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  1. Incredible job. I'd like to see the boots scuffed a tad more, but everything else is impeccable.
  2. You mean you didn't cruise around the neighborhood looking for the postman?
  3. The raised edges are built into the Rubies armor. As far as Centurion goes, my understanding is that that can only be awarded once per trooper.
  4. are you asking about the 212th Utapau Shadowtrooper, or the shadow stormtrooper? For the clone, flat black is actually right-on, but you have to bondo for seamless, and that will require paint (as you know from your shocktrooper). For shadow stormtrooper, it is to be gloss black, so HIPS would require painting. However, for the Novatrooper Sentinel, flat black is actually pretty darned accurate, so unpainted black HIPS is a perfect option. That is what I made mine of to be exact.
  5. as a garrison-mate of Paul's as well as his co-GML partner, I can say that Paul is a fan of the TM armor.
  6. HIPS tends to be sharper, but can be more brittle around the neck opening and mic tip wells. Also, HIPS requires painting. ABS does not if it is pulled in the correct color. I have a number of both, and have no real preference aside from the painting aspect.
  7. Nice newsletter guys. Short and sweet. Big ups to Eric who has done a nice job this past year. Thank-you.
  8. Hey, those shoes aren't accurate Just kidding. Great job!
  9. Superb hybrid project. This is inspirational.
  10. Welcome. Have a look around to see what you are getting into. It's a lot of work, but even more fun.
  11. With less turd-dust than expected in the basement
  12. Thanks BJ! And thanks for answering my questions.
  13. Count me in: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/25993-tk-6647-requesting-rotj-eib-statusrub5th/
  14. I love that pencil taped to the finger technique. I shall steal it.
  15. Welcome! That helmet looks really nice. Did you hand-paint those details?
  16. Sounds exciting Kevin. I'm sure we would love to see photos of your setup and molds.
  17. pull the trigger Kevin. Scootch is the man.
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