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  1. I have stuff, mostly I wear ANH TD, ANH TK, ESB TS. Sometimes I wear ESB TK. I think I get most use out of my snowie and sandy.
  2. Same here, RS Propmasters has done a very fine job for me in the past. Nothing but positive vibes from here. A good company.
  3. In the late 1980's I was hanging out at a place named "B&H Motorcycles", I restored vintage bikes although back then it was more like "fixing up affordable bikes". We also rode as the B&H-MC, it was a combination of a bunch of clubs all coming together. Next door was a place known as "Billy Bob's Burgers and Beer" who boasted this "Belly Buster" thing which looked more like a tractor tire than a burger, but if you could eat it????? it was free! We all loved this Billy Bob's place because the bartender Linda would only charge us one time per day for a pitcher of beer, she would refill it as many times as it came back to her empty.....FREE! They had a jukebox and two billiard tables. There was a jug of pickled peppers on the bar always, and one burger would feed four grown men! Ha ha! Hung out in Billy Bob's most evenings until Harold (the "H" in B&H) would send the mechanic over to tell us to get our bikes out front because he was locking up shop (pretty much at lunch time we headed next door and left our motorcycles in or behind the shop). One of the guys I rode with gave me a flask for Christmas of 89, it had the name Scootch engraved in it, he said because I like Scotch and my name is Scott and I ride "Scoots" that was my new name. It pretty much stuck. They all called me Scootch after that, even my wife. I haven't seen Harold since the 1990's, last bike I restored was a 1968 BSA Lightning which I sold to a collector in 1999. I still ride em now and again when someone brings one by for a look. Funny thing though, all those guys I rode with....... they'd always bring bikes over and have me swap stuff around for new aftermarket stuff..... I ended up with box after box of Harley Davidson parts.... Finally a friend of mine opened a shop "D-Custom", and I saw my big chance to get loose from all that stuff. D-Custom is still around but my friend Donnie is in Huntington Beach or something like that now with a Taco joint named "Sancho's". The rest of my pals? Working for a Solar Energy Company, and me..... well I slowed down just a little bit.
  4. The trailer looked good. we like the guy with the sword in the forest.
  5. Looks great! I remember Gundamzeppelin did one like this once. I love the look of these. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Or at the very least get you a lead so you may proceed to the next check point un molested
  7. LOL!!!! It still is (faceplate), and even though the DIY forum existed as a ginormous middle finger to whomever it could annoy a lot of good things have come from it outside of going ape on the TE trooper armor. But nobody will know of it around here cause it interferes with "business as usual". So I'll see you cats over on Ebay.... cause you don't really have to stay away from there..... you just have to know who to ask about stuff on ebay....and you can visit me in "Scootch's Custom Fab Shop" on Facebook and me n my pals will be ultra more than happy to help you get hooked up with what you need.
  8. Interesting opinions, Thanks for sharing. It's true there are liars at every turn. True also that there are countless individuals attempting to butter their bread with knock offs. The one true fact above all else is the 501st is a costuming club. That being said, 90% (and that is a modest calculation) of 501st Legioneers will be more concerned with gear which #1 passes muster, #2 is relatively affordable, and #3 will last them a while. The statements made in regard to "we don't know what we're missing" etc.... they've been made for over a decade. Maybe we don't know what we're missing, To this day there's still no proof. but we do know we have come quite a ways in the right direction over the past decade where making the 501st Legion the world's premier SW costuming club is concerned, and I can't imagine a guy would go through the trouble of casting a screen used costume only to share it with a couple dozen trusted souls...... even then, thanks for doing so. No, over here in my shop a lot of things come and go, I have quite a collection of interesting relics from all the usual suspects who "needed the money", they certainly were not concerned with being cast then. Ha ha! Personally I could never in good conscience copy some movie mask then farm it out to a foreign country to be mass produced poorly, then bring it back here to sell at 600% mark up. Deaf ears in this group matey, we want to look good in public as we support our local folk. A dusty shelf full of curio's is just that. and at the end of it all it's the relationships you nurtured and not the treasure you horded. Live long enough, prosper, and have a nice day.
  9. Thanks Izzi, sorry we didn't connect, man it was chilly that day.
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