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  1. I posted to the main legion forum since I have not been able to get any assistance. Or get ahold of the DL.
  2. Hello, I am trying to post my 3D files to the open run section, and I can't seem to get it to post. Says I don't have permission to post in that area. This is to allow people to purchase my TK files to print their own armor, and show where my armor came from. Finally have all my files rounded up.
  3. I agree , and even though my TK is a "Frankenstein" kit, some parts borrowed/bought, some hand sculpted and some 3D derived, I know TK criticism can be harsh, I will still post my progress pictures. Thinking of printing a part and showing the process of bringing it to a hard mold. Edit. Here re is my thread on JRS https://www.jrs501st.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=168&t=15405
  4. I will. And will post all updates from here on out. Some of my components were purchased from WTF and some discrepancies came about as to what I "could" and "couldn't" reproduce . So some of that boiled down to he said , she said, and Walt did get the admins straight and cleared my name in the group. So I am working to get some different parts sculpted/revised so no questions will arise . I am currently working with a few 3D artists rendering some armor projects , and have been posting updates on my page .
  5. This is untrue, and I should not be on that list. It was said on a Facebook group that I had recast armor, but was found to be not true, and I was cleared for sales again. I do post progress pictures and have many armor projects underway. Anyone is welcome to message me for details . Edit. Tom Gardener, the author of this post, swindled myself along with 9 other people from my Garrison with a scheme where we all pitched in to purchase a thermofomer and start an endeavor, after he failed to provide his part of the agreement, he retired and removed himself from our groups. I believe he put me on this list out of haste.
  6. Colin is close, we just have a few things to button up. Could have had him in it by RO, but he had a date that night....
  7. Colin, you must be lost bro. Almost two years and we still haven't finished your build. Come on bro, let's get her done.
  8. Very nice work! Looking clean.
  9. Thanks Guys! Getting better everyday.
  10. For sure. I noticed the Brotherhood when I joined, but now am experiencing first hand Troopers Helping Troopers. <br><br> Fortunate to be walking, and alive, but also that my business is still running. My son TK-92193 is running the company day to day as I was. So yet another Trooper helping Trooper. Thanks for the thoughts and well wishes guys. It means a lot.
  11. Just wanted to say thank you to some fellow troopers out there , for helping me out while I am down. <br><br> On April 9th. I was at work on a windy Saturday morning all alone on a fairly steep roof top in northeastern North Carolina. As I made my way down towards the edge to make the needed repairs my foam rubber Cushion I was sitting on and relying on flipped over on me and I slid down 10 feet to the edge and then jumped 22 feet down to the hard packed sand below.<br><br> Landed on my feet immediately my tailbone hit my ankles and knocked my feet out from underneath me. I could not tell if My legs were broken, but I was in extremely excruciating pain. I was all by myself there was no one around I reach for my cell phone in my pocket and made the 911 call. As I lay there and pain I realize I didn't even know the address for the house I was working on as we have service this property before I only knew it asThe name of the homeowner. I described to the 911 operator where I was and through GPS tracking they found me . They where there in about eight minutes. From there I was transported to the Outer Banks Hospital and then flown to Norfolk Sentara hospital and I underwent an extreme eight hour surgery well into the night. I had fractured my L2 vertebrae into my spinal cord so they needed to build a titanium cage and thenfuse my spine L1 L2 and L3 together. for this they had to go in through my side and remove a portion of a rib and then use that portion to make a bone graft on my spine.<br><br> They had me walking 13 hours after surgery which to me was crazy. I am now at home after spending one week in the hospital and my community has overwhelmed me with support. I am in physical therapy and on the road to recovery. I am still in quite a bit of pain and am experiencing numbness and hyper sensitivity throughout the waist and my thighs.<br><br> My wife had broken her leg three months prior, roller derby accident, and she had just mended from her injuries. The week before my injury her father, my father in law, passed away after a year long battle with cancer. 2016 has not been our friend. <br><br> During my wife's injuries her roller derby team had facilitated a meal train which had people from the team bringing us meals five nights a week. Man that was a godsend. It was awesome that we could try to heal and not have to worry about feeding the family during that difficult time. Since my injuries my wife had started a meal train on my behalf , and the communityhas been very supportive in sending food. Also there was a spot for some cash donations and some of the first donations came from the first imperial storm trooper detachment. My wife was blown away at how supportive our storm trooper community is LOL. I just want to say thanks again for all of your thoughts and it is very much appreciated. Thanks againfor the help.<br><br> Tried to put the link on here, but, can't get the link transferred. Look me up on FaceBook , Jason Hill, if you care to send me a message or a friend request. See you guys around. Thanks for all the support. <br><br> Imperial Gaskets, and a few other fellow TK have sent me some funds to help with food. Thank you, for the funds, the food, and the visits. I've had some members from my own Carolina Garrison and neighboring Garrison Tyranus that have helped with food and visits. Truly appreciate any and all support, troopers helping troopers goes further than most people could even fathom. Thanks again troopers. I will never forget the support from my brothers. <br><br> For the Empire.
  12. Try Trooper Bay videos on you tube. Not always the best ideas , but it gives you an idea.
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