, the decals on the helmet looks like the ones Moncal sends with his helmets, and the blue is darker than the abdomen paint. Fourth, the T/MC forearms have been the hardest for me to assemble. Even with a heat gun they just are stubborn as heck to close. That is why the cover strips ended-up that size. I hope that helps. I look forward to your response.
  8. That's awesome news. What make of armor do you have coming?
  9. Name: Todd Maxfield-Matsumoto TKID: 6647 Forum Name: Toddo Garrison: Garrison Titan Armor Maker: T/MC Helmet Maker: T/MC Blaster Type: Hyperfirm E-11; modified Cushman DLT-19 Height: 5'9" Weight: 160lbs Boots Maker: TKboots Canvas belt: Trooperbay Hand Plates Type: Karin's mismatched Hero-style latex on rubber chemical gloves Electronics: Aker/iComm Neck Seal Type: TK409 Holster Maker: Darman Undersuit: Eastbay Front Back Left (arms at side) Left (arms up) Right (arms at side) Right (arms up) Holster detail Abdomen button detail Split kidney/butt plate Internal strapping Double snaps on butt plate Split rivet on cod Belt assembly with inner dropboxes Shoulder strap elastic Bell elastic over biceps Glued sniper plate Cap rivets on knee ammo belt Han Solo-style mismatched handguards Helmet front Helmet side with two screws Helmet rear Bubble lenses S-trim DLT-19 E-11 D-ring installed Helmet off Action pose Thanks for taking a look.
  10. Thanks guys. I re-watched the film again today and was able to see 4 rivets on Han as well.
  11. According to the CRL for Hero TK: The holster must be affixed with four fasteners (Two per strap) Two at the top and two at the bottom of the belt. The fasteners may be rivets, snaps, or Chicago screws . I've been combing through the galleries here, but I can't find a decent shot of the Hero belts that shows the four rivets required in the CRL. The only thing I can find is courtesy of Starwarshelmets.com: In this photo Luke's belt looks to have only two rivets. Can anyone produce an image of the four rivets?
  12. Tremendous job Jason. Sometimes those solo troops can be the most rewarding.
  13. I love big brown boxes so much that I become giddy when others receive theirs. Now get to work
  14. A buddy of mine succumbed a number of years ago to Duchenne MD. Thanks for sharing those awesome photos. I shared your photo of the helmets in the ball return with my buddy's brother.
  15. Welcome to FISD! It looks like you are well on your way. Make sure to check out all the build threads and tutorials here. I found it helpful to look at the EIB and Centurion submission photos.
  16. welcome Greg. The Tusken is a great costume and a lot with which to troop; however, few costumes are as iconic as the TK
  17. Everybody's different of course, but I can build a TK in a few days. My astromech has been in production for months.
  18. The T/MC suit is a nice kit. You do it justice.
  19. After building an R2, a TK build will be pure joy and easy as pie.
  20. Everyone I've seen use this combo has had to splice wiring. It will take some patience and experimentation to get it right.
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